Spendor SpeakersSP3/1PSpendor Speakers SP3/1P MonitorsSpendor SP3/1P in Light Walnut this is our demo pair @@@ Please contact us direct for ant questions or to buy contact us at questforsound@aol.com or call us at 215-953-9099 @@@ For sale is a ...1689.00

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Spendor SP3/1P in Light Walnut this is our demo pair @@@ Please contact us direct for ant questions or to buy contact us at questforsound@aol.com or call us at 215-953-9099 @@@ For sale is a beautiful pair of Spendor SP3/1P speakers. These speakers are our demo pair and never left the store , light Walnut in color and have been gently used and cared for. The Spendors have a reputation for outstanding quality and performance. They can be bi-wired, bi-amped or use single speaker cables with the jumpers (included). The tone and image of these speakers are pure audiophile bliss. These have matched serial numbers and I have the original shipping boxes, packing and manual. The link for more technical information These speakers retail for approximately $2,600, More technical information: • Cabinet dimensions: 400mm x 220mm x 280mm • Cabinet weight: 9.5 kg • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal • HF Drive Unit: 19mm soft dome ferrofluid cooledP • LF Drive Unit: 160mm polypropylene cone 25mm coil • Sensitivity: 88 dB for 1 watt at 1 meter • Maximum SPL: 103 dBA at 1 metre • Crossover point: 4 kHz • Frequency response: 60 Hz to 20 kHz, ± 3dB • Pair matching: within 1 dB Power handling 80 watts The Spendor SP3/1P is one bookshelf loudspeaker designed for the discerning listeners who are looking for awesome sonic quality coming from stylish, compact cabinets. Looking more like a small monitor, the Spendor SP3/1P has been engineered to be free from useless coloration and dynamic inequalities ; being capable to deliver a sound much bigger than its appearance might suggest, this small speaker can cover a significant area with hi-quality, rich sound. The Spendor SP3/1P may be small in size but this has nothing to do with its sonic response: the actual acoustic deployment is similar to that of a larger, floorstanding loudspeaker in Spendor's labs, as they share the same zero-compromise technology and have been crafted according to the same strict standards. The cabinet of the Spendor SP3/1P has a 2-way architecture and runs with a bass reflex port for an even sonic deployment and more stable acoustics. The bass/midrange driver sports a polypropylene cone 160mm in diameter and can resonate as deep as 60Hz, being suitable for both home cinema use and small scale stereo installations as well. The upper part of the audio spectrum is delivered by a 19mm soft dome tweeter loaded in a ferrofluid-cooled ensemble for eliminating the heat-generated sonic reproductions problems and which can reach as high as 20kHz, offering precise operation with any kind of media, music and movies alike, reproducing a sound with enhanced transparency and a richer soundstaging that you ever expected. The wooden cabinet has serious and heavy internal damping and strutting and the performance of the paired loudspeakers has been engineered down to differences less than 1dB, for a very consistent and well-balanced performance. The Spendor SP3/1P can drive as much as 80W in 8 Ohms more info click here Quest For Sound Quest For Sound 2307-R Bristol Pike Bensalem , Pa.19020 215-953-9099 questforsound@aol.com web site - www.questforsound.com
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