Spatial ComputerPreamp/DACCall me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions. The Spatial system replaces your preamp and DAC and adds room correction right over the Internet. Introducing the future ...5495.00

Spatial Computer Preamp/DAC SOTA w/ Room correction [Expired]

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Call me at 770-667-5633 or email with questions. The Spatial system replaces your preamp and DAC and adds room correction right over the Internet.

Introducing the future of hi-end audio.

Spatial Computer ushers in the way hi-end audio will be over the next decade.

Call me to discuss these superb hi resolution systems that feature:
* 24 bit/192k hi rez audio software
* Excellent preamplifier, DAC and crossover
* Room correction done over the internet to make your speakers optimized in your room , for your ears.
* Multi channel DAC's (8 channels) for biamping, triamping, adding subwoofer's, playing back analog sources, or integrating multi channel audio systems.
* Up to 10 hours of consultation services with every system to help audiophiles make their system work properly.
* Ability to play back phono systems and archive records to the computer.
* Wifi control of the system for as little as $200.00
* Of course, superb sonics second to none @ their prices.
* Internet Direct pricing to keep costs low.
* Replaces your preamp, DAC and CD player.
* Upgradable over the web as future improvements come out.

An industry first is their exclusive remote installation and maintenance service. Spatial includes this service by using remote desktop access technology via your Internet connection. It allows us to remotely set up, assist and upgrade your system. Consistent results and peace of mind are only a mouse click away.

See the groundbreaking 1st review of the USB version in at:
“I'll go as far as saying that anyone spending the $3.000 on this software—packaged as it is with the necessary microphone and priceless setup consultation—will make the very best $3K investment anyone could at present possibly make anywhere in audio.”

Read the entire review at:

The preamp/DAC version here is considerably better and includes the preamp, 8 channel DAC as well as the Hi-Rez software package.

The future of high-end audio is here now! It's amazing and it's not expensive. Imagine outperforming $15,000 - $40,000 high-end electronics with an investment of as little as $5495.00. Imagine listening to your audio system at a level of realism you've only dreampt of, with clear natural sound in true 3-dimensional space. Just add speakers and amplifier for a complete audio system. Already 24 bit/192K capable and 384 future upgradeable.

Now imagine this new technology was easy and intuitive to use, no computer science degree required. Spatial software brings everything together in a way that allows you to forget about the computer and focus on the music. Simply play music files in iTunes and Spatial does the rest behind the scenes. Speaker response correction, room correction, vacuum tube emulation and more are all software based to optimize sonic performance with amazing transparency.

The Spatial Computer System's advanced software package runs on any Apple Mac computer with Intel processor. An outboard 24-bit/192k DAC/preamp receives all this digital information via single Firewire cable. Spatial offers a wide range of Firewire hardware options including hard-drive storage, cabling and remote control. Your Mac front end will come fully configured ready to play.

Features include 24-bit/192kHz playback as well as 192kHz upsampling for lower rez sources; Speaker/Room amplitude correction, open architecture to eliminate obsolescence; and a simple dependable interface that runs iTunes in the foreground

Hardware options for D-A/preamp functionality include:
1) 8 channel Apogee Ensemble ($5,495)
2) Prism Orpheus ($7,995)

Both offer multi-channel biamp/triamp system capability. Te Orpheus includes a state of the art phono stage. Both have very good headphone amps. Prices are inclusive of the actual Firewire converter, the Spatial software installed on Your Mac, the measurement microphone with stand and cable and a backup hard drive.

We accept Visa, MasterCard & money orders. Read our over 11,600 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order this amazing new system.
GA residents add 6% sales tax. All international sales are paid by wire transfer only.

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