SVSPB-13UltraSVS PB-13Ultra Ported GLOSS SubwooferFS: Used SVS PB-13Ultra Subwoofer $1299 ($2000 list) GLOSS EDIT: There is a white reflection on one of the pictures. It's not damage. It's boxed up and not worth the hassle of taking another ...1150.00

SVS PB-13Ultra Ported GLOSS Subwoofer [Expired]

no longer for sale

FS: Used SVS PB-13Ultra Subwoofer $1299 ($2000 list) GLOSS 
EDIT:  There is a white reflection on one of the pictures.  It's not damage.  It's boxed up and not worth the hassle of taking another picture.  Look at my feedback.  The sub is a 9 out of 10 rating (blemish free). 
I am a direct dealer for SVS and I sold this originally to my customer.  It's a little over a year old old and you get the remaining 5 year warranty.  As you see on the pictures, it is PERFECT and the (better looking) gloss finish.  There are no blemishes. 
This sub should not need an introduction.  It's an overachiever.
I have the boxes, manual, cords, etc.  I have a total of 2 (same customer).  MN-pick-up Welcome.  These were taken in on trade for the new PB-16U.   
Look at my feedback.  Buy with confidence.
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