REL AcousticsG-2REL Acoustics G-2 SubwooferREL Acoustics G-2 Gibralter series subwoofer. This is a floor demo with very modest actual usage. Gloss black finish shows normal & routine signs of minimal handling. This is the reason for...1790.00

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REL Acoustics G-2 Gibralter series subwoofer.  This is a floor demo with very modest actual usage.  Gloss black finish shows normal & routine signs of minimal handling.  This is the reason for the 8/10 rating.  Quality pictures are also a challenge with  reflective light interfering with attempts to accurately capture the condition. 
The Gibralter Series was the top of the REL subwoofer line.  For music reproduction, REL is the standard bearer.  This is a closed box design with A/B amplifier.  The 10" woofer will be a faster woofer than a 12" which will give this model a potential quickness advantage over the more expensive G-1.  The remote allows for instant adjustments of crossover and subwoofer output volume from your listening chair. 

Multiple reviews available on line.  The Below comes from Positive Feedback and 
provides a good capsulated description of the design and attributes of the G-2. 

The G2 features a Class A/B MOS-FET amplifier design of 450 Watts utilizing impressively large power supplies and transformers. Many subwoofer brands are transitioning towards Class D amplifiers. There are positives and negatives for both design philosophies, yet there are still many strong believers in Class A/B. Though in general it can be a more expensive solution, many will argue that it is still the better sounding implementation for all applications - especially for two channel music reproduction. 

A front firing ten inch carbon fiber woofer is used for minimal weight, maximum stiffness and tremendous speed. Compared to other designs, this driver can deliver a stroke of up to 1-3/4 inches which helps to generate and support the air volume and speed needed to keep up with today's finest speakers.

At 84 pounds and with dimensions of 20" (W), 16.4" (H), and 24" (D), the cabinet size and presence is significant - but in a very good way. We are talking high quality eye candy here. I would rate the aesthetic design of the G2 cabinet with the very best. An interesting contemporary look with a beautiful piano black lacquer finish and a unique curved profile. The silver feet and REL emblem standout in an understated and elegant way that makes the entire design feel very classy and tasteful.

The G2 comes with an attractive multi-function remote control that allows you to adjust gain, crossover, and phase. A LED display for these settings is centered just below the cabinet baffle and can easily be seen from a decent distance away. 

When it comes to REL, the most important design feature for me has always been the functionality or mode for High-Level input. For ultimate two channel performance and music reproduction, the signal is taken directly from the amplifier speaker terminals allowing for a much more natural transition and integration with your primary speakers. A Neutrik connector and cable is provided for this application. There is no need for an external crossover device which can bring its own distortion, cabling and system synergy issues along for the ride. Again, you can set the cross over point and gain level to your own taste via the remote and on the fly.

Type: Closed box, front firing woofer
Drive Unit: 10 in., 250mm long throw, carbon fiber cone
Lower Frequency Response in Room: 18 Hz at -6 dB
Input Connectors: Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Lo Level stereo phono, LFE phono
Gain Control Range: 80 dB
Power Output: 450 Watts (RMS)
Phase Switch: Yes, 0 or 180 degrees
Amplifier Type: Class A / B
Protection System: Fully Electronic with SET-SAFE: Yes
D.C. Fault: Yes
Output Short: Yes
Mains Input Voltage: 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
   5 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation
   10 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation
Dimensions (WHD): 20" x 16.4" x 24" in.
Net Weight: 84 lbs. 
Finish: Gloss Piano Black Lacquer
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