Zu AudioEvent Mk.1Zu Audio Event Mk.1 10' [3.0m] matched Hi-Fi or Mastering loudspeaker cable pairYou are buying from Zu Audio - designed, built and sold from Ogden, Utah - U.S.A. Event Mk.1 (10') 3.0m loudspeaker cable pair, new and never used, complete with our 60 day satisfaction guarantee....259.00

Zu Audio Event Mk.1 10' [3.0m] matched Hi-Fi or Mastering loudspeaker cable pair [Expired]

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You are buying from Zu Audio - designed, built and sold from Ogden, Utah - U.S.A. Event Mk.1 (10') 3.0m loudspeaker cable pair, new and never used, complete with our 60 day satisfaction guarantee. PLEASE NOTE: We are down to the last remaining cables and parts. Once they're gone, they're gone. All of the cables are new but there are some barrels that have some blemishes on the remaining parts. Let us know the desired termination for the amp and speaker ends when making payment. Termination options are: 1/4" standard spade, 5/16" oversized spade, banana (standard push type), bare wire, or ZuB3/SpeakOn (speaker side only). Zu Event loudspeaker cable, despite their rather normal or even smallish diameter, is a very high conductance design intended to be used for all high-fidelity loudspeaker cable applications. And as a do it all/do it awesome design, Event excels in applications as diverse as very low power one watt vacuum tube setups and ultra power hungry high current combinations. Event even improves upon the tone density and texture of our former top performing loudspeaker cable Ibis. Event Loudspeaker Cable (Event LC) has a very linear and uniform tone response, and has excellent dynamic expression and a near limitless sense of dynamic range. It is a very resolving cable without the bitchiness of other high-resolution cables. You can drop Event LC into most any system for immediate and clear improvement in dynamics, tone, resolution of detail and transient shading and timing. It also has a good feel and is more supple than unwieldy. Event loudspeaker cables features our ZuB3™ electrodynamics technology. This ensures very square C, L and Z measures (as can be seen in the spec’s) and very high self shielding; as well as higher conductance and broader bandwidth over similarly sized loudspeaker cables. Event Loudspeaker Cable also have an advanced metallurgy, with a mix of pure copper circuits on the inner conductors, insulated in cross-linked polyethylene, and outer circuits featuring pure copper and heavy pure silver plate with virgin white Teflon insulation. Selecting the Right Cable A common abuse in hi-fi is to use cable as a form of tone control. Doing so leads to frustration, further loss of real fidelity and wasted cash. When cable affects timbre it affects timing, phase, frequency response and so on. Timbre problems are usually solved with properly positioned loudspeakers, driven by an amp that mates well with them­—all within a good sounding room. If the cable has good properties relative to phase, gain, group delay, impedance and bandwidth, it will likely convey with fidelity the transmitted emotion and color from the amp to the loudspeaker. Improvements from well engineered cables should include bass depth and resolution, system noise floor, drive, harmonic structure and timbre, attack, stereophonic realism, easy of listening—simply a lot closer to the recorded event. Good cables allow you to hear more of each recording, and the difference between each should be expanded. But if you can hear an “effect” from your a cable that is consistent from recording to recording, you have a cable problem—effects are for guitarist, synth wizards, DJs and mastering engineers. Zu Event LC Key Features & Benefits ZuB3™ electrodynamics technology to reduce size, EMI noise, realize greater bandwidth, consistent uniform impedance, and balanced LCR measures. Dense electric and magnetic signature, as well as the cables physical dimensions, further guard against RF noise allow for small and easy hand. The very low, uniform and square reactance (Cp, Ls, Z) of Event LC facilitates long runs without as much bandwidth loss or phase issues. Zu Event LC being balanced has no DC offset. We make them in contiguous pairs from the same batch. This guarantees essentially identical left/right cables and guarantees the highest possible recreation of dimension, stereo, density and tone. Virgin white PTFE (Teflon®) insulation provide a very low dielectric constant and exceptionally low dissipation factor—features that contribute to its wide bandwidth, excellent phase relations, and overall musical resolution. Zu silver and copper perfect lay conductor for low noise and high conductance of signal and power positioned as perimeter nodes of the E&M model to help extend bandwidth. No bandwidth limiting—no boxes on the cable which are only there to sand down harmonics and make listening to tone-absent and etchy speakers and amps bearable. Designing from the ground up and manufactured in-house provides better integration of wire, insulations and connectors, resulting in a cable assembly that not only sounds great but feels good and will last a lifetime. If you have questions please let us know, we love this stuff and are here to help. Office hours: 8–5 (mountain time) Monday–Friday. Zu Audio Ogden Commercial Industrial Park 3350 S 1500 W Ogden, Utah—USA North America: 800-516-8925 International: +1-801-627-1040 Skype: zuaudio www.ZuAudio.com © 2016 Zu Audio
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