HHG StandsDolceHHG Stands Dolce Curly Maple, Curly Oregon Black Walnut w bullet holes & leadUnique HHG Stands custom Audio Rack.Thick Curly Maple ShelvesCurly Walnut PostsInfinitely adjustable center shelfCenter shelf rests on Sorbothane pads or brass cones.What makes this rack unique is ...650.00

HHG Stands Dolce Curly Maple, Curly Oregon Black Walnut w bullet holes & lead [Expired]

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Unique HHG Stands custom Audio Rack.

Thick Curly Maple Shelves
Curly Walnut Posts
Infinitely adjustable center shelf
Center shelf rests on Sorbothane pads or brass cones.

What makes this rack unique is one walnut post has natural edge and another has bullet holes and lead.  The Curly Oregon Black Walnut was purchased for a customer and as soon as I started milling the Walnut I found bullet holes and bullet lead in one of the posts.  It's not uncommon to find wood from trees that was use for target practice. The customer preferred his wood "lead free" so I purchased another board for his job.  The Walnut was so beautiful I used it for my personal turntable rack The pics don't really do the walnut curl justice I'll upload others soon.  *The lead and holes have no affect on strength or performance.*

-Overall height 34"
-Width 27-3/4"
-Depth 17-3/4 (I made the center shelf 19-1/2" deep to fit my phono pre. It can be cut down to 17-3/4" if needed)

-Top and bottom shelves: 25-1/2" wide x 17-3/4 deep x 2-1/8" thick
-Center shelf: 21" wide x 19-1/2" deep x 1-3/4" thick
-Space between posts: width 24-1/2" x 28" between top and bottom shelf
The center shelf is fully adjustable. 
Weight ~80lbs.
Catalyzed Lacquer finish.

I rated it a 9/10 but I just sanded and refinished to make it as new condition.
Asking $800 reasonable offers considered

Contact Andy at ammisco@comcast.net or 801-597-6803
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