SonicsAmerigoAmazing Floor standing speaker made by Sonics called the Amerigo. We are a dealer for Sonics. This is a very rare offering on a Fantastic speaker. We are Sunny's home theater and music syste...3495.00

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Sonics Amerigo Floor standing Speaker. [Expired]

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Amazing Floor standing speaker made by Sonics called the Amerigo. We are a dealer for Sonics. This is a very rare offering on a Fantastic speaker. We are Sunny's home theater and music systems. 626-966-6259. Amerigo The Amerigo is a full range loudspeaker in our "A" series that delivers looks and performance at a reasonable price. A good loudspeaker should neither "enhance" the signal nor render it bland or sterile. The Amerigo was designed with uncolored yet musical sound as its primary goal to best deliver the artists original intent. Flat, extended response, good sensitivity and easy drivability make the Amerigo the loudspeaker of choice for all styles of music. Sound quality: Its delivery is very spacious and well focused with a very vivid "I am there" feeling. The bass is precise, warm and inviting, the midrange is free from colorations and the treble presents fine details but never sounds sharp or edgy. The Amerigo sounds complete when played soft but can really rock if so desired. Tweeter: The tweeter combines the best qualities of metal and soft domes. Its aluminum-magnesium dome is centered in a wide textile surround. This dome is distortion free to frequencies far above the range of human hearing. The large surround adds additional output and plays deeper while dampening the metal membrane. Midrange: The 15cm midrange driver is a Sonics design built by one of the most experienced Scandinavian manufacturers. It has a light metal ceramic-coated membrane chosen for rigidity and speed. This low distortion driver has very flat and extended response with a spectacular "see through" sound quality. Bass driver: The bass driver incorporates the technical advances of the midrange driver but optimized for long throw. It is designed around a big magnet system and long voice coil all held together by a precise magnesium basket. Cabinet: The Amerigo cabinet is furniture with the best mechanical and acoustic properties. Its angled baffle gives the drivers a degree of time alignement and enhances the cabinet's elegant look. It incorporates expensive birch plywood, which sounds better than MDF, and contains a separate internal sealed cabinet for the midrange driver all beautifully finished in fine book matched natural veneer. The stand and the grills mirror the shape of the cabinet and driver arrangement. Crossover: Flat frequency response is fairly easy to achieve on axis but doesn't predict subjective sound quality. Current research at Sonics found that a speaker's 3 dimensional radiation pattern is especially important for imaging depth. Our simulations not only take phase and frequency into account but also the position of the drivers on the baffle. By measuring at many (theoretically infinite) angles and integrating the result of these measurements, it was possible to create a much more convincing subjective presentation. This latest crossover accounts for floor reflections and eliminates several deficiencies of typical crossovers. It uses fewer parts than our previous 3 way designs and 3rd harmonic distortion is reduced through the use of critically selected parts. The result is a spaciousness to behold. Technical data: Principle: 3 way bass reflex Tweeter: 22mm ring radiator with wide textile surround, Ferro fluid cooled Midrange: 15cm metal cone with linear surround and magnet system Impedance: 7 Ohm Sensitivity: 87dB/2.85V/1m Frequency Response: 35Hz (-6dB) - 50kHz (-6dB), 45 Hz (-3dB) - 25kHz (-3dB), 70 Hz - 20kHz (+ - 2dB) Max Power: 300W Long Term Power: 110W Power Rating: 340W Crossover frequencies: 250Hz, 2.25kHz Characteristic: 250Hz 2nd order Linkwitz 2.25kHz 3rd order Transitional Filter Dimensions: 12W x 40H x 14D Weight: 53 lbs
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