Theta DigitalCasablanca III HDMI** THE CASABLANCA III HDMI IS HERE AND WE ARE TAKING ORDERS NOW ! ** ** As you probably heard , the Casablanca III HDMI was operational at Cedia last month and it was connected to the new COMP...12500.00

Theta Digital Casablanca III HDMI The new 2012 Flagship Preamp! [Expired]

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** THE CASABLANCA III HDMI IS HERE AND WE ARE TAKING ORDERS NOW ! ** ** As you probably heard , the Casablanca III HDMI was operational at Cedia last month and it was connected to the new COMPLI BLU RAY PLAYER. ** ** Pricing on the HDMI board is finalized but you can take advantage of Theatermax's HDMI specials, Call me to discuss. **

We are a fully authorized full service Theta Digital Dealer and have been for many years. We offer the best service and support and of course our pricing is the best in the industry. Ask about our summer specials for Casablanca III HDMI and Dreadnaught III combo specials.

We are located in Manalapan NJ, you can come and see us or make arrangements for us to come to your home. We service and install in many locations throughout the country. If you are in an area without a Theta Dealer, Please give us a call to discuss all your Theta needs. With more than 15 years experience, we can fulfill all your Audio/Video needs. ** THE CASABLANCA III HD HDMI IS HERE AND WE HAVE ALREADY DELIVERED AND INSTALLED OVER 30 UNITS ! ** ** WE HAVE INSTALLED HUNDREDS OF CASABLANCA III'S OVER THE LAST 15 YEARS AND OUR CUSTOMERS ARE LOVING THEM ** ** FULLY EXPANDABLE CARD BASED DESIGN ** ** SILVER ALLOY / BLACK ALLOY Available ** ** DAC CONFIGURATION OF STANDARD LEVEL 24/96 TO EXTREME 24/384 ** ** THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST SOUNDING PREAMP PROCESSOR ON THE MARKET!** ** WHY DO YOU THINK MAGAZINES AND SPEAKER COMPANIES USE THE CASABLANCA'S AS THEIR REFERENCE? ** ** $12500 List price is the CASABLANCA III HD with the new HDMI 1.4 Option ** Card options are below ** Full Factory Warranty ! ** Casablanca Setup- Setting up your Theta Casablanca is kind of an interesting thing. Let me explain - We have sold so many Casablanca's and everyone who owns one absolutely loves them and would not give it up for anything. The thing to understand is the configurations of the Casablanca are unique in the fact that it offers control in ways that nothing else can match. For instance, there are 3 different cross-over types available for your every taste. You can use the Phase Perfect cross-over for one listening mode and perhaps use the Butterworth for another. You can even use different cross-overs within one listening mode. Try that on another processor. Bass management and some- Bass management which is probably the most crucial item when setting up your Pre Amp has options that will blow your mind. Okay for instance, let's say you have TWO Subs, you can drive them uniquely, meaning you can send the Bass frequencies for each left and right main speaker at the roll off point you want and then send the LFE channel info both subs. Try that with another Pre-AMP. YOU CAN'T ! THIS IS NOT ONLY ONE BEAUTIFUL PROCESSOR, IT'S THE BEST SOUNDING AND MOST EXPANDABLE IN THE WORLD !!

Here's the deal: -- This Brand new CASABLANCA III can be purchased in any configuration you would like! -- You start with the base chassis and add the DAC options you would like, they range below ! -- You can have up to three seperate DAC cards in the machine giving you an incredible 12 Channels! -- There are no processors in the world today that do what the Casablanca III can do, for instance -- You can buy the chassis today with 6 channels and tomorrow add another 4 if you want. -- Unlimited flexibility and unmatched sound quality ! -- We have installed so many of these in the last few years and replaced everything from Lexicon to Levionson to Classe and so many other so called high end products. The THETA CASABLANCA III HD will literally blow them all away. -- -- -- Casablanca III HD Chassis Silver or Black with all the Latest Dolby and DTS formats,RS232 and lots more $12500.00 List price -- Options Available: -- NEW FOR 2011 PREMIUM DAC 24/192 4 Channels All Balanced $1875.00 Each - NEW FOR 2011 EXTREME D-2 DAC with D2 Software 4 Channel Balanced DAC $4995.00 Each -- NEW FOR 2010 HDMI 1.4 Video Switching and Audio Processing -- Panel Grade Alloy Cover Included Free - Please call to discuss ! -- Don't waste your time with other brands of inferior products when Theta has built the absolute best products in every class ! If you have questions, please email me anytime. Call us anytime 732-616-1010 and I'd be happy to talk to you! We are an authorized dealer and can provide you with the finest technical support and customer satisfaction. If you are currently dealing with a Theta Digital Dealer please continue to do so. If you are in our area and or in an Area without a Theta Digital Dealer than please call us for your Theta Digital needs. All Theta Digital Models Available including the Amazing Dreadnaught III amps, The Incredible world renowned Citadel 1.5 Monoblocks and lots more. Call me anytime to chat about audio and your needs CRAIG 732-616-1010 We also carry - ANTHEM, AERIAL ACOUSTICS, REVEL, LEXICON, STEWART, SONY VPL-VW90,JVC RS50, JVC RS60 and so much more. ** Please Visit our web site for more info **
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