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Transparent Audio REFERENCE MM IN MM2 REVIEWER DEMO [Expired]

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1370 E. Cypress St. Suite D Covina Ca 91724 Tel:626-966-6259

10 ft speaker cable with spades.
We can also get it calibrated for you.
Solid state electronics Primare matched.


Transparent Audio Reference MM in MM2 Technology.
The best just got a lot better: noise-free with effortless and seemingly infinite dynamics and low-level information. With reduced electromagnetic interference, the restrictions of the listening room walls vanish and a whole new sense of space transports the listener to the venue. With superior component matching and a far more precise model for custom calibrating the network to match the impedance characteristics of associated components, pace and rhythm flow so freely that the last vestiges of electronic haze disappear. 

With MM2 Technology, Transparent has adapted its impedance matching model to more closely reflect recent trends in amplifier design which have resulted in higher impedance outputs with some solid state designs and lower impedance outputs with some tube designs. These changes in impedance characteristics are so important to performance that, for the first time,Transparent now offers high and low impedance versions of Reference interconnects and speaker cables. With MM2 Technology, Reference just took a big leap ahead of Ultra and comfortably joins the triumvirate: Reference XL, Reference MM2, and OPUS MM2. 

Reference XL, Reference MM, and OPUS MM customers can benefit from the new MM2 impedance model to an even greater degree.Transparent now custom calibrates the new Reference XL with MM2 Technology, Reference MM2, and OPUS MM2 cables to the specific impedance characteristics of the customer's components. Even customers who have not changed their amplification since their last Transparent purchase can benefit from MM2 Technology. The new MM2 impedance matching model and Transparent's ability to execute it in production are far more precise than what was previously possible. 

When Reference, Reference XL and Reference MM customers upgrade their existing cables to the next performance level (Reference XL, Reference MM2 or OPUS MM2, respectively), they receive the benefits of two levels of performance improvement. Transparent also offers an update program to update existing MM Technology Reference, Reference XL, Reference MM, or OPUS MM cables to MM2 Technology. Transparent will rebuild and recalibrate the networks and replace all connector covers with non-electromagnetic versions on your existing cables at a reasonable update cost.Transparent has become more transparent with MM2 Technology — less noise, more musical impact, more expansive listening space, and greater low-level resolution than ever before. It's time for you to upgrade! Upgrade existing Transparent cables starting with the Plus performance level to the next higher performance level and benefit from two levels of performance improvement while retaining 70% of your cable's value. Take advantage of the even greater performance improvement afforded by Transparent's new MM2 impedance matching model by upgrading your existing Super or Ultra to the new Reference. It's a lot like trading in your comfy sedan for a new sports car! 

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