Stillpoints Ultra SS:two sets of 4 Stillpoints Ultra SS: two sets of 4  - spectacular!Still Points ULTRA SS - ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR, TAS 2011 ======================================================= Stainless Steel Body Height: 1.5" to 1.7” Thread Size: 1/4 - 20 Weight Capacity...1450.00

Stillpoints Ultra SS: two sets of 4 - spectacular! [Expired]

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Still Points ULTRA SS - ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR, TAS 2011 ======================================================= Stainless Steel Body Height: 1.5" to 1.7” Thread Size: 1/4 - 20 Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs per set of 4 Each set of 4 retails for $900 Asking Price - $1,525 for both sets; Willing to separate - $780 each. The Stillpoints Ultra SS is a four tier filter: they use four levels of tiny ceramic balls between their bases and the “hard hat” tops. The Ultra in Stainless Steel transfers energy very fast and is more stable. The Ultra can either be screwed to the component with the base against it, screwed to the support below, or placed “hard hat” top upward or downward under the component. The Stillpoints Ultras are ideal anywhere in the system but most effective under loudspeakers with the appropriate adapters “ I was shocked by what I heard. Sound… became vividly clear.… very low bass notes were more audible and defined … the midbass was better controlled… the spread of voices… extended more widely, and the sense of the voices hanging in 3D space increased… these devices are not inexpensive. Nonetheless, in the context of a high-end system they provide a huge sonic return on the investment.” - Robert Harley, TAS issue 218 "...I have since gotten a total of 27 Ultra SSs. From the very beginning what you hear is greater clarity, detail, and speed. The music becomes effortless. The addition isolation to each components, however, becomes additive. When initially I got everything associated with vinyl isolated on the Ultras, I heard vinyl as I have never heard it before. Yes, it had additional clarity, detail, and speed, but the sound stage was high, wide, and deep and generally “real.” The sensation was unlike I have ever experienced in audio. I was hearing information that made it seem real, including accurate timbre to instruments, notably brass and drums, and also the sounds of the musician’s presence, including comments in symphonies between musicians..." - Norm Luttbeg Stereo Times Nov 10 2011, ============================================== To order, please call us MONDAY-SATURDAY between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time at (803) 589 - 9161 or e-mail at I can take all credit cards through PayPal ONLY (add 3%) .
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