TandbergTD20A-SETandberg TD20A-SE High speed half track Reel to Reel Tape Deck,Tandberg TD20A-SE reel to reel tape deck – condition 9/10 Excellent – perfect physical condition, light use. $ 2500 or Best Offer Purchased in 1982. I am the original owner. Meticulously cared...2500.00

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Tandberg TD20A-SE High speed half track Reel to Reel Tape Deck, [Template]

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Tandberg TD20A-SE reel to reel tape deck – condition 9/10 Excellent – perfect physical condition, light use. $ 2500 or Best Offer

Purchased in 1982. I am the original owner. Meticulously cared for, cleaned and degaussed (demagnetized) very regularly. This unit was never in storage such as a basement or garage. It was always indoors in a clean environment lovingly cared for and maintained. This unit has under 1000 hours of play! Still under warranty (see below). THIS IS THE DEAL OF A LIFE TIME!

This is your chance to own an excellent condition Tandberg TD20A-SE reel to reel tape deck – one of the best tape recorders ever made (sounds much better than REVOX A-777). Tandberg has a long standing reputation for the creation of excellent audiophile tape recorders. In fact, for years Tandberg recording technique set the performance standard for the industry. To quote Tandberg: “The TD20A-SE features the unique tape equalization circuit which improves the S/N ratio up to 80 dB without any noise reduction circuits involved. Along with the special equalization, this Tandberg includes the patented Dyneq headroom extension system. Dyneq automatically adjusts the high frequency amplification (record boost) of the musical signals avoiding overload of the tape. Possible distortion is thus prevented and signal strength may be increased dramatically without tape saturation, resulting in a substantial increase in the maximum record level. This directly translates to a capability unheard of in Analog recorders; to reproduce both live musical performances along with the newest digital and direct discs with their associated dynamic range.

Also, in the TD20A-SE is Tandberg’s Actilinear recording system. As Dyneq allows headroom expansion for the tape, Actilinear allows headroom expansion for the record circuit electronics. All recording stages have an upper signal level limitation which, when exceeded, gives rise to unacceptable distortion levels due to overload. In fact, the amplifier “clips” just as a power amplifier may “clip” when driven beyond its rated power. Acitilinear reduces this limitation by increasing record amplifier headroom up to 20 dB, thus reducing IM and slew induced distortions.

The TD20A-SE transport is no less sophisticated than its electronics. It utilizes a four motor solenoid-less system controlled by a prom (programmable read-only memory) microprocessor logic. This enables direct access to all transport operations with no possibility for tape damage or mishandling. Flying start record/editing is possible as are high speed cue and review along with sel/sync. A photoelectric end stop is utilized and all motor functions are initiated with solid state switching devices both silently and instantly without any relays.”

Included are:

Original power cord

Original Tandberg box

Original instruction booklets

Extra reel hubs, 1 box of splices, etc.

1 Revox metal take-up reel

Cleaning kit

PLUS: Gorgeous handmade solid walnut custom wood case with cover (see pictures). Condition 8/10 (value $1000).

PLUS: This unit was beautifully restored to specs by the best in the business: The Reel Pro Sound Guys and is still under their 3 year warranty until 10/2016.

PLUS: First option on the separate purchase of a large quantity of brand new Maxell XLI-B 10 inch tapes that has been stored under ideal conditions.

Technical Data (Two Track – High Speed Model).

Operating voltage: 230 V/50 Hz + 10%

                               115 V/60 Hz + 10%

Power consumption: 110 W

Speed tolerance, max  +0.5%

Tracks: 2

Speed variations, max. (Wow & Flutter)

W.R.M.S.         15 ips.:     0.03%

                        7 ½  ips.:   0.05%

Frequency ranges       15   ips.:   20-30.000 Hz

+2dB                           7 ½ ips.:   20-25.000 Hz

Signal/tape noise ratio minimum at max. speed,

with recommended tape, see instruction for use.

TD 20A SE:

IEC-A-CURVE           maximum 80 dB

IEC linear R.M.S.:                       70 dB

Cross talk at 1000 Hz, minimum    Mono:  64 dB

                                                        Stereo:  54 dB

Harmonic distortion, max

From tape at 320 nWb/m recording level:   0.5%


Inputs. Input impedance /sensitivity/ maximum voltage at 400 Hz.

(The sensitivity of the microphone inputs adjusts itself according to

the impedance of the microphone.)

Microphone:           800 ohms/0.2mV-20mV)

Line in 1:                150 kohms/50mV-5V

Line in 2:                250 kohms/50mV-5V


Outputs. Min. load impedance/voltage by unloaded output.

Line out:                 100 ohms/1.5V

Headphones:           8 ohms/1.3V


Dimensions:   Width:   17 1/8”

                        Height:  17 ¾”

                        Depth:    7 ¾”

                        Weight:  38 lbs(unit only no box)

Buyer pays shipping and it will be considerable due to double boxing of the unit and separate shipping of custom case.

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