TascamCD-RW5000Tascam CD-RW5000 Professional CD Recorder This Item is from the estate of the late great musician “Lorin Levee” the Principal Clarinetist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr. Levee pl...295.00

Tascam CD-RW5000 Professional CD-RW Recorder [Expired]

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Tascam CD-RW5000 Professional CD Recorder This Item is from the estate of the late great musician “Lorin Levee” the Principal Clarinetist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr. Levee played for the Orchestra from (1971 – 2012). He was prominently featured in many of the Ochestras recordings, including the Rachmaninoff 2nd Symphony conducted by Simon Rattle & Gerswin’s Rhapsody in Blue conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas. S/N# 9X01917 Color: Silver Tascam's CD-RW5000 is one of the more cost-effective CD recorders around that can make use of the cheaper 'pro' blank discs -- and the company have also released a useful box that can duplicate both audio CDs and CD-ROMs. Paul White checks them over. While computer CD-ROM drives and consumer CD recorders are still the cheapest hardware platforms on which to make audio CDs, both have disadvantages -- consumer machines must use the more expensive consumer discs, while computer CD-ROM drives generally require you to transfer all your audio to your computer's hard drive, then compile a playlist before you can burn a CD. If you want to make a copies from DAT tapes, and if you're likely to use a lot of blanks, then a professional machine is probably cheaper, or at least faster, in the long run. Tascam's CD-RW5000 can record onto both regular CD-R (write-once) and CD-RW (rewritable) discs and includes a sample-rate converter so that digital sources at rates other than 44.1kHz will automatically be converted to the correct rate. Current consumer CD players can't play CD-RW discs, though it is expected that the next generation of consumer machines will be able to do so. CD-RWs will, however, play in CD recorders and CD-ROM drives. TASCAM CD-RW5000 summary The CD-RW5000 is sensibly priced and works reliably without fuss. The 2U CD-RW5000, which includes a hardwired remote control as standard, is fitted with both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (phono) analogue inputs, as well as phono and optical S/PDIF digital I/O plus an AES-EBU digital input. The hardwired remote plugs into a mini-jack on the rear panel and there's also a 15-pin 'D' connector providing control I/O for custom controllers or computer systems. The front panel inspires confidence, with full-size transport buttons, separate right and left analogue input gain controls and a large, informative display window. Aside from the transport buttons, there are half-a-dozen other dedicated buttons, along with a phones outlet and volume control. A slim motorised drawer houses the disk to be written, while the Display button cycles around the display modes. Most of the controls are self-explanatory, but as with all CD writers, there are a few different operating modes that require a little explanation. The Auto/Manual button allows S/PDIF DAT or CD sources to transfer their track IDs directly, while AES-EBU or analogue sources cause a new track ID to be written every time the input level drops below a preset 'silence' threshold (actually -36dB) for longer than three seconds. Alternatively, it's possible to select Track Increment Manual mode and input the IDs by hand by pressing either the Track or Record button at the appropriate times during recording. This is also a useful mode for entering IDs into continuous material, such as a live recording with no silent gaps. Source determines which input will be used for recording -- digital, or either of the analogue inputs. The Digital key then selects whether the digital source is S/PDIF co-axial, S/PDIF optical or AES-EBU. The Sync Start button enables recording to start automatically when digital audio data is recognised. In Sync 1 mode, the recording automatically stops when a second track ID is detected, while in Sync All mode, all source material is recorded, along with any track IDs, until a silence exceeding 20 seconds is detected, at which point recording stops automatically. Manual Stop may be used at any time, and if you're recording classical music with long periods that might fall below the 36dB threshold, then you can use Manual mode rather than Sync. Similarly, a recording may be started manually in Manual mode. One point to watch here is that like most CD recorders, the machine takes around a quarter of a second to react "The CD-RW5000 worked perfectly as described, and given its low cost, there are few criticisms." to the start of the audio material, so it's best to ensure that the first DAT ID is placed half a second or more before the start of the audio, otherwise you could lose your first note! Once a recording is complete, it must be Finalised to create a table of contents before it can be played on a regular CD player, though it can of course be played on the recorder prior to finalisation so that further tracks may be added. This is done by pressing the Finalise button, immediately followed by the Record button. When a CD-RW disc is being used, it's possible to erase individual tracks starting with the last one recorded, but only if you do so before the disc has been Finalised. After Finalising, you can only erase the entire disc. Musical Fidelity A308CR 24BIT Up-sampling CD Player in Silver. Comes complete with remote, test CD, manual and factory box and packing serial number: BBY0159. High End CD Player Built like a bank vault. I would rate this a 9/10 if it wasn't for a`small imperfection on the front right face plate small imperfection on right side middle / looks like a smug makes it a 7/10. Comes complete. See review Positive Feedback linked below: Upsampling 96kHz Frequency response 10Hz to 20kHz +0 / -0.2dB Signal / noise ratio > 115dB 'A' weighted Total harmonic distortion < 0.003% 10Hz to 20kHz Total correlated jitter < 150 pS Channel separation > 100dB 20Hz to 20kHz Linearity < 0.2dB down to -100dB Best to call (David) www.weinhartdesign.com with questions in Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 or on my cell after hours and weekends 310-927-2260. Weinhart Design has lots of other items new and used and if you're in Los Angeles or visiting please accept my invitation to experience our World Class Audio Showroom and please visit our web site @ www.weinhartdesign.com We are always interested in purchasing quality Audio and Video items, CD & LP collections and most quality trades are welcomed. All sales out of California are State Sales Tax exempt. California State Sales Tax of 8.75% applies for items picked up or shipped to a California address. We accept payments by Bank Wire Transfers without fees and is the only form of payment on all sales out of the U.S. and Canada. We prefer this method of payment and also makes shipping to addresses other than billing agreeable. VISA, MC and Papal are gladly accepted within the U.S. and Canada as long as the charge is approved and shipping to the billing address on record and adds 3% to cover costs. 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