RBH SoundSIGNATURE REFERENCE SERIES SV-1212PR RBH Sound SIGNATURE REFERENCE SERIES  SV-1212PR  Best Sub performance & nicest finish under $7,000 anywhere!Professionally broken-in dealer DEMO SALE in Mint condition Add a pair of $4500 dollar flagship SV6500R tower's in beautiful Rosewood Sale Mint/good as new just $2199pr BUY towers & Sub togethe...2286.00

RBH Sound SIGNATURE REFERENCE SERIES SV-1212PR Best Sub performance & nicest finish under $7,000 anywhere! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Professionally broken-in dealer DEMO SALE in Mint condition

Add a pair of $4500 dollar flagship SV6500R tower's in beautiful Rosewood Sale Mint/good as new just $2199pr BUY towers & Sub together for just $4,000

....... a $10,000 3 piece package just $4,000!!!!


Tired of replacing sub, after sub because they are boomy or just not that good for audio?

 A fusion of dual 12-inch reference aluminum cone subwoofers with an integrated, TRUE audio grade highly efficient 2,400 Watt RMS power amplifier. This Reference sub boasts overwhelmingly deep and stalwart bass with clarity not typically found in subwoofers capable of such high output levels. It is the most powerful, highest performance so much so it's Worlds BEST sub woofer under the $7,000 price point. 

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I have been an audio designer for nearly 40 years and have as much, likely more experience than any member of Audiogon or any other audio group

While good people everywhere can debate which sub woofer worked best for their particular room or system only ONE sub can be the BEST
In evaluating the top 5 brands Velodyne, JL Audio, REL, SVS, Martin Logan with a variety of electronics in less than perfect rooms to perfectly built & tuned rooms we have come to the conclusion that if your looking for a sub woofer that is tight, goes low and has dynamics not just volume one that is good at low volume and one that can easily play loudly without cracking and audible strain this is the one. Albeit rather large they at least took the time & money to add a beautiful finish especially the SA Rosewood finish which is so stunning it delayed my hooking it up for 20 minuets while I bragged to my wife that sub's don't have to be ugly - Encased in modern, swept-back cabinet design with a choice of two high-gloss finishes, black and South American Rosewood  -  LOL something Velodyne, JL Audio, REL, SVS, Martin Logan all need to know.

At the top of the group In terms of performance I have to say the
SVS for the dollar invested is a nice sub, the Martin Logan and DD15+ Velodyne offer far deeper bass and the JL Audio f212v2 was until now considered by most to be the best south of a $7500 retail price point that is until this new RBH SV-1212PR came out.

The SV-1212P/R is a beast of a subwoofer, at nearly 18 inches wide by 39 inches tall and 22 inches deep. It isn't light either, tipping the scales at a whopping 130 pounds. The cabinet, although large, is rather elegant in its design, featuring rounded edges that, when viewed from overhead, give the sub a somewhat oval shape.  The SV-1212P/R's height includes pre-installed  feet; further stability can be achieved by screwing the included spikes into the bottom of said feet. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you may wish to simply go with the attached feet au naturel. There is also the option of rubber tips that can be screwed into the bottom of the attached feet, which may also work for those with hardwood or tile floors. The front face of the SV-1212P/R features two large twelve-inch aluminum woofers, which are silver in color, an RBH trademark. The standard grille that covers the two woofers does a good job of shrouding their color, but it does not completely eliminate their visibility.

Around back, you'll find a large, elongated plate amp that is mostly heat sink with but a few input and control options. Working top to bottom, the first option you'll find on the SV-1212P/R's plate amp is its volume or level control. Below that is its input, which is balanced only, and its output, also balanced. To the left of the XLR input/output options, there are two small buttons: the top mutes the amp, while the bottom selects one of the two pre-loaded DSP programs. With the button pressed in, a low-pass filter at 80Hz will be enabled. When the button is left out, the low-pass filter will be defeated. There is a PS/2 port below the XLR input/outputs that allows the SV-1212P/R to be connected to a computer, presumably for integration purposes.

In terms of its specifications, the SV-1212P/R has a reported frequency response of 17 Hz to 180 Hz, thanks in part to its 2,400-watt internal amplifier driving the two twelve-inch aluminum cone woofers. Since crossover and such are handled outboard via your AV preamp or receiver, the SX-1212P/R is dependent upon the other hardware's performance rather than its own in those regards

I'm not certain I've heard a more nimble and articulate subwoofer. It's sonic presence, when necessary, is miniscule and Of course it can shake your house off its very foundation, but it's still shocking to me that something as large as the SV-1212P/R can sound so effortless and small at the same time.

The SV-1212P/R is just that much better and more sublime in its sound thqan ANY other sub under $10,000 from any manufacture

The SV-1212P/R is aimed more at subwoofers like JL Audio's Fathom f212 or even Gotham subwoofer. Both JL offerings cost far more than the RBH, yet both boast similar driver complements and power. Neither can hit the reported frequency response of the SX-1212P/R. With regards to these two JL subwoofers, the SX-1212P/R represents the better value, if not the better performance overall.

This IS the WORLDS BEST Sub woofer - period!