Tweek GeekDark Energy SpeakerTweek Geek Dark Energy Speaker Cable. Duelund wire + Sonic Tonic = MusicDark Energy Speaker Cables - New productDuelund Wire + Sonic Tonic = Music. Starting at $499 for a .5 meter pair, and an additional $50 per 1/2 meterLike Sonic Tonic, the Dark Energy series of ca...599.00

Tweek Geek Dark Energy Speaker Cable. Duelund wire + Sonic Tonic = Music [Expired]

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Dark Energy Speaker Cables - New product

Duelund Wire + Sonic Tonic = Music. Starting at $499 for a .5 meter pair, and an additional $50 per 1/2 meter

Like Sonic Tonic, the Dark Energy series of cables we've developed are our statement that one can offer incredible, clearly audible improvement at really reasonable prices. You hear that claim a lot, but seldom does it really deliver. 

We have been searching high and low for high performance power cords & audio cables at reasonable prices. While we do carry some great performing brands, we set our sights a little lower in terms of price, but not performance. We at Tweek Geek have assembled for you the music lover what we believe represents real value. A speaker cable that will hold it's own in terms of sonic performance against anything near their price ranges.

Duelund Wire+ Sonic Tonic

Our Dark Energy speaker cables make use of a special combination of Duelund wire  (3x16 awg per + and -) and our own Sonic Tonic.  Duelund is famous for making perhaps the best audiophile capacitors in the industry. Their foray into wire making comes from the same desire that has made their capacitors one of the most sought after components inside loudspeakers and audio gear. The wire itself is a bit unorthodox in this day and age of ultra pure, single crystal OCC wire. It is a copper wire that is tinned, then jacketed in a proprietary oil soaked cotton, then heat treated to "bake" the oil into the cotton jacketing. This makes the cotton jacketing more durable, and impervious to static electricity. Positive Feedback has a fantastic article on the Duelund wire that covers way more than I could here. The wire delivers a very rich, tonally dense musical performance, well beyond it's price point and surprising in light of the fact that it is not at least touted as hyper pure single crystal wire. The addition of 2 sets of Sonic Tonic embedded in a vibration damping epoxy like material take the Dark Energy speaker cables to a new level of performance.

Adding the Sonic Tonic

After adding the Sonic Tonic to the inside of the connectors, the cable's musical presentation becomes smoother, richer, more textured and resolving while maintaining the musicality that attracted us to the Duelund wire. The soundstage is much, much larger, expanding in all directions.

Sonic Tonic (pictured above) is a proprietary blend of materials suspended in epoxy. For our
cables, we don't use the bottles, nor do we need to. We incorporate the Sonic Tonic mixture
in an epoxy putty, and place it inside the aluminum speaker cable + - splitter. 

Wireworld Terminations

We chose the Wireworld Uni-Term rhodium plated OFC copper spades and BFA style banana terminations. This enables one to choose banana plugs or spades for their cables simply by unscrewing the BFA style banana plug or spade into the housing.

The Wireworld Uni-term speaker cable terminations are silver plated copper, and allow one to choose
banana or spade termination on the fly. We go the extra mile and treat the terminations with 
Furutech's Nano liquid before fastening your chosen terminations to their housing.

Try Them!  

I know I know, you've heard this before, only to have your expectations unmet by the actual performance. That is why we will offer you an in home audition  Dark Energy cables so that you can come to your own conclusion on our statement. That's right, borrow the Dark Energy interconnects to evaluate in your own system.

How Do I Get An In-Home Audition?

It starts by contacting us. We will have a brief conversation about your audio system, then will need to collect the following information:

  • Name and address
  • credit card (for security purposes) - We will not charge your card initially. We put a hold on the funds to secure our investment. A hold is not a charge, and it does not accrue interest. It merely protects us from shenanigens...

What will I hear?

The first thing you will notice is the rich, dense, wide and deep soundstage. You will be immersed in the recording space. You will feel the energy and emotion of the music pouring out of your system. Your toes may tap, heck you may even relax and just let the music take you. Other things you might here include: 

  • Dynamics - Dynamic attack is vivid, real, without sounding hard
  • Vocals - Oh the vocals. One of this cables's stronger abilities. You can feel the emotion in the vocals, male or female. Silkiness, inflections and the subtle textures that give one goosebumps.
  • Bass - bass is powerful, harmonically rich (especially acoustic bass) deep and quick.
  • Textures - Another strong suit of these cables. Subtle textures that take musical playback from hifi to "holy shit" are there, and audible without straining to hear.
  • Phase information - Phase information is presented in more detail. Close harmonic structures are more distinct, yet presented as an organic whole. Reverb comes through more clearly, and the sense of acoustic space is fantastic.
  • Energy - The Gestalt of the Dark Matter cables can be summed up in that it helps components capture and recreate the energy and emotion of the performance like no other cord in it's price range.

If you love musical, layered, warm, rich midrange, delicate highs, and a huge, 3 dimensional soundstage, you need to audition the Dark Matter cables! Contact us to make this happen!

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