TandbergTPT-3001Tandberg TPT-3001 FM Tuner Completely OverhauledAccording to John Durbin this tuner is a late model TPT-3001 and virtually identical to the TPT-3001A. The only difference being the color. (3001A is black). I purchased this tuner last year from ...850.00

Tandberg TPT-3001 FM Tuner Completely Overhauled [Expired]

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According to John Durbin this tuner is a late model TPT-3001 and virtually identical to the TPT-3001A. The only difference being the color. (3001A is black). I purchased this tuner last year from John (ebay: packrat014; audiokarma: jdurbin1) The following is John's description of the tuner from his original eBay auction: Tandberg earned a reputation for building rock-solid, super high-performance stereo receivers & other components in the late 1970’s. These fine audio components were hand-assembled in Norway, and among other things their tuners had sensitivity and noise rejection capabilities equal to some of the finest component tuners made. They had a beautiful sonic quality and were built to last a lifetime. However, Tandberg ran into financial distress by the end of the decade and was reorganized as a much smaller company. After they regrouped they launched an entirely new series of components with world-class performance and build quality. Among those more modern, brushed-anodized aluminum models, the TPT-series of programmable tuners were a standout, with the TPT-3001 and 3001A models ranking among the finest component tuners ever produced even today. They are extremely sensitive, very quiet, and capable of excellent stereo separation. The TPT 3001 sold for over $1,100 when it was introduced in 1980, and the virtually identical [black] TPT 3001A had climbed to $2,000 by the time production ended in the early ‘90s. The 3001 FM tuner combines the marvelous analog performance Tandberg was known for with functionality more typical of a digital tuner. It offers an 8 gang tuner with selectable bandwidth control, 8 preset switches, servo-lock function for manual tuning, and wonderful analog sound quality. There are front panel controls for variable output level, mono, muting, and ANC in addition to the servo switch. The heavy machined aluminum knob & function switches give this tuner a very high-end, purposeful look and feel. On the rear panel you will find a three-position de-emphasis switch, 75 ohm PAL antenna jack, and recessed AC power jack. There are variable and fixed RCA output jacks, as well as outputs for FM Multipath (vertical & horizontal) and the detector circuit. These last three are useful for performing alignments or for watching the tuning performance on a scope.There is also a switch for converting the tuner to operate on 230V (+/-10%), so it can be easily used in countries where 220/230/240V is standard. I have given the tuner a comprehensive and expert service, performing the usual parts updates and aligning it for optimal performance. The overhaul included recapping the power supply and decoder board, replacing the larger filter caps that tend to fail & start leaking with age. It’s critical to have a stable power supply in these tuners or they don’t stay in good alignment so I always perform this as the first step. I use high-grade Nichicon caps to replace the originals. In addition, the preset switches were replaced with new ones that install just like the originals and will last far longer, and the leak-prone memory battery was also replaced with a new board-mounted part sourced from the original supplier - not a cheap rechargeable flashlight battery glued in place like some shops use! The dial lamps were also replaced. So, all of the parts likely to cause trouble in this tuner have been addressed and it will give you trouble-free use for many more years. All of the features on the tuner work perfectly, and the alignment is as close to perfect as you are likely to see. I went through the tuner from beginning to end, completing all of the alignment steps called for in the factory service manual using a low distortion Meguro MSG-211G-1 stereo signal generator paired with a Fluke 6070A RF generator, and HP 8903E distortion analyzer. It takes very high performance bench equipment to resolve the low distortion levels and channel separation of the 3001A. The results have to be experienced to really understand how phenomenal a tuner the 3001 is. It is not every day you see an FM tuner registering 0.05% THD at the output jacks! It pulls all my local stations flawlessly and several from LA as well, using my bench-mounted Dynalab ST2 FM whip antenna. The sound is spectacular... very smooth and natural sounding with no shyness in the bass. This tuner is arguably one of the best ever made, when it is working properly as this example is. The combination of superb tuning ability, very low distortion and noise floor and wide separation makes it stand out as one of the best FM source components available. The cosmetic condition of the tuner is outstanding. There are no cosmetic flaws worth mentioning. The tuner presents fabulously overall, with first-class cosmetics to go with the world-class performance. It has the optional rosewood side panels installed and comes with the original manual, and a nice heavy duty power cord. This tuner would be an asset in any top of the line audio system. If you have been looking for one of these world-class Tandberg tuners but were put off by taking a chance on getting one that needed a bunch of expensive repair work done, wait no longer!. This is a great opportunity to pick up an exceptional example that has been fully restored and is ready for years of reliable use. Features: •High-performance, 8-gang analog FM tuner •Eight preset station storage with internal battery to maintain presets when power is disconnected •Servo-lock (AFC) manual tuning •Mono/Stereo and Muting functions •ANC (multiplex blend) function controls noise on weaker stations •Dual tuning meters for accurate station selection •Variable output level and 3-way de-emphasis switch •Selectable 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz operation – just slide the rear panel switch and plug in correct AC line cord (115V/60Hz cable supplied with this listing) •Heavy-gauge brushed aluminum cabinet Specifications: •Tuning range: 87.5 - 108 MHz •Usable sensitivity: Mono: 0.6-0.7 uV •50 dB quieting sensitivity: Mono: 1.0 uV Wide, 0.8 uV Narrow; Stereo: 11.0 uV •Signal to noise ratio: Mono: 95 dB, Stereo: 82 dB •Muting threshold: 1 microvolts to 3millivolts, variable •Stereo threshold: 5 uV •Frequency response: 30 Hz to 15 kHz, +0.2 dB, -0.5 dB mono/stereo •Distortion at 50 dB quieting: mono/stereo: 0.1% (wide) •Distortion at 65 dBf (0.5 mV/75 ohms at 1 kHz): Mono: 0.03%, Stereo: 0.04% (wide) •Intermodulation distortion: mono/stereo 90 dB (narrow) •Spurious response ratio: > 135 dB •Image response ratio, balanced: > 135 dB •Stereo separation (1 kHz): > 70 dB •19 kHz suppression: 95 dB •38 kHz suppression: > 120 dB •Dynamic range of signal meter: 0.3 uV – 1000 uV; 1.0 mV – 3,000 mV (x1000 meter range) •Dimensions: 17-1/8" (w) x 13-3/4" (d) x 3-1/4" (h) (43.5cm x 35cm x 8.3cm) •Weight: 15.3 lbs. 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