Clear Day CablesSolid CoreClear Day Cables Solid Core 8ft double shotgunHello everyone,Thanks for your patronage in 2015, I will continue to offer the best cables I can in 2016 as well. Also, and this was no easy decision, but the silver price volatility has forced me ...500.00

Clear Day Cables Solid Core 8ft double shotgun [Expired]

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patronage in 2015, I will continue to offer the best cables I can in 2016 as well.

Also, and this was no easy decision, but the silver price volatility has forced me to drop my cable discount from 20% to 10%.

With that being said, I feel this slight increase will enable me to continue to provide the best cables and service I can as well as the 30 day money back guarantee on all my 8ft models.

Thereby, an 8ft pair of Silver Double Shotgun cables, terminated with my spades, bananas, or a combo, which retails for $500, with the 10% discount, sells for $450 shipped in the USA. Although not set in stone, the Double shotgun cable model does its best work with speaker sensitivities at or below 91-92dbs and works quite well with Maggies, Quads, etc as it was designed to bring the most signal to lower efficiency speakers. The Double shotgun model is not a biwire cable either, so one would need jumpers (yours or mine) if they wished to biwire their speakers. Please feel free to Google Clear Day Cables for further details and pricing on all my cables.

I do ship worldwide and welcome those interested in my products outside the USA, but the free shipping only applies to the USA.

Feel free to visit the January and September 2009 issue of Affordable Audio magazine for a review of my single, shotgun, and Double Shotgun models:

DOUBLE SHOTGUN (retail price $500 - 10% an 8ft pair) My best sounding cables to date. Initial feedback is that they compare to cables retailing for $2000 and up! Double Shotgun means four conductors per run or 8 per speaker (4 to the positive terminal, 4 to the negative per speaker). Of course, in a pair of speakers you've a total of 16 conductors. If your speakers are biwire, and you are biamping you need 2 sets per speaker or 32 total conductors. (2 pairs or sets X 16) Among the benefits- huge 3D sound stage, instruments and musicians are full sized and fleshed out. Again, please check my website link at the end of this ad for pricing as it already has the 10% discount applied or e-mail me for the prices on an 8ft pair Double Shotgun pair of cables with any combination of bananas/spades.

AGAIN, PLEASE ORDER TODAY & SAVE 10% on any 8ft model. Plus, FREE SHIPPING to the USA---a $10 value.

Fellow Audiophiles,

Why should you consider Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables? Extraordinary value! Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables transmit detail, and texture, like on a clear day when, seemingly, you can see forever.

I, too, am a passionate audiophile. After years of searching, I feel I’ve found the best sounding solid core silver wire to date. It combines the many virtues of silver with the warmth of oxygen-free copper.

When you buy my cables, you are not paying for expensive advertising, overhead, or two levels of markup-distributor and retailer. I do not use exotic jacketing or connectors that looks great, but often sonically degrade the sound! My success depends on word-of-mouth advertising. Despite my less than hi-end prices, you have my personal guarantee that my cables compete sonically with almost anything in the world.

Paul Laudati, President

Why Solid Core? It is my experience that solid core silver wire transfers the signal more naturally than multi-stranded silver wires. Consequently, Clear Day Solid Core Silver matches well with both solid-state, or tube equipment. I often get feedback saying my cables sound great immediately, requiring very little break-in.

Which Solid Core Is Right for You? Standard length is 8 ft. All other sizes subject to additional charges. Due to the extreme volatility of the precious metals market, prices are subject to change.

DOUBLE SHOTGUN Review by spindrifter on December 23, 2009:

Unqualified Disclaimer - I am in no way employed, or paid by, or connected to Clear Day Cables. I am neither a distributor nor reseller, nor do I advertise or promote for that company. This is an authentic, independent review.

I had intended to post this review some time ago, but alas, 2009 turned into a year of unwelcome surprises [in no particular order: involuntary unemployment, ill health (self, family, friends), drought, massive bush fires, environmental degradation, neighborhood violence, etc]. Fortunately we're still here and so is my music collection and audio system!

