pARTicularBASISusedpARTicular BASIS isolation and resonance control for every budgetBASIS is a great starter product within a modular shelving system that was internationally awarded for its DESIGN, ENGINEERING and INNOVATION. More than twenty products can be reviewed on our websi...989.00

pARTicular BASIS isolation and resonance control for every budget [Expired]

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BASIS is a great starter product within a modular shelving system that was internationally awarded for its DESIGN, ENGINEERING and INNOVATION. More than twenty products can be reviewed on our website: We added images to show how BASIS can be converted into various configurations to accommodate your space requirements. Although the unit for sale is shown with shelves arranged vertical, you have the option to position shelves horizontally. We have customers that use the BASIS system to create a whole wall of various heights for their living room, offering enough space to accommodate electronic gear, Plasma TV's, books, artwork. You can as many shelves as you like.  If this Basis does not meet your requirements, feel free to look at ebay at some of our other products. They range from Entry- to Reference level in various configurations. Bestsellers like Novus, Tandem and Ypsilon can be found there.


The BASIS offered in this listing  has four natural birch shelves (17.5" x 14"), it is shown in the first image. Shelves can be stained or finished in the colour of your choice. The unit  can  be upgraded to larger shelves (19" x 18" or 23" x 18").

Height of the unit is 42", but if you prefer to arrange shelves side by side, we can customize the rods in shorter heights. See image three.

A lot of questions have not been addressed with this listing, but the FAQ section on our home site will do in case you like the bigger picture.

There might be other products listed with audiogon that would complement this BASIS sometimes you will find something on ebay, like the American bestseller NOVUS, the European bestseller SUMMIT,the TV-stand PARALLEL or TRIANGLE, the turntable isolation stand for VPI, SME, CLEARAUDIO and many more.

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As a potential buyer of BASIS, we want you to look behind the curtain.

The curtain we are about to lift here will hopefully be an eye-opener.

If you are not interested in reading, the images will help summarize these thoughts, but you will be missing the explanation, why we are happy to sell you less. Of course, you can always come back in case you are intrigued.


Pretending we were a buyer, we would ask questions like:

1)    Why did particular products receive multiple awards?

2)    Do those awards matter to me? 

There is usually a selected group of people that awards an industrial design or the aesthetics of a product. Did we design our products to receive those awards? NO. Because BASIS was developed on one parameter only:

 “Form follows Function”.

 Our interpretation of acoustical research allowed for only one configuration/industrial design and that’s exactly what you see reoccurring in the complete product line. Only you can decide if the different look is to your liking. We certainly do NOT charge extra for this look. We don’t create something for the sake of looking different.


How about Awards given for Engineering and Innovation?

If you are expecting furniture that was created to excel in functionality, versatility, resonance control, isolation, than those awards will be reflective of those qualities and will have an impact on your decision making process.


Do these awards apply to BASIS?

YES, awards apply, it enables you to convert BASIS into more than 10 products and within these you have many more options.


Why would we be offering our customer such valuable functionality and versatility?

The answer is simple, nobody does offer this idea, because it has a major inherent weakness embedded. That weakness can be summarized in:


Why is a modular system counterproductive to sales?

If a manufacturer decides to offer a modular system, the end-user will NOT have to place their used Audio or TV stand on the side of the street if things change. And there are many reasons why a lot of racks end up exactly there or, no pun intended, in a classified section like audiogon

BASIS versatility example:

Your BASIS is setup where shelves are positioned next to each other, but your new listening room is offering only half the floor space from your old place.  It won’t fit. We would offer to trade-in your stainless steel rods to which the shelves mount and offer you longer rods that allow you to mount all the shelves on top of each other, cutting your needed floor space in half. Problem solved, you are happy. By the way, we are happy too, no rack is being added to a land-fill.



1)                      a modular system creates peace for your mind.

2)                     we are protecting your initial investment.

3)                     Your grandkids are inheriting your trusted and beloved equipment.


Now you know, if your grandkids inherit a pARTicular product, ask yourself: Did we make any other sale than yours? Of course NOT.


Lets assume nothing we stated here was true!

How would we be able to explain to you, why a complete product-line has sold successfully for almost two decades? 


We certainly could use audiogon purchase history, which shows number of sales and the feedback to our product and customer service. 


Wouldn’t you expect that we had hundreds of transactions posted to our account? Because the more sales the better, right?

Please take a look. By now you now why our customers comments could be summarized as:


“pARTicular products are keepers, because they work!”

Proof: We can’t show hundreds of transactions in our audiogon account.


Well, why are we focusing on selling less?

In one sentence: We are driven by quality, not quantity!


Quality has to come first, because the modular principle and the hardware require zero error tolerance within numerous parts. Otherwise, nothing could be exchanged between all the different products.

