Sonus FaberToy TowersSonus Faber Toy Towers Original, black, all leatherI'm selling my second pair of my beloved Sonus Faber Toy Towers. I just don't have the space to keep everything any longer. I'm relatively conservatively rating these a 6, but I feel that it is ...1250.00

Sonus Faber Toy Towers Original, black, all leather [Expired]

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I'm selling my second pair of my beloved Sonus Faber Toy Towers. I just don't have the space to keep everything any longer. I'm relatively conservatively rating these a 6, but I feel that it is likely warranted, based on the strictest interpretation of Audiogon's system. There is a scratch in the leather on the right side of one of the speakers from a piece of plexiglass having fallen against it. There is also a small indent on the top right side of the leather on one of the speakers, I'm not actually sure what this is from. Overall, from more than 3 feet away, the speakers are in like new condition, but upon closer inspection, you can find the above listed anomalies. I've voiced my opinion of the sound quality of these speakers in other forums and in another, prior listing. I think they are absolutely amazing, excellent bang-for-the-buck, and even better WAF / G/F-factor if you're looking for something aesthetically beautiful to go along with beautiful sound. In their place is now is a pair of Sonus Faber Liuto's. I'd say the Liuto's go deeper, but aren't necessarily more dynamic or more representative of accurate sound. I'm very happy with both, but I do like the slight increase in low end extension from the Liuto, but it does come at about 2.5x the cost. So, from that perspective, the Toy Towers are quite a bargain. If I had the space to keep them around, they would not be getting listed. :) Since I am under a certain amount of time constraint, I am pricing these to sell quickly. Local sales (San Francisco, 94114) will be given a significant preference. Absolutely no international sales, USA only. Sorry, it's just such a pain to figure out shipping, etc. I've done it before, and I prefer not to do it again. Please see my feedback, I do my very best to be accurately representative of what I'm selling and ensure that a transaction is smooth, end-to-end. I can accept any form of credit card payment via my Google Merchant account. I do not add fees for this. Once we have agreed on price, I issue you an invoice, it comes via e-mail, you click a secured (https / SSL) link, that will take you to the Google processing center where you send payment. It is quick, easy, safe, secure, and protects everyone as it is a standard credit card transation. I will NOT accept PayPal as I have had only negative experiences with them. Also, I travel extensively. If you need immediate shipment, it will likely not be possible, please keep that in mind when making offers. I will make sure they can ship out within two weeks, or that you can pick them up within two weeks, but I cannot guarantee shipping within 48 hours, etc. SYSTEM:3 way vented box loudspeaker. CABINET:Construction with decoupled side panels for resonances and standing waves control. TWEETER:25 mm ultra dynamic ring radiator-driver, neodymium magnet system. MIDRANGE: 110 mm coated cellulose cone driver. WOOFER: 180 mm hard nomex cone driver. CROSS-OVER: Non-resonant third order design, optimized phase characteristics for optimal space/time performance, cross-over point 400 Hz – 4000 Hz. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45 Hz – 25.000 Hz, tuning ports included. SENSITIVITY: 89 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m). NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm. POWER HANDLING: 35W – 200W, without clipping. FINISH: Barred black leather. DIMENSIONS: 950 x 270 x 295 mm (HxWxD). WEIGHT: 35.6 Kg per pair – net weight / 43 Kg per pair – shipping weight.
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