pARTicularOptimususedpARTicular Optimus inventory sale, can't get it for any lessUnit offered in this sale: The unit was barely used, customer upgraded to a Basis with suspension frame of a NOVUS. If you can't find the right product on this website, you might get lucky tha...650.00

pARTicular Optimus inventory sale, can't get it for any less [Expired]

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Unit offered in this sale: 
The unit was barely used, customer upgraded to a Basis with suspension frame of a NOVUS.   If you can't find the right product on this website, you might get lucky that we have listed a different version of Optimus, Basis, Novus, Parallel, Triangle on ebay. Specifics:
Dimensions : Height 42", Width 20�" , Depth 15" �
Shelves: Four natural birch shelves.       other shelves are available, see in picture section
Shelf dimensions : 17.75 width / 15� depth / 0.75� Height   other sizes are available see below and pics
Rods: Stainless steel 
Endcaps: Aluminum 
Tiptoes: Aluminum  Floor discs: aluminum to protect hardwood floors. 
Hardware: Stainless steel 
Clamps: Aluminum, CNC precision machined and powder coated 
This Optimus comes with three stainless steel rods. It is our most sold entry level unit.  It is the least expensive stand, but can be upgraded to the mid and reference level. 
DETAILS at our website:
Listed under products, and architectural shelving.
Look specifically at NOVUS and SUMMIT, showing the upgrade to a semi-suspension and full suspension option.  Optimus can be transferred into a frame of PARALLEL, NOVUS, SUMMIT, TRIANGLE, RECTANGLE, etc. 
Every Optimus is pre-machined to allow for this upgrade.It is part of our modular system that can be changed to your needs and requirements.  Longer or shorter rods to accommodate more shelves, no problem. We can exchange them easily.
You can attach multiple Optimus next to each other. Side to side or back to front, attach them so you can place them at a 90 degree angle to be fitted in corners, there are infinite options. We have customers that have hooked up as many as fifteen Optimus units in various heights and widths.
You can take any shelf of Optimus and convert it to an ampstand, see Maximus at our website. 
You can order your Optimus with the larger cones that are standard with our BASIS unit (see picture).
 Optimus is also available in a four rod version, see our website.This would be needed if you would like to upgrade to a Novus, Summit, Parallel and Rectangle. 
Alll shelves can be placed at the exact position where you need them to be. That allows you to accommodate taller equipment or create better air circulation for tube equipment. Or it can save you space for equipment that it is very thin, allowing you to accommodating more shelves for more equipment.
By purchasing an extension kit (two additional rods, end-caps, tiptoes), you can extend with additional shelves to either side by sharing two rods of the existing Optimus. You never loose your initial investment, you can create your own design, because it is a modular system. 
 You can order additional shelves to this unit. You can also purchase this unit with larger shelves (23" X 18"), add $250. 
You can order this unit with finished walnut shelves (19" x 18") and four rod configuration. please add $350.
We have several parts available that would let you convert this Optimus to a Summit, Novus and Parallel.
Prices do not include shipping.
You can email us at : particulardesign8[email protected]
You can contact us via phone at:  209-293-1188
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