JW AudioCryo Nova Bi Wire Speaker CableJW Audio Cryo Nova Bi Wire Speaker Cable 6 ftHere are a pair of JW Audio Cryo Nova Bi wire speaker cables 6 feet long.Four spade termination applied on their amp side ends however there were no termination on the other(speakers) sides. The or...25.00

JW Audio Cryo Nova Bi Wire Speaker Cable 6 ft [Expired]

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Here are a pair of JW Audio Cryo Nova Bi wire speaker cables 6 feet long.

Four spade termination applied on their amp side ends however there were no termination on the other(speakers) sides. The original owner said that he ordered like thist for purer sound.

I put 8 spade connector that can be removed with screwdriver.

I will cover Paypal fee.

Buyer pays shipping.

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From the Manufacturer :

Cryo Nova by JW Audio are made with 12awg solid core OFC 99.999 copper cable that has been around successfully for quite some time. They are very good cables, but I have added a few upgrades that take them to a new level of performance.
My goal is to provide an Ultra Audiophile quality speaker cable at a very affordable price.

1- Cryogenic Treatment. (72hr)
Cryogenic treated speaker cables provide an extended dynamic range. In particular, high frequency range notes are much clearer and display less distortion. Measurements of cryo treated wires show that electrical and signal resistance is reduced after cryogenic treatment.

2- 48hr burn in.
The dielectric material of these cables are very thin and should need very little burn in time. I went 48hrs to assure that you get a cable that sounds beautiful as soon as you connect it.

3- Helical Twisted.
I have pre-twisted the cable for you, which does a few things. 1- It gives a much wider bandwidth, lower inductance, and lower impedance . 2- It resists magnetic fields that are abundant in and around stereo equipment. 3- It makes cable management much easier.

4- 24kt Gold plated Spade or Banana termination

These cables are the most open and airy cables I have ever heard.
The depth of the soundstage is effortless. They are extremely balanced with the best bass control I've heard so far. Very clean, tight bass with no bloating at all.

Imaging is precise and natural with no bleeding from one instument to another.
The mids are as neutral as it gets. The highs are pristine and well extended.

"When I added the cables to my system, and listened for the first time, I couldn't believe what I was hearing".
They're so transparent and open compared to the cable before the cryo treatment, it was like night and day. They will let you hear exactly what your amp and front end are doing.

When using the "BUY IT NOW", take the length you need and multiply by $10 for price.

You will not be disappointed with these cables.

I can make any length you want. My min. is 5ft and my max. is 100ft.

Termination is included in the price. If you prefer no termination, let me know.

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