MapleshadeDouble Helix V.2Mapleshade Double Helix V.2 With PLUS Upgrade (NEW EVEN LOWER PRICE)I'm selling a 10 foot pair ---{I actually believe they're 12 ft, but they're already packaged and ready to ship, so I cannot measure them. Hence I'm selling them as 10 ft to be on the safe side}---...224.00

Mapleshade Double Helix V.2 With PLUS Upgrade (NEW EVEN LOWER PRICE) [Expired]

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I'm selling a 10 foot pair ---{I actually believe they're 12 ft, but they're already packaged and ready to ship, so I cannot measure them. Hence I'm selling them as 10 ft to be on the safe side}--- of Mapleshade's Double Helix V.2 Speaker Cables with PLUS Upgrade!   Don't let the photo fool you ---{the photo is from the internet and not my actual wires, but are the same model wires being sold}--- these speaker wires are the real deal and have an almost cult following. In fact, in independent dealer and audiophile listening tests, Mapleshade's Double Helix bested MIT, Transparent, Nordost, Kimber, Wireworld and Audioquest cables costing up to $15,000.  

These Mapleshade V.2 Double Helix Plus use optimally thin, ultra high-purity, single strand copper drawn, silver-plated and heat-treated to Mapleshade's specs--then hyper-twisted for unmatched field cancellation. The Double Helix introduces their unique design that incorporates well separated, single strand + and - signal conductors, individually shielded by a single, helically-wrapped, common ground wire--hereby adding about a half octave of bass, warming up voices, and lending extra definition and clarity to treble notes and high overtones. 

THE PLUS OPTION: Yet Another Step Up

All Mapleshade Clearview wires are also available in a PLUS version, using specially-treated copper conductors with our new stress-relieved metallurgy. The PLUS Option yields two primary upgrades: 

• Decreases treble grain, edginess and excess brightness without sacrificing detail--and particularly noticeable with digital sources. The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is more beautifully articulated, sweeter and less abrasive.PLUS significantly reduces listening fatigue.

PLUS OPTION lowers the sound-stage noise floor, resulting in a quieter, more blacker background. This makes the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. Newly discovered details and nuances emerge from the negative space of the music on good recordings.


• Far lower dielectric losses than any "garden hose" cable encased in thick plastic, due to our ultra-thin dielectric coating (under two ten-thousandths of an inch) using a better-than-Teflon polymer selected by ear from among hundreds of insulating materials.

• High purity copper conductors, drawn, heat-treated and silver-plated to their proprietary specifications, the result of listening tests to determine which heat treatments, drawing protocols, silver plate thicknesses and copper alloys yield the best sound.

• Thin diameter, single strand wire to greatly reduce skin effect relative to fat gauge "garden hoses". Based on hundreds of hours of meticulous listening tests, the diameter we use optimizes the balance between skin effect losses and resistance losses. Even a 10% increase over our optimum wire diameter immediately muddies the bass and rolls off the treble.

• A unique, proprietary topology: two well-separated twisted pairs, each consisting of a single strand signal conductor (one +, the other -) helically wrapped with a single strand grounded wire acting as a shield--and that shielding ground wire is a single continuous loop common to both the + and - conductors. The combination of well separated + and - conductors each thoroughly shielded minimizes all signal interactions between conductors--thus yielding an extra half octave of bass and significantly smoother, more extended treble. 


Whenever possible, connect their cables using their prepared, bare wire ends without extra terminations. This will be your least-expensive and yet, best-sounding option. Unlike stranded-wire speaker cables, Mapleshade's solid-core conductor does not fray--and, once bent into a J-hook, is just as convenient as a spade. Even though Mapleshade's offered terminations are the least intrusive-sounding spades and bananas available, they still do not sound quite as good as making a simple, bare wire connection to your speaker/amp binding post or screw terminal.


I believe my price is fair, but I'll certainly entertain any reasonable offers.  Low-ballers will be cheerfully ignored. I accept PayPal but please add 3% for PayPal charges. I'll also accept a personal check, but won't ship until 1 week after it clears!  Please call if you'd like an explanation why!

As far as shipping charges are concerned, I only charge my actual shipping costs. When shipping a small item like wires I only ship via USPS 2nd-day Priority Mail with insurance & tracking.  That means you select the cost for shipping from one of these two options directly below:

1) $13.60 shipping + $4.40 insurance = $18.00 total 

2) $13.60 shipping + $4.40 insurance + $2.90 signature required = $20.90 total.

This is a used product so there are no returns and no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. These wires are being sold "as-is" period. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at (407) 207-4364 just ask for Tom. 

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