Pioneer Subwoofer ModsPioneer SW-8MK2 Pioneer SubwoofersusedPioneer Subwoofer Mods Pioneer SW-8MK2 Pioneer Subwoofers Modifications to Pioneer Subwoofers and other brandsSALE PRICE!! The price for the modified subwoofer is now $326 each including free shipping and handling while the sale on amazon lasts. Sales can any weekend. So get yours while you can! Call or ...349.00

Pioneer Subwoofer Mods Pioneer SW-8MK2 Pioneer Subwoofers Modifications to Pioneer Subwoofers and other brands

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Ships fromGresham, OR, 97080
Ships toUnited States
Package dimensions17.0" × 16.0" × 16.0" (23.0 lbs.)
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Original accessoriesBox, Manual
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SALE PRICE!!  The price for the modified subwoofer is now $326 each including free shipping and handling while the sale on amazon lasts. Sales can any weekend. So get yours while you can!  Call or contact for the latest price. 

UPDATE: After a year of research, and much listening and testing, we are proud to announce the  release of our new smaller 4 inch crossoverless single driver speakers and our new 6.5 inch crossoverless single driver speakers.  Like our well reviewed  reference 6.5 inch single driver speakers, they have an extremely clear, large, full range big speaker sound, but now will available in a much smaller foot print. Both models are available for order. Feel free to contact us for more information.  

In the words of The Absolute Sound’s Robert Harley, Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative is a “small, but passionate” (TAS #229, Feb 2007) audio company in Gresham, OR (near Portland). We make our own custom-made, crossoverless single-driver speakers (that really work), subwoofers, interconnects, and speaker cables. We have also been modifying audio components of different makes and models for more than a decade.

We became interested in modifying these Andrew Jones designed subwoofers / speakers, as we saw they were highly reviewed and quite inexpensive. The speakers (SP-BS22-LR) were so exceptional sounding that we were very curious to try out the subwoofer. Reviews can be found in "The Absolute Sound "and "Stereophile" for these speakers (SP-BS22-LR). The subwoofer (SW-8MK2) was just recently reviewed by "Home Theater Review," a very reputable online review site.

As we tested out the speakers, we found them to be quite good for the price and very balanced. When we opened up the speakers, we found them to be well designed with better than average cabinet engineering. For the price point, they were exceptional and sounded better than many other much more expensive speakers on the market. The sub is almost more exceptional.

While they don't have quite the amount of "slam" or impact of other higher priced speakers, they are quite amazing with the 8 inch subwoofer SW-8MK2 pioneer manufactures from the same series, which is sold separatley (priced regularly at $156 stock with free shipping). The Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer. When modified, the suwbwoofer gave the sound heft and richness. A recent customer was quite taken aback by now impressive they were and how they sounded. Admittedly, it does not have the very bottem octave of bass depth that our reference system has, but it does have slam, impact and other audiophile qualities. The modified subwoofer was also a surprisingly good LFE sub; much more so than we anticipated. We tested it out on "Star Trek: Into the Darkness' opening scene. The room was less than ideal, with a number of hallways, and the sub being placed a far distance away from the main av system. We were quite taken aback by the powerfull, deep slamming bass it produced for the LFE channel, especially for the size. As this was playing, the customer's were both shocked at how much bass came out of the small modified 8 inch subwoofer. When modified, it is about 80 percent of our reference system. For the price, they really are quite a find when they are modified. The Modified Pioneer SW-8MK2 Subwoofer sells for $326 modified regularly (Unmodified unit sells for $126 each on sale on Amazon currently). The modification price inlcudes free shipping and handling when we ship the item back to you in the continental USA. If you have the subwoofer currently, feel free to ship them to us to have them modified as well. The modification price on the subwoofer, if it is shipped to us, is $200, which includes free shipping and handling back to you (price for unmodified SW8MK2 is $126 free shipping and handling - unless you see a lower sale price). There is a new Andrew Jones designed subwoofer that is 10 inches (Elac S10 Debut Series), that we modify as well. The modification provides the same benefit to the 10 inch subwoofer as it does to the 8 inch, only more so, as it is a larger driver with a more power amplifier.


We also modify all makes and models of receivers, players and other pieces. We can also modify such subwoofer brands as Velodyne, JL Audio, REL, and others. We also modify Rotel, Harman Kardon, Pioneer Elite, Peach Tree, Mark Levinson, Parasound, and other pieces. 

We also modify DACS, floorstanders and bookshelve speakers on a regular basis. Please call for pricing. 

