Wyred 4 Soundm-PREWyred 4 Sound m-PRE New Balanced Preamplifier w/DACAsk us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS financing thru PayPal. Free freight in the lower 48 statesThe Wyred 4 Sound mPRE is a fully balanced remote controlled preamplifier/DAC in on...1095.00

Wyred 4 Sound m-PRE New Balanced Preamplifier w/DAC [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS financing thru PayPal.

Free freight in the lower 48 states

The  Wyred 4 Sound mPRE is a fully balanced remote controlled preamplifier/DAC in one small box. It offers much of the performance of the exceptional STP/SE preamp and DAC2 in one box at a very affordable $1095.00.

I have one perfect black show sample preamp for $850.00. Like new with waranty

The fully balanced, dual mono, dual differential circuit design uses over 80 FET's which are paralleled up for much lower noise and increased current output. Input and output stages have been incorporated to preserves sonic integrity throughout the circuit.
The m-PRE has a built-in DAC with three inputs which includes toslink, coaxial and USB. All of which support 24 bit 192kHz streaming. The ESS Sabre DAC utilizes Hyperstream™ and Jitter Elimination Architecture rendering it immune to jitter. The USB interface is derived from the latest asynchronous XMOS design which is certified USB 2.0 High Speed and Audio Class 2.0 compliant.
Incredibly low latency in conjunction with the asynchronous mode of communication and ultra precise clocks permits for an exceptionally high quality level of digital streaming.

The mPRE is equipped with 3 analog inputs and outputs.
Two of the analog inputs are RCA and one can be configured as Home Theater bypass. The two RCA outputs are typical pre-outs and one set can be configured as a fixed out. Finishing it off is the XLR input and outputs which use high quality Neutrik connectors to couple the purely balanced circuit with any other components you may have. Single ended to balanced conversion comes at no extra charge and ensures that all outputs are active regardless of the input signal type.

The m-PRE also has a high quality headphone amp capable of driving headphones down to 16 ohms. The front panel is meticulously machined from a solid piece of ¾” aluminum, line grained, and anodized in black. A radius on either side of the front panel rounds the corners off elegantly where the side extrusions extend to the rear of the unit and sport the same high quality anodized finish. The top cover is available in clear anodize (Silver) or black and has stylish venting allowing heat to escape.

mPRE Features:
Fully balanced, Dual mono design
Next generation input and output buffers
Built-in ESS DAC which supports 24 bit 192 kHz on all digital inputs
Asynchronous 24/192k USB input which supports Windows machines, is driverless for Mac, and supports Linux
Headphone amplifier
Remote Control
12V DC trigger input and output
Efficient (no heat)
Fully balanced input to output
Discrete input and output buffers
Unbalanced to balanced conversion (when RCA input selected and XLR outputs are being used)
Robust construction
Machined and anodized aluminum front panel, top, and sides
100kΩ input impedance
1 set of balanced (XLR) inputs 1 set of balanced (XLR) outputs
2 sets of unbalanced (RCA) inputs (one is selectable as HT bypass)
2 sets of unbalanced (RCA) outputs (one is selectable as a fixed 2.0V output)
Home Theater Bypass
External selectable voltage mains 115/230VAC
High grade Schottky Bridges
Compact size (8"W x 3.5"H x 8"D) 8 lbs.
Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the Original Purchaser
Made in USA

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