TETRA - Extremely Rare 120U Manhattan TETRA - Extremely Rare  120U Manhattan  World Class 2-Way SpeakersExtremely Rare World Class Factory Matched Set (1 Serial Number Apart from Sequential) of TETRA Manhattan 120U Speakers with All Original Magnetically Shielded Drivers in Flawless Operating Conditi...725.00

TETRA - Extremely Rare 120U Manhattan World Class 2-Way Speakers [Expired]

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Extremely Rare World Class Factory Matched Set (1 Serial Number Apart from Sequential) of TETRA Manhattan 120U Speakers with All Original Magnetically Shielded Drivers in Flawless Operating Condition and in Pristine Cosmetic Condition – MSRP of $2,300! Few people have ever heard of this amazing company - Tetra Speakers is a very small speaker manufacturing company founded by Adrian Butts in Canada 15 years ago, and over the years has quietly hand crafting some of the most amazing speakers on the planet. If you have seen my listings then you know that I love speakers and have listened to more than a thousand models going back to the 1940’s, and these Tetra Manhattan 120U speakers are truly goosebump rendering machines – they sound so clean, unadulterated, crisp, smooth and life-like that they will have you running to your music collection to hear how your favorites sound on these. These speakers also defy logic, because these unassuming little speakers appear to be incredibly simple in both design and construction, but when you close your eyes and just listen, your ears will tell you how sensational they truly are. They just do not sound like box speakers, and as music sources they completely disappear – exactly what you want to have happen, and what so few speakers actually are able to do. But don’t just take my word for it, because even though there are not many Tetra speakers out there, the people who own them speaks volumes about the quality of these speakers. Tetra has a long list of A-list musicians and music producers who not just own these speakers, but who also rave about them. People like Herbie Hancock, Benny Golson, Ron Carter, Rob Fraboni (recording engineer for the Stones, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton), and many others. Keith Richards loves Tetra speakers so much that he had a special pair made that he brings on the road and tours with them. Functionally, these speakers are flawless and play like new. Cosmetically, they are in exceptional condition, with only a few very miniscule flaws. Unlike giant speaker companies who mass produce runs of 10,000 units at a time in highly mechanized production runs, Tetra hand-crafts each speaker in very small batches and as a result they have the little cosmetic artifacts that you would expect from hand manufacturing such as imperfect edging details and imperfect grill frame bends. I have uploaded very close up shots where you can see the only blemish that is really noticeable with the grills - a very small imperfection in the bend. Because they are almost identical, when attached the small waver in the grill is very feint and barely seen. I have shots of the underside of the grill that shows the flaw more prominently. None of the blemishes are very noticeable as you can see from the photos, and nothing affects the performance of these little sonic gems. Note that I have replacement grill badges coming from the factory, so you will have brand new badges. You won’t find much online in terms of owner reviews or even professional reviews for that matter, but the Tetra website has a wealth of information as well as some very cool links. This is a company that is “all about the music”, and the sincerity shows. TETRA MANHATTAN 120U SPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS: * Drivers: … Woofer: 5” SEAS shielded Polypropylene … Tweeter: 1” Morel shielded soft dome * Frequency Response: 70 – 20,000 Hz * Sensitivity: 89 dB (2.83 Vrms @ 1 meter) * Impedance: 8 Ohms * Power handling: 200 Watts * Dimensions: … Height: 10.5” (270mm) … Width: 9.0” (230mm) … Depth: 7.5” (190mm) * Weight: 12 pounds each unpackaged (5.5 kg) It is extremely rare to see any Tetra speakers for sale on the used market – what few that are out there are tightly gripped by the owners who love them. Here is a terrific opportunity to buy a beautiful factory matched set of these audio pearls that perform flawlessly, and look great. I am happy to deliver these to you for free if you are local to me in San Francisco, Berkeley or Marin County. NOTE: The stands shown in the photos are for display only and are not for sale. I do have other stands that will work beautifully with these speakers, please inquire. IMPORTANT: If you do not have a long term AudiogoN Buy & Sell track record, please leave your phone number or I will not respond.
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