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Crystal Cable Dreamline Speaker Cables Dealer Demo, 65% OFF! From Audio Revelation [Expired]

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GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. Thanks in advance!


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Crystal Cable Dreamline: Your direct line to the most ambitious audio dream you ever dared to imagine!   

If you already own world-class gear and want to hear all it can do, full spectrum, Dreamline is for you. Crystal Cable Dreamline cable combines effortless dynamics, amazing imaging, stunning detail and overall immense musicality - you've never heard anything like this before!

Save $12,000 on a 2.5m pair of Crystal Cable Dreamline* Speaker Cables. Dealer Demo, bananna-spade, 9/10 condition, light use - FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY!

New $19,000, sell for $6550.

* - these are the immediate predecessor model to the current Dreamline Plus.

Audio Revelation is an authorized, full line Crystal Cable dealer.


"The Crystal Cable Dreamline is simply sensational, the best I have ever heard in my own system."
 - Phil Gold, (read the review) 

"This is a product which features many extras but one aspect scores extremely high and that's making music. They are spectacularly well in doing that. Believe me, there are just a few products capable of reproducing music this effortlessly!"
 - Jo Mullers, Music Emotion (read the review)

"I see these cables (speaker and interconnects) as the tools that intensifies the listening experience and magnifies the musical performance - that's as good as it gets for it points at a cable that has it all: technology applied where it makes a difference, a high degree of musicality and a price/performance ratio, I believe is appropriate. These are wonderful cables - congrats Gaby."
 - Ernie Fisher, The Inner Ear Magazine (read the review)

"I have loved listening with these cables; their ability to lift the musical performance free of the system is exactly what hi-fi should be about. They offer no panacea for poorly assembled or matched components, they offer little or nothing of themselves save an imperturbable musical poise. Crystal's are both refreshingly simple and simply excellent.  Allow them a little time and that excellence will unlock the musical performances you've already paid for."
- Roy Gregory, Editor, HiFi+, Issue 55   


Sonically combining the warmth and intimacy of gold with the articulation and clarity of silver, the Crystal Cable Dreamline marries these often mutually exclusive qualities in a cable line that offers unprecedented sonic vistas which are at once supremely detailed and compellingly holistic. 

What is it about the Dreamline that's so special and what kind of technique supports this? First, there's the silver-gold conductor which is even more pure than ever, with actually 6 decimal places. In figures 99, 999999% pure gold and silver with the gold atomically injected. A small step, but it's a step. The biggest step forward is found in the isolation. This is actually a funny story. The jacket comes from the American defense-industry and is therefore not allowed to be used integrally. It's placed under a protected embargo. However, the qualities of it are perfect: a more than optimized isolation coupled with an extremely high liquid density and a very high melting-point. It's a combination of Kapton, Teflon, PEEK and a fourth component. To evade the embargo the components are imported separately and turned into 1 jacket here which, apparently, is not forbidden! Or perhaps we won't hear from Gabi for a while, that's possible....And there are some more steps forward. The spades/bananas are rhodium plated and especially designed for Crystal Cable. For the cinch connections, exclusive NextGen plugs with matted silver or gold sleeves are used, especially created for Crystal by WBT Germany. Believe me, this is a huge step forward.


Most, if not all, manufacturers strive to come up with improvements in cable construction. All will adhere to design parameters well established over the years addressing well-known technical design elements which include controlling a cable's geometry and materials, not to speak of electrical conditions such as resistance, inductance, impedance, etc. All these elements have been taken into consideration when the Dreamline cables were engineered, but there are a few interesting innovations that may be responsible for the cable's musical finesse. The conductor material is a blend of gold and silver. Gold makes for a great, never-deteriorating, contact and is the choice of many manufacturers in the industry. Gold has a drawback inasmuch as it isn't the best conductor. Enter, a German/Swiss laboratory that actually achieved a silver/gold metallurgy composition that works very well indeed, though the methodology is very expensive. The gold/silver conductors are used exclusively in the manufacture of the Crystal cables high-end products.

Protecting the coaxial arrangement of the conductors is not only important for insulating, but also to protect the cables from RFI and EMI contamination, widespread in every household and workplace, thanks to radio, computers and other digital elements. The Dreamline cables employ "space-age" dielectrics such as Kapton, PEEK and Teflon - all coated around the conductor core. This shielding is said to provide the most resistance to external interference. Termination is another critical matter and Crystal Cable employs some of the best currently available.

The Interconnects sported NextGen RCA's made by WBT. These plugs impressed me, for I can see (and hear) that resistance has been greatly reduced by using some hard plastic material on the ground contact. XLR and Neutrik connectors can be ordered as well. Both cables come with, what the company calls, shaped acrylic barrels to protect the termination link. I could not find indicators for the cables' direction and assume that directivity isn't important. However, when I burned in these cables, I used the "barrels" to slide over to the amp side and thereby established a direction to follow in future connections.

All the science in the world doesn't guarantee musical success, but the Dreamline designers have succeeded marrying technology with musicology or, to put it in another way, science with sensibility.

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