Klyne Audio ArtsSWO speaker cableKlyne Audio Arts SWO speaker cableThis cable is called CDC, critically damped conduction. Its metal proprietary cooper matrix, jacket is clear Teflon. Its in excellent condition. This cable was selling for $140 per ft when new,...210.00

Klyne Audio Arts SWO speaker cable [Expired]

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This cable is  called CDC, critically damped conduction.  Its metal proprietary cooper matrix, jacket is clear Teflon.  Its in excellent condition.  This cable was selling for $140 per ft when new, whew!  I was told by the original owner that Mr. Klyne just could not get this price down so he did not make many of these. I read in The Absolute Sounds 1992 Directory Klyne had cables similar to these I'm selling,  for that $140 ft price and it was called SWQ-1.  My price is for a 8 ft pair.  I do not know its specs.   The cables have copper spades on one end and compression double type copper spades on the other,  I don't know what else to call it.   I had this cable for several years, replacing my Randall Research 32 TBC cable, 5 ft pair which I used as my reference connected to a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10 Mods.  I use the Randalls on the Sequerra Tweeter now.   Its one of the most open and transparent cables I found next to Randall, which still has better dynamics.   I use 2 more pair of Randalls of different types.  Please go to the USPS site for shipping costs based on my weight and package dimensions.

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