Synergistic Research10SE TeslaSynergistic Research 10SE Tesla Power CellSynergistic Research 10-SE Tesla Power Cell. This is the first version not the SE-10 MK-II (we also have the MK-II in a demo available and listed separately on Audiogon for more money. It is b...1895.00

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Synergistic Research 10-SE Tesla Power Cell. This is the first version not the SE-10 MK-II (we also have the MK-II in a demo available and listed separately on Audiogon for more money. It is best to call David if interested in either one in Los Angeles 10 - 5 Showroom 310-472-8880 or after hours on my cell 11 - 11 310-927-2260. S/N# PC0138 Good condition trade in. Great opportunity and deal. The Absolute Sound 2009 Product of the year ! The PowerCell is Ted's new patent pending AC line conditioner. It is based on electromagnetic cell technology, and is available as the PowerCell 6, PowerCell 10, and the PowerCell 10 Special Edition; these numbers correspond to the number of AC outlets each unit has. The PowerCell basically conditions the current by sending the AC signal through an electromagnetic cell. This technology works outside of the signal path to condition alternating current with differential electromagnetic fields, in contrast to most line conditioners that work by placing transformers or chokes in the signal path. The PowerCell uses isolated circuits for each pair of its Teslaplex AC outlets, and the Active EM filter is powered by a 30-volt MPC power supply. The PowerCell 10 Special Edition is different from the PowerCell 6 and 10 by using an even higher performance active EM filter and an additional Quantum Tunneling process. The PowerCell 6 and 10 have 20-amp IECs for AC connectivity, while the PowerCell 10 SE has a 32-amp Powercon connector. The 10SE also comes with the Tesla Precision AC Active power cord. Both the 10 and 10 SE each has five completely isolated circuits. Ted says it practically gives you five designated circuits It is best to call David @ with questions in Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 or on my cell after hours and weekends 310-927-2260. Weinhart Design has lots of other items new and used and if you're in Los Angeles or visiting please accept my invitation to experience our World Class Audio Showroom and please visit our web site @ We are always interested in purchasing quality Audio and Video items, CD & LP collections and most quality trades are welcomed. All sales out of California are State Sales Tax exempt. Only sales DELIVERED or picked up in California have state tax added of 8.75%. We accept payments by Bank Wire Transfers without fees and is the only form of payment on all sales out of the U.S. and Canada. We prefer this method of payment and also makes shipping to addresses other than billing agreeable. VISA, MC and Papal are gladly accepted within the U.S. and Canada as long as the charge is approved and shipping to the billing address on record and adds 3% to cover costs. On Paypal, VISA & MC we only offer shipping to the registered or confirmed billing address. If you have questions please call or e-mail. Bank wire transfer and cashers checks are two alternatives. Please call me directly in my world class showroom in Los Angeles weekdays @ 310-472-8880 or any reasonable time on my cell including weekends @ 310-927-2260 and I can answer your questions and help you with all of your new and pre owned needs.
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