Here are a few excerpts of the new review online on Home Theater Review by Terry London:

"Excited to contact Sean Scoggin of Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative, I called him to discuss what his modifications were to the Pioneer SW-8MK2 and discovered that they use a proprietary method to influence and speed up the electron flow of the subwoofer's amplifier. Modifying the driver allows the subwoofer to move faster and have better freedom in its excursions for accuracy and speed in its ability to track the low frequencies it is replicating. All the modifications successfully work to quicken the subwoofer and increase its bandwidth/frequency range, making the subwoofer sound faster, more powerful, and deeper while still maintaining bass texture and detail.

When I got the pair of modified SW-8MK2 subwoofers from Sean, I set them up exactly as the stock pair had been set up in my system. To my amazement, I heard the sonic improvements in the first few moments of auditioning the modified pair. The modified SW-8MK2 subwoofers truly were much faster and more dynamic, they created deeper/flatter bass extension, and they had more accurate tonality in a natural way, making their integration with my Mandolins even more seamless. With this modification, the SW-8MK2 significantly outperformed my T-7.

...The modified version of the Pioneer SW-8MK2 subwoofer takes this already excellent performing unit to another sonic level across the board in speed, power, bass extension, and accurate bass tonality.

...if you choose to have the SW-8MK2 modification done by Sean Scoggin's company for an additional $150 (plus shipping and handling costs), you have a subwoofer that performs at a sonic level that normally would cost you at least a couple thousand dollars. "

Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative


[email protected]

Customer Feedback

Every once in a while, we get emails back from customers that take the time to let us know how they liked their modified units. 

"Good evening Sean,

  All hooked up. Listening to CD. Dire Straits Communique.   Cant believe it Sean. Cant believe this quality of music, of fidelity, is coming from these bookshelves! They are so open, clear, airy. No grey overcast here man! The pace, rhythm and timing is exceptional now. It is just so right.   They are standing beside their big brother floor stander I was listening to earlier this week. There is no comparison. I cant imagine what that modification would sound like. Damn.   Cant wait for the subwoofer to land. Oh man am I going to be happy happy.   Nice work folks. Friggin awesome.   Take care and best regards,"  

"Hello Sean,
Finally received the amp  (Music Hall A15.3 ) from FedEx today, been listening to the amplifier for several hours now.
I have no intelligent audio superlatives to share. This little baby sounds simply amazing. What amazing dynamics, staging and real bass weight. What was veiled and subdued previously is gone.
The AJ Pioneer Bookshelves are leaving here tomorrow for you to work your magic.
Thank you to you and your team. You have a customer for life.
Very pleased with the result.

Best regards,


"Hi Sean

I had a chance to do some listening to the modified Oppo (103) player and was not prepared for the difference in sound I heard compared to the stock unit. Most noticeably, the sound stage has hugely expanded, which, upon first hearing, made me shake my head in disbelief. The location of the instruments is more precise and the low end frequency much more palpable. There is just "more" of everything in the presentation of the music. I have had many mods done to my audio equipment over the years and your mod ranks near the top of the list for the degree for sonic improvement for the investment. You mod is a huge improvement over the already fine stock unit. Thanks a million!" Mark from California


I love the sound of the modified (Pioneer BDP-53FD) player. I have it hooked up using the analog inputs. I didn’t change anything in my set up except to swap players. It sounds way different than the Denon 2900: better in every way. The biggest difference for me was how the player made the speakers disappear. Does that make sense? Music sounded ok with the Denon, but it was just a source to play cd’s, nothing special.

I listen to all types of music: swing music from the 30’s and 40’s, Latin or Salsa music for dancing, smooth jazz for night time listening, 70’s soft rock and classic rock. I’m all over the board. The player did make a difference in the presentation of the music. One example is the bass: the Denon’s bass was rather bloated. I didn’t notice this until i had the chance to listen to the Pioneer. The Pioneer’s bass was more natural. The bass blended better with the music and didn’t sound like it was “in your face”.

The vocals sound great as well. Even my 14 year old commented on how the voices sounded smoother and more natural. He even mentioned that it sounded like there was a center channel speaker hidden somewhere for the voices to come out of and “float in the air”. Nope, just my Tekton Lore speakers.

The Pioneer has taken my listening enjoyment to a new level. Kudos to whoever designed the mod because it does sound awesome!

Thank you,

Here is feedback from one of our modified HK 990 units from a customer:


Forgive the late feedback, but just to say I absolutely love the amp. This is just the sound I was looking for.

Thank you,



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