It has been over 12 months since an 8 foot pair of Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables were purchased from Clear Day Cables in Arizona. The transaction was handled with aplomb and a USPS Priority parcel arrived a week later. 

To begin with, these cables are composed of basically four materials - high purity solid core silver, techflex woven nylon sheath, heatshrink and connectors (in my case, low-mass, silver-coated beryllium copper banana plugs attached with van den Hul silver solder) all arranged in a twisted pair topology. They are not as physically robust as some other speaker cables (antithesis of Viagra-bloated garden hose), so some care must be taken in placement and connection.

Those who understand cable dielectric properties will note the following descending order of merit: total vacuum, air, foamed Teflon, Teflon, foamed polypropylene etc etc. These Clear Day cables feature an air dielectric (in the main).

Another aspect of these cables that should be noted is their running-in period (what I call "forming"). It is certainly protracted; I would estimate a minimum of around 200 hours to yield sonic behavior approaching the finished item. So all those excruciatingly impatient and/or skeptical audiophools out there, Clear Day cables may not be for you. (Another peculiarity mentioned by Paul Clear Day is that if one does not use the sound system for an extended period - say, weeks or months, as I did when the bush fires were raging - these cables partially regress to raw-state sonics, and more forming is required, though nowhere near as long as original burn-in. I concur with Paul.)

Over 30 years in audio I've auditioned, owned and sold many speaker cables. These included various grades of Nordost, MIT, Cardas, van den Hul, Straightwire, Wireworld, Audioquest, Tara, Kimber, PNF Audio, Supra, QED, Chord, XLO, Cat6, Anti-Cable, custom foil etc etc. I am well-versed in all manner of audio gear - analogue, digital, tube, solid state, hybrid, planar, dynamic, electrostatic etc etc. I am a qualified musician and part-time producer while also remaining a fierce critic of the recording industry. Paradoxically I am finding a lot of what passes these days for "high end audio" and attendant media coverage verging on the absurd. Much of it reeks of bovine excrement.

Enough of the preamble. I can state that these Clear Day cables are the most musical, articulate, revealing, natural, neutral, linear, balanced, accurate speaker cables it's been my privilege to own and experience. In fact they seem to disappear and let one become completely, utterly and blissfully wrapped up in the music. The performers emerge out there, smack dab in the listening room. What more could one ask?

More than once I've sat there grinning like a Cheshire cat, just taking in all the aural delights. Simply put, Clear Day Double Shotgun is in another league. The most literal speaker cable I've ever auditioned, but it does not produce falsely-embellished etched "hifi", unlike many other cables, just beguiling natural sound. Warning - Clear Day will spotlight any shortcomings in system components and mismatched chemistry between them. But once fully formed and in a properly-sorted system, Clear Day sonic rewards can be breath-taking!


Product Weakness: Protracted forming (running-in) period. Not terribly robust.
Product Strengths: Neutrality, transparency, nuanced inner detail, unconstrained extension at both frequency extremes, airy highs, deep-controlled-fast-vise-like-grip bass, immaculate imaging, soundstaging and instrument bloom, immense PRaT and an overall coherence that engages the listener. These are not for those who seek a tone control or passive filter to color sound - they are completely accurate and literal in what they reproduce. Impressive value. And Paul who has a fine ear and is a true gentleman.


Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: Modified Atoll HEX FET power amp
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Modified Canary Audio tube pre-amp
Sources (CDP/Turntable): Roksan Radius 5, Lyra Argo, modified JLTI phono stage, Terra Firma modded Oppo DVH-980 disk player, modified VALAB NOS DAC
Speakers: Merlin TSM MMe, modified Epos M12i
Cables/Interconnects: PNF Audio Icon interconnects, Custom tonearm connector cable, Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables
Music Used (Genre/Selections): jazz, world music, soul, hiphop, broken beat, drum n bass, reggae, dub, electronica, folk, blues, classical
Other (Power Conditioner etc.): Zu Audio Birth power cables, custom unfiltered power strip
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner

Thanks for looking, God bless, and remember, on a Clear Day you can hear forever!

Paul Laudati
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