Gabriel GoldReflection v2Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 Gold/Silver speaker cables 6ft pairAuthentic pair of Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 6 ft pair in original spades termination, all original, purchased from Gabriel Gold directly. Rare combination of gold, silver and copper at bargain bas...599.00

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Authentic pair of Gabriel Gold Reflection v2 6 ft pair in original spades termination, all original, purchased from Gabriel Gold directly. Rare combination of gold, silver and copper at bargain basement price. Among the most equipment neutral speakers I have ever used (including $$$$$ Nordost, Cardds, Kharma, Kubala Sosna, Kimber, AudioTruth, .......) They were GG's top-of-the-line model when released. Price is truly cheap so please no haggle please. I am selling them cheaper than the lower model that you'd see every now and then. 8/10 is real conservative and I don't move them around often in my second setup. Gabriel Gold Models (from reference to entry-level): [ reference level ] Infusion (new reference line introduced 2 years ago) Reflection II --- the model I am selling here Reflection Rapture R ver III Rapture R Rapture Revelation II Revelation [ entry level ] PayPal please add 3% (non-U.S. 6%). Shipping via USPS Priority flat-rate. Happy Listening! === ORIGINAL INFO FROM GABRIEL GOLD SITE ================== The Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 speaker wire offers a glorious musical experience. Beautiful midrange presence, extended airy highs, and full rich bass. The Reflection renders an awe inspiring window into the performance. Deep, wide soundstaging creates a majestic listening experience. Conductor are comprised of 24K Gold along with the finest Silver and Copper available Rhodium plated Copper connectors as pictured is optional. Standard termination is 24K Gold plated Copper spades. It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery , however, DON'T BE FOOLED by imitators and copycats. Gabriel Gold has been designing Gold based/Gold alloy cables for over a decade. An Audio distributor/importer interested in the product called the Gabriel Gold’s, “a sonic and visual masterpiece.” I’ve also had a number of trade publications request review samples over the years, I have graciously declined. as my focus has been and always will be the ultimate reviewer - - You The Customer ! With hundreds of discussions and great testimonials/feedback I feel confident I’m on the right path. Since my initial designs my creativity and experience has allowed me to design a number of cables such as the Revelation, Rapture and Reflection series. All of these products were born of extensive designs, testing and blends of precious metals. In summary, experimentation with various percentages of precious metals yields and will continue to yield incredible results as the NEW Rapture v3 , Reflection V2, Infusion and Halo products will attest to How and when it started ---------------------------- Having spent over 15 years in the audio and music industry, I had been constantly searching for that perfect sound. Over a decade ago after hearing and owning virtually every cable out there, I was compelled to design a cable for myself, one that would properly reproduce music the way I feel it should sound. Sonics that stressed correct timbre, harmonics and tonality above all else. Two years and many designs later, I had a product that fulfilled my expectations. It began with a blend of 24K (pure) Gold, Silver and Copper in various percentages. Let’s get this out of the way “not all Gold, Silver, Copper and blended Gold alloys are the same. The purity and the manner in which it is drawn as well as many other factors come into play. Within months after my initial design, people within my audio community auditioned the cables and were extremely impressed with the results. I soon found myself building cables for audiophiles and guitar cables for major musicians. Both sonically and aesthetically, the Gabriel Gold products are preferred over some of the world’s most expensive and respected cables. Testimonials from both audiophiles and musicians alike are aplenty Paul Shaffer (from the Letterman Show) outfitted his entire audio/video system with Gabriel Gold interconnects and speaker wire. a few comments from Gabriel Gold listeners ------------------------------------------------- "Listening to the Rapture V3 is like a hero's journey, like Siegfried rescuing Brunhilde, like a knight errant galloping across a green field in the bright sunshine on adventure perfectly focused in the bright spring air. All with details of exotic armament and habiliments of colorful royal crest, armor and pennant. Exciting and vivid. Like Siegfried, they are fearless and relentless in their pursuit to rescue the beauty of the music. They are assertive and boldly present with a strength, quickness and detail that belies their depth and grace. They are as linear and accurate as Robin Hoods arrow. Straight and sure to the heart of the music. Enough with the medieval mythology reference! The V3's offers tighter imaging and more space between the players and instruments than the Rapture r. Delicate separation of vocals in close proximity and harmony is exquisite and beautiful to behold. They portray images that are solid and stable separated by palpable silence on the hugely broad and deep stage that is a one of my very favorite Gabriel Gold traits. That and the detail allowed through are phenomenal. The bass is a bit more extended and definitely tighter while the highs remain shimmering extended. Notes and attacks are brisk and the decay delicately extended." "the soundstage is mesmerizing; it has released the grandeur of the stage and are unbeatable in my experience. the black silence between well defined placement of 3d images is bible black and starless....with the deep stage set behind my speakers and extending well beyond my speakers side to side. great fun. exciting, transporting, and relaxing, it actually feels like an environment is created rather than a room recreated. no grain, flawless pace and wide extension with shimmering highs and deep natural taut bass. micro dynamics and revealing of inner detail is astonishing. and with the detail revealed so astutely and naturally combined with the head bobbing and toe-tapping macrodynamics, they seem to make bare the composer's intent. I used Coltrane's ballads as one of my test cd' can hear the spittle on the reed...and there is a tremolo at the very end of each note on the first cut i have never heard before. breathtaking. the piano is across half the stage and the whisper and control of the brushes gets my goofy grin cemented in place. the attack/decay and sustain is perfect on emphasis and without exaggeration * * * * "The sound of the GG cables are true to the music with an unmatched capability to retrieve information and paint a picture of music like no other"
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