Theta DigitalCasablanca 3 IIITheta Digital Casablanca 3 III original CB3, Xtr DAC, BlackListing pictures are of my actual CBIII for sale here, updated as of 04/04/2012 I am the second owner of this marvelous Casablanca III. It is black, has Extreme DAC card for FL/FR/C/Sub1 (4 chan...4895.00

Theta Digital Casablanca 3 III original CB3, Xtr DAC, Black [Expired]

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Listing pictures are of my actual CBIII for sale here, updated as of 04/04/2012 I am the second owner of this marvelous Casablanca III. It is black, has Extreme DAC card for FL/FR/C/Sub1 (4 channels) and superior DAC card for SR/SL/Sub2, (3 channels) for 7 channels total. There is an available slot for another DAC card if you wish to have more channels, and an available slot for the HDMI upgrade card. I have the original build order sheet from Theta showing this unit was hand built at Theta headquarters and is an orginial CBIII (not an upgraded CBI or CBII), and shows the original price new of over $12k, as well as the matching serial number of the unit. All information is 100% verifiable with Theta. My asking price is little more than the cost of the installed Extreme DAC card by itself! Now is your chance to own a world-class music and cinema processor at a budget price. What other processor can you buy for under $5k that sounds as good as the CBIII, and handles all of your input sources with ultimate system configuration flexibility? Absolutely nothing, zip, nada. There is an updated digi card installed for using the CBIII with a Six Shooter multichannel analog input device, or a Gen VIII DAC. All installed cards are compatible with the HD upgrade. All DAC cards can be reconfigured to any channel output configuration via a special boot menu. Analog input card installed for multiple 2ch analog input sources Digital input card installed for TOS or SPDIF connections Second Digi card installed for AES / BNC input, and VOL data output for Six Shooter / Gen VIII control Latest system firmware 3.16 and upgrades Black anodized face of unit, this is not the rack-mount face I have confirmed this CBIII is 100% "HD ready" with Theta. You do not need to upgrade the installed DAC cards if you decide to upgrade it later to HDMI input capability, which means you will incur the bare minimum upgrade cost. Some folks have had to purchase new DAC cards in order to upgrade their CB to HD, and the DAC cards alone can run several thousand dollars. No worries here on that. Comes with original Theta manual, book and remote, firmware CD and Crystal loader software, and the factory power cord. Remote is in excellent condition, power cord is unused. Unit is in excellent condition and all functions operate flawlessly. Ships in original plastic sleeve, original foam padding and correct size heavy box that I got from my Theta dealer- see pictures! Shipping and Payment Details: FREE Insured Fedex shipping to the continental USA only. Money order or personal check ok if you wait for it to clear before I ship, Paypal is ok but you must add 2.9%, local pickup and pay cash preferred. Check my long time rep here, I am a solid person to deal with. I will rate this unit a 9 out of 10. There are NO scratches or blemishes on the front of unit, on sides of unit, top of unit, or anywhere else on unit. If you set this CBIII next to a brand new CBIII, you could not tell the difference looking at them side by side. Seriously. It has been well taken care of and is in top condition. I am extremely "AR" with my audio gear :D If you don't believe me, see pictures and email me for larger ones if needed. anything odd in the pic is a reflection or my crummy iphone. I can send you pictures 10-ways-to-sunday until you're happy, if you are seriously interested. This is a SWEET deal on an AA++ CBIII. -Kurt
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