Weber WeaveRibbon usedWeber Weave Ribbon  Speaker Cable. ExtraordinaryVery rare and scientifically designed to have the lowest inductance and resistance. And the sound quality proves the theory. You will have to spend many many thousands of dollars to get better soun...1199.00

Weber Weave Ribbon Speaker Cable. Extraordinary [Expired]

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Very rare and scientifically designed to have the lowest inductance and resistance. And the sound quality proves the theory. You will have to spend many many thousands of dollars to get better sound than these 12 foot speaker cables. Lots of high purity copper went into these cables. I am also an authorized dealer for Legacy Speakers, Canary Audio, Resonessence , PS Audio, Verastarr, Oracle and Triangle Art. Paypal and CC adds 2.9% , Trades considered. For those of you who may not have heard of this exceptional wire, Weber wire was created by Jeff Weber, Grammy-winning record producer, as a completely neutral transfer path between amplifier and loudspeaker to facilitate evaluation of original master tapes. Scientifically constructed of the highest quality materials and organics, Weber wire requires no external dampers or phase correcting networks to function as the most advanced audio power signal transfer path. Weber wire is an advanced cable technology having ideal characteristics of resistance, inductance, and capacitance that permit flawless signal transfer between amplifier and loudspeaker. Resistance: Weber wire is a ribbon configuration that is electrically very "heavy" having an equivalent conductor cross-section equal to number 4 gauge wire. Resistance is an extremely low 0.00053 ohm per linear foot for the transmission and return path combined. Current capacity: Weber wire is capable of maintaining 100 ampere RMS, and 500 ampere peaks. Inductance: Weber wire has less than 0.024 micro Henry per foot inductance. An 8 foot length will exhibit under 0.2 DB of loss at 100 kHz with typical loudspeaker loads. Capacitance: Weber wire has a capacitance of 0.2 nanoFarads per foot. This allows its oscillation-free use with any amplifier without need for external "damping" networks at the loudspeaker. Speed: Weber wire has a propagation delay of only 3 ns per foot. It's uniform audio spectrum transfer characteristics obviate the need for phase "corrective" measures. Distributed-impedance: Weber wire employs Weber weave, a phased tri-path system using three carrier networks whose characteristic impedances have been set at ratios of 1, 1.41, and 1.73 (i.e., the "golden mean" ratios) for absolutely minimum resonant activity. The distributed-impedance characteristic of Weber weave suppresses resonance and phase noise, and accurately conveys, in both amplitude and phase, all signal components from DC to far beyond 5 MHz. Bi-metal balanced-lamina: Weber wire is made of 684 individual strands of oxygen free copper surfaced with a pure silver skin. The lower resistance of the silver lamina balances the skin effect resistance of the oxygen-free copper and maintains a more constant overall resistance into the highest frequencies. Teflon insulation: Weber wire uses the highest-quality Teflon insulation which maintains a dielectric constant of 2.1 from DC to 100 MHz. This gives a constant characteristic impedance extending far beyond the audio frequencies of interest. In contrast, other commonly used dielectrics may vary by as much as 100% over this range. "Perfectionist" terminations: Weber wire employs custom machined, extremely high current connection hardware that exceeds welding requirements. The copper base material is plated first with nickel, then surfaced with gold for lasting resistance to oxidation effects. They are in excellent condition. The cables come with custom Tara Labs spades or banana termination. The terminations screw in. I will provide you with 8 spades and 8 banana terminals to fit your needs.