Sound ScienceWhisper 2000Sound Science Whisper 2000 worlds ultimate music serverRMAF Message is unquestionably the quietest and fastest Music Vault / Music Server ever built. It won't heat up either.There are no fans and the on...8499.00

Sound Science Whisper 2000 worlds ultimate music server [Expired]

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RMAF Message

This is unquestionably the quietest and fastest Music Vault / Music Server ever built. It won't heat up either.

There are no fans and the only moving part is the Built in Plextor BluRay Drive,it will make noise when you rip but never during playback.

The Whisper 2000 has 2000 Gigabytes of Solid State Storage. Store 2000 uncompressed CDs or 6000 in flac.
Auto Duplication is included.

Unlike the Sooloos which can only playback at 24 bit 96 K we can playback any sample rate up thru 24 bit 192K.

Digital outputs included: AES/EBU, USB, SPDIF, HDMI.

This really is the best sounding Music Server Available.

Single or Dual Wire AES/EBU is included.

Match it up with the Zodiac Gold if you don't already have a world class DAC.

Your Red Book CDs will sound like Hi Resolution files and your Hi Res files will sound better than any LP playback.
Heresey I know but with the right DAC like the Zodiac Gold
Digital has arrived as the King of the Hill.

The Whisper comes with a 22" touch screen monitor or iPad,
wireless or wired internet is required to rip CDs.

For the best sound and lowest jitter it is the Music Vault

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