Tandberg 3014a Microprocessorcontrolled 4 motors 3 headsWith this great new site I have tried for two days to get this ad loaded with the pictures and I finally have just given up. If you are serious please no tire kickers atthecrossforme@comcast.net ...2200.00

Tandberg 3014a Microprocessor controlled 4 motors 3 heads NO BAD PLACES at all!!!!!!!!!! [Expired]

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With this great new site I have tried for two days to get this ad loaded with the pictures and I finally have just given up. If you are serious please no tire kickers atthecrossforme@comcast.net or call me number below! You will not find a nicer one unless it is new in the box. If I used the word mint this is one I would use it on but it is absolutely beautiful and with more than 86 upgrades and approx. 20 feet of Neotech Pure Solid Copper wire through out it now, the sound is smooth as silk. I placed 2 pairs of top RCA's on it with that Neotech wire connecting them to their boards. I left the original power cord on it because it is better than the lamp shade cords most have on them. It looks completely stock on the outside (only the RCA's are different) but it will smoke a stock one. I have 4 different pieces of literature including the original owner's manual for this beauty. Most of them are ad's from Tandberg on the 3014 and what it does and one is a review I think. I also have the original box with the original packing material all is good shape. I also have the original remote with this one too and yes, it works! As you can see from one of the pictures it is stacked with 2 other top killers! The Nakamichi ZXL 1000, the Revox B 215 and this one of course. I also have a fully upgraded Nakamichi ZX-7 and it even has a powder coated case. The reason I have listed these here is because I wanted people to understand I know what I am talking about when it comes to cassettes along with most all electronics since I have a A.S. Degree from a local college in 87'. The 2 Nak's are not fore sale right now. With that said I was interested in seeing which one sounded the best and since I have these I put them to the test with the same system, IC cable, cassettes at the same volume. Many might not believe this and that is their privilege but I will just remind them, not everyone lies for money with God's help. Anyway the best sounding one is this one (3014a) first, the Revox second (but has a different tone) and the Nak. 1000 ZXL last. I did not put the ZX-7 because I was too lazy to take it out of my main system, sorry. The Nak's and the Tandberg has VERY close in tonal qualities to my ears. Now do not get me wrong the 1000 sounds very good but since the others have some of the best caps made today in them completely they should beat it. The 3014a looks almost brand new and I promise it sounds better than when it was new. When I upgrade something I do my best to make it sound better using the best parts to make it sound the best. I have done several players and these are the best I have ever done. Remember these are all super rare especially in this condition. Just look at all my feedback and that is only a small portion of it and everyone was more than happy. If I can answer any questions for anyone please feel free to call me at 865 463-0743 EST 10am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday. You can also email me at atthecrossforme@comcast.net I usually do not put that in but with this new system we need all the help with can get, huh? May God Bless America and Keep Our Troops Safe! Buyer must pay all shipping and I will use very good or new boxes with only top packing materials, meaning NO paper! It would be great if someone could pick this one up too!!!! I only charge actually shipping but I will not know what that will be until I pack it. Payment can be made by PayPal (the buyer must pay the 3% and have a confirmed address), money order or personal check. All payments must clear before I will ship. Thanks for all your kindness and enjoy the music!
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