Source cabinetThree shelfSource cabinet Three shelfAfter many years of searching for audio perfection, I became frustrated with poor sounding stands. We all have tried metal stands, glass, granite and plastic but they all have negatives. I have exp...2500.00

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After many years of searching for audio perfection, I became frustrated with poor sounding stands. We all have tried metal stands, glass, granite and plastic but they all have negatives. I have experimented with many different woods, but none had the effect as maple, so I built a set of audio cabinets made of solid maple. 

2.5" square legs with 2.25" rails and 1" maple plywood (used as an underlayment), transfers unwanted vibration to earth. Then you choose either maple, or vibration treated granite shelves/tops, (with the 1" underlayment and 1"+ shelf, think of it being a 2" thick shelf). Maple shelves/tops have a very nice sound and the tuned granite  shelves/tops sitting on the maple frame and underlayment have a slightly different sound. Some components sound better with maple shelves/tops and some with the granite shelves/tops. As you can see in the pictures, the shelves/tops are interchangeable giving you the flexibility to swap the shelves/tops to tweek the sound for your components. Try each and choose which works for you.

The component cabinet up for sale is new, the size of the top is 21" x 27", the lower shelves are 19" deep and 19.5' wide. Space between the lower shelf and the middle shelf is 11", space between the middle shelf and the top is 9.5". This is perfect for source components, preamps and dacs. Total height is 33" and is finished with a satin lacquer finish. 

This component cabinet weighs almost 175 pounds, very strong with no movement, so your turntable will be on solid ground, so to speak. My high end turntable (pictured above) has never sounded better. I have matching amp stands (19x19) or those with large amps (24x28), please see my other listing.

And now to the limits, I can't ship this cabinet. I will not risk the cabinet. So it is for sale to people in the Midwest. I am willing to deliver within 350 miles of Chicago area after a deposit for delivery or better if you want to pick up the cabinet you can take a look before you purchase. While this component cabinet is unused, it is sold as is after your satisfactory inspection. Please email through Agon for all your questions.

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