TemaadAudioKit 1 Mk2TemaadAudio Kit 1 Mk2 12 inch Unipivot Arm*****************************REVISED PRICING************************************** This new old stock as I bought up the stock from the now defunct TemaadAudio which operated a few years ago. The k...175.00

TemaadAudio Kit 1 Mk2 12 inch Unipivot Arm [Expired]

no longer for sale

*****************************REVISED PRICING**************************************

This new old stock as I bought up the stock from the now defunct TemaadAudio which operated a few years ago. The kit comes with all parts required,
This arm is easy to assemble and full assembly instructions are give. Assembly time would be no longer than 2 hours.
The arm comes with quality gold plaited RCAs (although not shown in kit photo.)

Spare arm wands are available for $25-00

The kit can be fully made up for you with wire No 1 for a further $40-00 over the winning bid.

 There are several levels of wire you can go for, all available from Ebay..Depending on the performance level you want the arm to work at. Here are a few suggestions:

Wire 1 – (approx $10-00) see E/B item No 171011835478, very good wire 98% as good as Cardis
Wire 2 – (approx $45-00) E/B item No 302060046562, Cardis wire.
Wire 3 – The best available (approx $120-00) E/B item No 291808076069. VDH wire, this is the wire they re-wire SME V's with

Check out previous reviews of this arm kit

TNT Audio - Geoff Husband ( Complete review still available on the web)

Actually playing music was easy as the arm is fairly stable for a unipivot and the solid plinth helped. Arm/cartridge resonance was well controlled without damping and the needle swept happily across the record so the first and perhaps most important test of all was passed : with the Temaad Audio the building blocks are technically correct.

I've long been convinced by 12" arms, but they are invariably expensive and need a compatible turntable. Well with this kit you get a 12", carbon fibre armtube unipivot for less than any built up arm. It slots together – again it's an hour's work tops –  The arm reminded me strongly of the Morsiani (1,000 Euro) so that is very high praise, as I consider the Morsiani can lay claim to the Best Sounding Arm in the World.

The only remotely technical difficulty is that you have to wire and solder the arm. This is pretty basic stuff and most of us will have a friend who can do it if we're not capable, but other than that both arm and turntable are child's play to build. You'll also need some form of VTF measure, but they are cheap as chips and you aught to have one anyway.

Chriswhgree -fantastic, Initial results were excellent-more open & relaxed than many arms-I've owned just about ever one you could think of - Ittock, Nottingham Analogue, Morch UP4, Opus 3 Cantus, Clearaudio

calnic - Arm Is fantastic value for money, I can certainly say it blows away my fully modded 250. I bought the Wizard & have an massive upgrade

jbblake - Arm the sound is unbelievable for the price combo. Huge sound-stage depth and base is tremendously deep,agile and fast.

rmoonknight - I just wanted to say it sounds great. Very smooth & big. Thanks so much for a great, affordable product. It's amazing to me how it sounds better than my Jelco 750D (Ricky came back and bought an upgrade package, which we tailored to his needs)

Jkcdesign – fantastic arm, moving to 12 inch certainly gives a fantastic fluency to the music, makes you feel as you are actually at the performance, Highly recommended

Please note : This item ships from my house in China. Item is shipped via surface mail and can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.. - It is highest bidder's responsibility to request and pay for insurance, otherwise no responsibility will be taken for goods damaged/lost in transit.

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