Yter Well TemperedArgentum Alloy Speaker Yter Well Tempered Argentum Alloy Speaker  Cable 3 meter - Free shippingFor sale is a pair of Yter speaker cable in 3m length. Both ends are terminatedwith Silver Banana connectors. Each cable is hand-made.Condition is mint. It comes with original leather bag.Product I...975.00

Yter Well Tempered Argentum Alloy Speaker Cable 3 meter - Free shipping [Expired]

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For sale is a pair of Yter speaker cable in 3m length. Both ends are terminated
with Silver Banana connectors. Each cable is hand-made.

Condition is mint. It comes with original leather bag.

Product Information:
The legendary name of Franco Serblin will stir the hearts of many audiophiles who have used his speakers at one time or other. Franco sold the speaker company he built and many of us though he would quit the high end business and enjoy his retirement (if I am not wrong, he is in his seventies). However, like many talented audio designers, there is always so much to be done. In his last speaker design, he experimented with some new cables developed by a company called Laboratorium that were using space age alloys, the results was such a drastic improvement over the high quality cables used previously that he was fascinated enough to keep working to perfect the use of this material.

Using the science of metallurgy, Franco and Laboratorium worked to further develop this cable material. The result is Yter cables – using a pure silver and palladium alloy, cold extruded and mechanical weld with connectors. No heat is applied after the alloy has been fused hence no solder is used. This new cable design has all the ideal properties for conduction of audio signal. In Franco’s words – ‘metallurgical coherence in the path from the source to the speaker drivers.


Hi, they are extremely airy and transparent, fast pace bass response... to the extent that some may mistaken them for lack of bass extension. .Prior to Yter, tried Siltech classic & top signature range, tara labs, MIT, Crystal cable, Van den Hul, kimber, audio note, Pure Silver Sound, homegrown, ASI , audioquest speaker cables over the past 10+ years. Have not owned, but have heard Harmonix, PAD, Cardas, Nordost cables on system I'm familiar with.  I've compared it side-by-side with the previous Siltech Eskay Creek Signature SC. Yter has better agility and attack over the siltech, also with better detail, depth and layering.......Yter stood out on more extended and pleasing timbre,.....In the end, I've settled with Yter., I am thoroughly satisfied with my current cabling now "........Luv4nature - audiophile.

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