TemaadAudioWizard Mk2usedTemaad Merlin (hybrid) 12" Titanium UniPivot TonearmClear out time at Temaad, Merlin hybrid. we made this arm a while ago to see if we could soften the sound a little of our standard Merlin. So it would be more suitable to play with the likes of a ...675.00

Temaad Merlin (hybrid) 12" Titanium UniPivot Tonearm [Expired]

no longer for sale

Clear out time at Temaad, Merlin hybrid. we made this arm a while  ago to see if we could soften the sound a little of our standard Merlin. So it would be more suitable to play with the likes of a Roksan Black or Silver. While we succeeded in our aim, due to the extra complications in the manufacturing we decided the target market would be to small to warrant putting it into production.  So this is a unique arm, virtually unused & fully functional going out at what is a 2nd hand price. Effective mass 22 grams, which is suitable for many cartridges. We can supply a heavy weight headshell that changes the mass to 26 grams (suitable for Koetsu & Denon 103 cart's) if preferred.
Wired in our proprietary Silver wire, but for an extra $150 we can rewire it will VDH wire. 
 Note : This arm does not have our normal magnetic arm post, but sports a titanium arm post.
So now is your opportunity to buy a clearance Titanium arm at a give away price. Tonearm Lift/Lower devise supplied with arm, but not shown

Arm is covered by our normal 10 year warranty, Cartridge not included.

Check out the TNTaudio latest review of our Merlin Arm by Dr R. Varey. He headed it up with the notation                                                                                                                                                                             "Especially Special"  
He also stated it's the "BEST arm I has ever heard" & he bought his review sample!!)

I would consider swapping for a good MC cart, with money up or down being OK.    
Physical parameters

-Effective length 305 mm,

-Mounting distance 300 mm

-Suggested Overhang 12.5 mm

-Offset angle 16.8

-Effective mass 22 gms;

Check out previous reviews on Temaad arms 

TNTAudio - G.Husband. I've long admired 12" arms, but they are invariably expensive & need a compatible turntable. Well with this kit you get a 12" arm for a 9" price. The arm reminded me strongly of the Morsiani, so that is very high praise, as I consider the Morsiani can lay claim to the Best Sounding Arm in the World. (Geoff bought the arm & T/T he had reviewed)

Chriswhgree - Fantastic, Initial results were excellent-more open & relaxed than many arms-I've owned just about ever one you could think of ? Ittock ($3,000), Not/Analogue (2,500), Morch UP4(2,400), Opus 3 Cantus (1,950), Clearaudio Satisfy ($2,350) 

jbblake - Arm sound is unbelievable for the price combo. Huge sound-stage depth & bass is tremendously deep, agile and fast.

Jkcdesign  fantastic arm, moving to 12" certainly gives a fantastic fluency to the music, makes you feel as you are actually at the performance, Much better than my SME it replaced. Highly recommended. 

David Lev - Overall, images seems to be more independent of each other, more like they are floating (in a realistic way) within the sound-stage.The alleged loss of 'bass slam' that many people claim unipivot arms are guilty of, does not seem to occur in my system with this arm. I am very happy with the arm! 

tributeMan - I have my Merlin arm hooked up to a Lenco 75 via a Goldring Elite into an SUT/EAR834, all I can say is simply stunning

PeterW -  Your Wizard arm with titanium tube & silver wiring is a great sounding arm, just listening to it at the moment on my Gyro Dec. I used to have a rewired Hadcock 228 tonearm on it before. This arm really shows it up, I love the arm it reveals a lot of detail, well done.

moonknight - I just wanted to say it sounds great. Very smooth & big. Thanks so much for a great, affordable product. It's amazing to me how it sounds better than my Jelco 750.

Peter B - I'm using an Ortofon 2m black, absolutely beautiful clear precise open very detailed & making the system sound the best ever. 

RichardV - After refining the SRA as per your recommendations and the tracking weight, the Hana in the Merlin sound's fabulous - detailed, dynamic, rich, smooth.

BradR - I am very much enjoying your wonderful Merlin arm. I love the arm and what I am hearing tonight is sublime. Everything is so good, but I can't decide which cartridge to mount permanently! I am playing a Decca it sounds so good, I have also tried my Pickering (LVX-4500) and again the arm produces beautiful music with it

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