GregitekStab 1 - isolation platform in Black - SAVE 40%Gregitek Stab 1 - isolation platform in Black - SAVE 40% - handmade in ItalyOnly one unit left. 40% OFF as long as stock lasts. This Sale is for Gregitek's Stab1 platform in Black including a set of three Aerius feet.The award-winning Stab 1 is an anti-vibration system mad...435.00

Gregitek Stab 1 - isolation platform in Black - SAVE 40% - handmade in Italy [Expired]

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Only one unit left.

40% OFF as long as stock lasts. This Sale is for Gregitek's Stab1 platform in Black including a set of three Aerius feet.

The award-winning Stab 1 is an anti-vibration system made of a premium quality wood isolating platform. Manufactured from handmade ash heartwood staves and carefully chosen for tonality. A similar method is used by the best Italian piano manufacturers. Finished with six coats of transparent varnish cover the "rosso" or "nero" stained platform. The included Aerius absorber feet are the perfect partners.

There’s more to the system than meets the eye - the underside of the platform reveals a suspended chromium plated steel disc, which is a special design only available from Gregitek. Its purpose is to dissipate vibration, and the result is astonishing. The disc serves as "dynamic damper" by reacting in the opposite phase to the vibrations entering the platform and canceling these vibrations out.

The Stab 1 platfom sits on a set of three of GregiTek’s Aerius ball bearing isolation footers. The Aerius isolation feet are a bearing-in-cup-race design, the cups are constructed from high density aluminum. Engineered using in depth tests and measurements, fine-tuned by ear.

The Stab 1 is not only a spectacular piece of audio furniture, but is also a highly effective anti-vibration system that will improve the sound of any system.

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Kari Nevalainen ( review):
"Gregitek’s Stab 1 (+ Aerius) equipment platform is a serious anti-vibration product. It’s based on solid technical knowledge of vibrations and their elimination. It’s superbly made. It’s aesthetically stunning. It’s practical to use. It doesn’t cost much in audiophile terms. And if a hifi component -- especially a CDP -- suffers from vibration-induced problems, this platform is bound to bring aid..." - check out the entire review

Customer feedback:
"’s hard for me to believe that the amazing sound that I’m getting now is the result of simply replacing my $800 Symposium pad and bearings with the Gregitek platform and feet, but that’s the only system change that I have made... there is a very significant improvement in clarity and realness as well as elegance in design..."


  • Dimensions: 450 x 350 x 25 mm (17.7 x 13.7 x 1 inch)
  • Weight supported: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Finishes: Polished Black Stain (nero), Polished Red Stain (rosso)
  • Package includes : anti-vibration support system, complete with 3 Aerius absorber feet
  • Price: US $765.00

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