Yterby LaboratoriumusedYter by Laboratorium 2M (6.5 ft) Stereo PairFactory-terminated Laboratorium Yter 2M (6.5 ft) Speaker Cable in supplied leather portfolio case. The cables are operationally perfect though with some minor discolorations on terminations commens...550.00

Yter by Laboratorium 2M (6.5 ft) Stereo Pair [Expired]

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Factory-terminated Laboratorium Yter 2M (6.5 ft) Speaker Cable in supplied leather portfolio case. The cables are operationally perfect though with some minor discolorations on terminations commensurate with age.  The Yter was used sparingly - rotated between 3 sets of speaker cables I own (less than 200 hours). A recent purchase (and need to consolidate my system) is forcing sale.  Lowballers will be politely ignored. Buy with confidence from an Audiogon member with perfect feedback. Add 3% for Paypal.  

Yter speaker cables are the creation of Franco Serblin, who founded luxury Italian speaker brand Sonus Faber back in 1980. In his last speaker design (Stradivari homage), he experimented with some new cables developed by a company called Laboratorium that use space age alloys, the results was such a drastic improvement over the high quality cables used previously that he was fascinated enough to keep working to perfect the use of this material. What emerged was a new conductor based in conceptual and structural terms, on the following premise: the transfer of the audio signal from amplifier to speaker, and in particular those at the micro signal level, depends more on the physical structure of the metal than on the absolute value of conductivity in the wire – a speaker cable that ensures metallurgical coherence in the path from the amplifier to the drivers.
For a cottage industry labor of love, it is notable that praise for Yter has been almost universal by some of the leading lights of the industry:

Martin Colloms (HiFi Critic):

Quote: " The exceptional degree of bass slam, dynamic grip, and focus precision of XL REF was not wholly replicated, but this Italian cable had nothing missing in the way of detail or bandwidth, and had no trouble at all in creating a massive soundstage with fine power and satisfying dynamics throughout the frequency range…This cable seemed more open sounding than most, and was upbeat and entertaining, a David besting a number of other industry Goliaths...the HIFICRITIC sound quality score is 85 – outstanding at the price and ensuring firm recommendation."

Ken Kessler (Stereophile):

Quote: " Despite my avowed hatred of cables, it is my duty as your faithful reporter to alert you to new wires of interest. Throw in such words as hand-made, affordable, and chic, and you can see why my interest was piqued in the new and terribly named Yter Audio Cables. And if I tell you that these cables are Italian, you'll understand that the use of chic may not be so farfetched. There are two other words to consider: credibility and heritage, for—surprisingly—this all-new cable possesses both… while I want to avoid turning this into a quasi-review, suffice it to say that I was entirely seduced: Sonus Faber users will recognize the firm's finesse and delicacy. Physically, the cables are highly flexible, eschewing the whole naval-hawser macho bullshit. I loved that, too. They're positively svelte. And when I learned that the prices were, at worst, manageable—hundreds of euros rather than thousands—I decided to add them to my review system.."
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