Solidsteel5.4Solidsteel 5.4 4-Shelf Audio Equipment StandI purchased this rack new from Music Direct ( last year for $799.00. I bought two of them and end up consolidating everything onto one rack. This is less than a year old ...500.00

Solidsteel 5.4 4-Shelf Audio Equipment Stand [Expired]

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I purchased this rack new from Music Direct ( last year for $799.00. I bought two of them and end up consolidating everything onto one rack. This is less than a year old and in near perfect condition. This is not a standard rack you might purchase at a local retailer. This may be overkill for a budget stereo or home theater setup and is really designed for audiophile and/or premium equipment where vibrations and resonance can have an adverse effect on sound quality. Here is some marketing verbiage about the rack. The Solidsteel 5.4's Individually Isolated Shelves Protect Each Component from Vibration Hi-Fi and video enthusiasts worldwide require tables that can accommodate audio components that are comparatively tall, wide (accepting electronics with 19-inch front panels) and deep. In response to this need, Solidsteel in 1998 have introduced the Solidsteel Series Five Series. Every aspect of their designs was taken into consideration, even down to rethinking the cone shape. Large and sturdy without being overwhelming, these tables have universal application options. And as an added benefit, the bottom shelf of the Series Five tables can be removed and a Model B base placed inside the frame in its stead, thus providing an integrated solution for power amplifier isolation. This new range will undoubtedly become a reference for its exceptional combination of technical attributes and aesthetic balance. Four-leg table, steel frame with anti-resonant finish. Four MDF shelves in matte finish, each supported on duraluminium cones. For electronics and turntables. So many of you have been asking for great sounding, reasonably priced equipment racks that offer exceptional component isolation. Here they areā€¦ Solidsteel's outstanding equipment racks, amplifier stands and speaker stands are sonically superior as well as beautiful to look at. They are exceptionally well designed and built, enhance the sound of any components (including turntables) placed on them, and look great in the process. Audiophile sensibilities and Italian design have converged in a single product. Solid Steel racks present our systems, not only in our showroom, but also in our homes, (and camping trips!) in the best light both sonically and visually. Now you can achieve the same results for your system. Solidsteel's racks are hand-welded for rigidity and stability, and the welding is a work of art, regardless of price or model. The stainless steel structural tubes incorporate crimped steel bars at the end of each tube, and are coated with either silver or black anti-resonance paint. The dimensions of the racks, and the shape of the cones are all chosen to maximize sonic benefits. Each 4-legged rack is equipped with adjustable leveling spikes, and are fillable with lead, sand, or Microbearing steel to further enhance their performance. Overall dimensions HWD: 36x23x18" Shelf dimensions WxD: 18.5"x15", Top: 22.5x18" Space between shelves (top to bottom) - 7.5"x7.5"x9"
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