Quality also means, a superior product has to offer more, like innovation.

Besides quality, what other reasons could explain our success?

Each shelf is infinitely adjustable. We do not believe that it shall be up to a manufacturer to decide what fixed spacing shall be applied between equipment.  Tube equipment is running hot and needs the increased spacing between shelves for ventilation. We also think it is a pity to waste all that height in a fixed shelf, if you have a very slim product that requires not even half of that height? 

With BASIS, a simple tool called allen wrench allows for ANY POSSIBLE adjustments needed. It is so easy, that its simplicity has proven itself over the entire lifespan of our product-series, without a single failure, in any part of this world, for  two decades.


We believe, YOU also should be able to add shelves for newly purchased equipment. Not by buying a complete new stand, but by unpacking the extra shelves that you had purchased for that new phono preamp or your new mono-blocks you were dreaming off a few months ago.


You should be able to remove a shelf and re-use it. Any shelf of Basis can be converted into an ampstand. Does any other manufacturer offer that?

Customers also like the fact that we are offering an oversized shelf for BASIS, it is 23” wide x 18” deep. Because customers don’t know if they do purchase that wider turntable down the line, others like the convenience to place their remote next to the equipment or they need room for an extra light, all requires the 23” width. For years, we have built for non standard sized equipment like naim, Meridian, Nagra and Linn. They can fit on a 19” shelf width or we can customize it to 17.5” or 14”.

Customers value equally different shelf materials, as they know an integral part for providing the proper isolation for equipment is the shelf material itself.  For that reason 90% percent of our customers choose the acrylic shelves. But we can offer:

A) Birch shelving, unfinished wood, you can stain it, most economic way.

B) Walnut shelving, a finished darker wood.

C) Walnut plus shelving, finished with a contoured edge.

D) Performance opaque acrylic, hand sanded, semi-see-through

E) High-Performance black acrylic, the best.

F) Custom choices include: Brazilian ironwood, cherry, mango, birds-eye maple or any from our fifty custom veneers.

We won’t stop here!

WHY,  because your BASIS can be transferred into eight different frames. Frames are necessary to suspend the shelves, which allows for isolation of the equipment. An engineering feature that has made pARTicular the choice for the serious audiophile. Look at the collaboration we had for years, it is listed on our website under associates.

Frames are:

A)  Novus, the international award winner for both categories of industrial design and engineering.

B)  Summit, the most versatile frame that can be infinitely extended.

C)  Parallel, that comes in three different widths to hold your 40" or 85" plasma or LCD.

D)  Rectangle, for smaller TV’s.

E)  Triangle, part of the reference line, a turntable stand.

F)  Inferno, triple layer acrylic frame, the ultimate.

G)  Montego Blue, part of the Limited Edition Collectors series.

H)  Ypsilon, the international award winner for both categories, industrial design and engineering, a reference line product.

I)  Tandem, the international award winner for both categories,  industrial design and engineering, also a reference line product.

All frames listed can be manufactured to accommodate any of the shelf sizes.

We stop here, because we believe you understood that we offer a honest product with a future.


We are not driven by sales volume, we don’t create something for the sake of being different.


Passion is priceless to us. It is our motivation. Passion for a product does also include it being offered at a fair price, or do you disagree?


Does price fairness apply to BASIS?

We are asking you to compare apples with apples and you will be surprised to have come to same conclusion as have others:


pARTicular apples are actually less expensive than others. Those have not any of the options we discussed beforehand, of course have no awards and are not protecting your initial investment at all.

At the same time, pARTicular products are “Home grown”, which means entirely USA made, “organic certified” means, its design can grow into a number of directions in a healthy way and last but not least “USDA certified”, which means, if it doesn’t pass our quality inspections, the product won’t get the signature of the owner.


Does the word “price” exist in our language?

 Yes, customers are priceless to us.


You have helped us to realize a dream and we are grateful for that. Hence we can promise, certain things won’t change. Like, we are planning to be around for another two decades doing what we do best:

Listening to your feedback, implementing your dreams and we won’t have to think about sales at all. As a matter of fact, sales are the least of our concern.

BASIS is certainly the best step into our product-line, offering you twice the versatility of its smaller brother OPTIMUS. Our website explains how both can be upgraded with the product NOVUS.

Tell us what you think about BASIS or what you envision for your equipment and we will do our best to make it happen.

The BASIS offered has four natural birch shelves (LINN size), you can stain them and finish them in the colour of your choice. The unit for sale is shown in the first picture,  you can upgrade to 23" x 18" shelves for added $350.We reserve the right to sell this item on other sites, like ebay and usaudiomart.

You can email us at: [email protected]

You can call us at: 209-293-1188

You can contact us via our website: