pARTicularOPTIMUS, build your own isolation standpARTicular OPTIMUS, build your own isolation stand to suit your needs, six stands in oneItem Description:pARTIcular has made award winning audio and video furniture for over twenty years, right here in the USA. We have build our isolation stands for just about every company, including...950.00

pARTicular OPTIMUS, build your own isolation stand to suit your needs, six stands in one

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Optimus for sale in this ad, walnut shelves, four clamps
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Item Description:

pARTIcular has made award winning audio and video furniture for over twenty years, right here in the USA. We have build our isolation stands for just about every company, including MBL, YBA, BAT, CAT, Revox, Nakamichi, Mc Intosh, Pioneer, Audio Research, Krell, Audio Note, ...see out website for more info.

See for yourself :


It allows you to build six different stands from this basic unit. All options are shown in pictures and are available for sale. As the engineering principle is based on a modular system, it is entirely up to you, how you want to configure your electronic equipment. 


Remove shelves were you don't need them to create more space for other equipment. 

Add as many shelves as you need to accommodate new equipment. No need to discard anything, just build to fit your new needs. Even extend the unit around corners to be positioned at two walls with minimum hardware required.

Adjust spacing between shelves to fit the height of your equipment infinitely. Do NOT accept the rigid spacing that most manufacturers have decided upon for you.

Convert shelves to the MAXIMUS amp-stand. allowing you to use what you already have. Why would you not want to protecting your initial investment?

Choose larger shelf-sizes to accommodate extra wide turntables with external motors.

Choose smaller shelves for your accessories like tone-arms, lab-tops to safe space.

pARTicular has been selling audio and video furniture for over 20 years world wide successfully.

Specifics of unit offered in this sale:
Dimensions : Height 42", Width 22" , Depth 18"

Shelves: Four finished walnut shelves.

Shelf dimensions : 20"width / 18" depth / 0.75 Height

Rods: Stainless steel
Endcaps: Aluminum
Tiptoes: Aluminum
Floor discs: aluminum to protect hardwood floors.
Hardware: Stainless steel
Clamps: Aluminum, CNC precision machined and powdercoated

You can purchase unit with smaller shelves ( 14" x 13" or 17.5" X 15") for companies  like LINN, NAIM, NAGRA, MERIDIAN, etc

You can also purchase this unit with larger shelves (23" X 18") KRELL, MARK LEVINSTON, MBL, BAT, Audio Research, Conrad Johnson.

This Optimus comes with four stainless steel rods. It is the most sold entry level unit. It is the least expensive stand, but can be upgraded to the mid and reference level

See our website and look specifically at NOVUS and SUMMIT, showing the upgrade to a semi-suspension and full suspension option. Optimus can be transferred into a frame of PARALLEL, NOVUS, SUMMIT, TRIANGLE, RECTANGLE, MAXIMUS, etc.
Every Optimus is pre-machined to allow for this upgrade. It is part of our modular system that can changed to your needs and requirements. 

Do you need longer or shorter rods to accommodate more shelves, absolutely NO problem.

You can attach multiple Optimus next to each other, side to side or back to front. We have customers that have hooked up as many as fifteen Optimus units in various heights and widths.

You can order your Optimus with the larger cones that are standard with our BASIS unit (see picture).

Optimus is also available in a three rod version, see our website or eBay.

Alll shelves can be placed at the exact position where you need them to be. That allows you to accommodate taller equipment or create better air circulation for tube equipment. Or it can save you space for equipment that it is very thin, allowing you to accommodating more shelves for more equipment.

We have two Optimus in very good condition with four finished walnut shelves each. (20" x 18")
All units shown in pictures are available.

You can reach us at Send us an email with your questions, let us know what your requirements your have about shelf-size, amount of shelves needed, space restrictions, etc. We are absolutely sure we can provide you with all the necessary solutions to let you create your unique isolation stand to not only match your needs, but let you enjoy it visually and acoustically. If not, we can custom build it. 

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