WyWires Silver SeriesSpeaker CablesWyWires Silver Series Speaker Cables NEWThese are the speaker cables that were used with TAD Reference Monitors including Zesto and Lindemann electronics at THE Show in Las Vegas this past January. Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound gav...1399.00

WyWires Silver Series Speaker Cables NEW [Expired]

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These are the speaker cables that were used with TAD Reference Monitors including Zesto and Lindemann electronics at THE Show in Las Vegas this past January. Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound gave our exhibit a "Best of Show" finalist honor for THE Show and CES combined! We were in truly great company with TAD Loudspeakers, Lindemann amps and preamp along with the fantastic Zesto Phono Stage but cables do provide the icing on the cake, so to speak. WyWires Speaker Cables provide clarity, detail, accuracy, neutrality and ambiance that is unapproachable at anywhere near this price. Also Available are WyWires Speaker Cables in Bi Wire and Tri Wire configurations. Any combination of Xhadow Spades and Banana Plugs can be ordered. In the current issue of Positive Feedback, Dean Seislove wrote: "The WyWires Silver cables open the windows of my system without rearranging the furniture, which works for me. The WyWires draws sweet music out of the Arcam integrated, and this is somewhat of a surprise, as that amp doesn't always show well with cables this revealing and responsive. This bodes well for those who might question whether or not $1200 is too much for a modest system. No matter which amp is used, however, the image and depth of instruments in the listening field seems more focused with the WyWires cables than with either the Nordost or Kubala-Sosnas." Here is what Adam LaBarge recently wrote in the February issue of Dagogo: "Between the three cables, the WyWires and Supra offer a very exacting soundstage, both allowed more detail to make it from the amplifier to the speaker, and both cables offered very good articulation and dynamics. While the Zu Mission cables are fair step above speaker cables from Monoprice, when compared to the WyWires and Supra cables, they just didn’t seem to keep up. Between the WyWires and Supra Sword cables there was less a difference in sonic attributes and more a difference in sonic character. The WyWires cables offered a more natural sound and three-dimensional imaging. The Supra Sword speaker cables had a more astringent, cleaner, and aggressive flavoring. Similar to the difference in a Belgian ale versus a California hopped IPA. While both are very good, and no matter how many Belgium ales I drink, a standard IPA will always be more of a comfort, more natural, beer. And that is how the WyWires sound to my ears. They just offer a whole hearted more natural sound that allows for all the frequencies to come through without over emphasizing or distorting." Here is a recent comment from a customer: "The WyWires had increased volume and presence, Alex said it was do to the better capacitance rating. The music was so much more three dimensional and precise.The soundstage increased dramatically and imaging is so much more precise.The bass is much more pronounced and tighter in quality. Once again the impact of another WyWire added to my system was more akin to a componant upgrade rather than a cable change. Listening to Diana Krall Quiet Moments the seduction in her voice just fills the room, it is so lifelike. The sound is so much more elegant and just plain seducing. I could never live without these in my system, the change is SO dramatic.Listening to Dave Grusin all the instruments are so defined and clear, there is so much more air and presence. Detail is much more clear and pronounced.I lack the vocabulary to fully describe the impact these speaker cables have given to my system. All I can say is if you ever get a chance to try them, you will know". Dennis N., North Carolina. We offer a 30 day risk free guarantee. Please check out the WyWires website for a dealer near you. If there isn't one, please feel free to contact us by email or call 818 981 4706.
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