Tannoy Shindo Inspired15" Gold Dual ConcentricTannoy Shindo Inspired 15" Gold Dual Concentric Box CabinetShindo inspired cabinet made by www.boxfurnitureco.com (maker of DeVore Fidelity Speaker cabinets and uber expensive audio furniture) with a vintage 15” Gold Tannoy dual concentric driver. The ...9450.00

Tannoy Shindo Inspired 15" Gold Dual Concentric Box Cabinet [Expired]

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Shindo inspired cabinet made by www.boxfurnitureco.com (maker of DeVore Fidelity Speaker cabinets and uber expensive audio furniture) with a vintage 15” Gold Tannoy dual concentric driver. The cabinets are one of a kind (as far as I know) Shindo inspired quasi folded horn design. New Shindo speakers start at $22,000 and go up from there. Although Shindo does not produce Tannoy cabinets commercially, I think these speakers really capture the "Shindo signature sound" of room filling, full pristine tone. These speakers were custom made for audio critic Jules Coleman by Tone Imports, the U.S. Shindo importer. The crossovers are not Shindo but the original Tannoy Crossovers. I sent both crossovers to Deja Vu Audio http://www.dejavuaudio.com/ to be tested, measured and adjusted to the appropriate specs. The actual speakers are referred to in this article: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/jules/jules_2.html You can also check them out here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?action=systems;sa=view;id=1026 I drive these speakers easily with 4 watts produced by my 2a3 tube amp well into the high 90 decibel range with chest thumping bass. The folded horn and 15'' driver energizes the room like no other speaker I have owned or heard. High notes just float in the air and the bass and mid-bass are full and authoritative. The ultimate jazz lover speakers that sounds just as good at low volumes as high spl's. These cabinets would be the ultimate visual and sonic mate with Tannoy Red, Black or Silver 15” drivers. It would also be very easy to make a baffle for 12” Drivres as well. Changing out drivers is as easy as unscrewing a few screws and plugging in your crossover. It would take an unskilled layman just a few minutes. I'm working on a DIY project and am probably making a huge mistake, but I just can't help myself moving down the audio nervosa line. I may be talked into delivering these to parts of the Eastern Seaboard or Midwest depending on purchase price and travel costs... try me. EDIT- I will expand my delivery to include most of the United States during June and July. Travel costs reimbursement to be determined, but I imagine it would be comparable or cheaper than shipping, with considerably less risk of damage. Paypal fees to be paid by buyer. Pick up available. Audition available (for serious, ready and willing buyers). Foreign buyers: Please inquire before bidding. You must be approved by me before I accept your bid. Buyers are responsible for all shipping arrangements, including getting estimates and packaging. I will help as much as possible once I'm convinced you are going through with the sale... but until then, please do your own due diligence as far as getting estimated costs, etc.. My zip code is 30606 in Athens, Ga USA. The dimensions of the cabinets (in inches) are approximately: 19 ½” X 21 ½” X 43 ½” I don't know the weight but if I had to guess and based on other Tannoys about the same size, I would say around 100lbs each but that is an estimate that I will not guarantee... so if the shipping is higher, I will not reimburse the difference. Item sold as is and no return accepted. As soon as these leave my house, unless I am delivering , they are your responsibility and no refunds will be honored. So, please buy insurance and choose a reputable shipper and packer. Regarding packing and packing material: I will assist you getting these speakers packed appropriately. I will take out the drivers and pack securely and separate from the cabinets. You will need to have these shipped on a pallet. The shipper will need to pack the cabinets which will make them responsible for safe delivery. I will deliver these to the Atlanta, Ga area to any shipper you choose for no additional costs. Atlanta is a distribution hub so there should be many reputable shipping options to choose from. I would prefer a money order or personal check (checks will need to clear before shipping). But if you must use paypal, I will accept that as well.
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