Threshold SA/1 Stasis,Nelson Pass legendaryThreshold SA/1 Stasis, Nelson Pass legendary class A monoblock amplifiersSorry Audiogoner's, I sold the amps personally to a friend of mine, and canceling the sale of the amps on this site. *Silver pair of SA/1's are not part of this ad, and were sold weeks ago* Thres...6000.00

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Threshold SA/1 Stasis, Nelson Pass legendary class A monoblock amplifiers [Expired]

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Sorry Audiogoner's, I sold the amps personally to a friend of mine, and canceling the sale of the amps on this site. *Silver pair of SA/1's are not part of this ad, and were sold weeks ago* Threshold SA/1 pure class A monoblock amplifiers, later production with optical bias. Rated 160 watts per channel into 8 ohms class A, and will drive 1 ohm loads with ease. Cosmetically, I would rate the condition as 9/10. As far as I can see, there are no scratches anywhere on both amps, and they look flawless, including the screws. No blemishes, and the metals look very clean all around. The AG 9/10 scale states zero scratches, So to be safe, I will rate the condition as 8/10 due to age only. The condition of these amps would be a fine example for a musuem of clasic audio! They just look great. The amps were always kept in a temperature controlled, smoke/child/pet/wife free environment. The SA/1's models are very sought after, and are getting very hard to find in today's market. The SA/1's use the same audio circuit as the S/500's, since they are from the same production era. The big difference is the SA/1's are pure class A, and use a total of fourty 20 amp Motorola output transistors in the output stage. Twenty in the + rail, and twenty in the - rail. I believe amplifiers that are designed for a 600 watt output rating would have this many output transistors in it, unreal! The story with this pair I own, is that I bought them from the original owner 14 years ago in year 1998, and I use them very sparingly in one of my rooms. Being that I have a large collection of audio equipment in the home, and limited space to use it all, I have decided to let these wonderful SA/1's go along with the S/500 amps that are also for sale (see my other AG listing). I recently sold my silver pair of SA/1's locally for the same price, and now have the black pair for sale. The all black finish does look very classy with the VU meter, opposed to the silver pair I had. These monoblocks are 100% factory original, never need of any service, and work perfectly. Just so you know, the Threshold design is so good, they just don't fail or break down, and is a proven reliable design. The filter caps are also over rated to last for decades, and as far as my tests, they still are all good. If you really care to have fresh new filter caps put in, I can order and install them for an additional charge of $400 for the two amps. I'am a tech for over 24 years, so I can perform the work. I also bought spare meter bulbs from DIGIKEY and replaced them all. The bulbs are easy to change and just plug into sockets located behind the face plate. The heat sinks are still perfect dark black without any fading. No fading means low hours of use. If you are looking for that perfect pair of SA/1's that you would consider keeping for a life time because of condition and low hours of use, this is it! One pair before the last on AG in this condition sold for $5000, and condition does reflect the sale price as well as a collectors item, not what blue book rates them. 6 more years, and the amps will be 30 years old (for solid state)!!!! The original owner did have the amps all checked out at the Threshold company in 1996 two years before he sold them to me, for a check up only, since he lived close to their location, not need of any service, but just for a check up. The Threshold company discarded the original boxes! and replaced them with brand new ones with double thick card board and better crush resistant foam. Shame about the original boxes, but the new replacements are much stronger. The amps also come with the original owners manuals, and a collection of Threshold brochures. Checks and money orders must clear first before pick up. Cash on pick up is also welcome. PICK UP ONLY. If you are buying from overseas, you must arrange pick up. I do not do paper work for customs, and it is your parties responsibility. *****If you are a new Audiogon member with zero feedback, you must contact me first*****
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