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Buy with confidence at www.perrottaconsulting.com selling high-end audio for 13 years.  Top brands, great advice, new and used equipment available, we take trade-ins.  Auditions available by appointment, feel free to call anytime (877-289-2014) or (914-714-9213) with questions about any of our great products.

Mint customer trade-in
EMM Labs TSDX SACD/CD transport silver 
Excellent condition, original packaging and accessories. DAC2X also available.  When used with the EMM DAC2X you can play SACDs.

If there are two absolutes in digital audio, they are that: 1) Jitter never, ever sounds good and 2) Ed Meitner has zero tolerance for jitter. In fact, he's spent a lifetime finding innovative new ways to eliminate it. Nowhere are the sonic benefits of his work more astonishingly clear than in the new EMM Labs TSDX CD/SACD disc transport.
The TSDX CD/SACD transport has been built with the award winning technology used in the XDS1. Like the DAC2X, its companion converter, the TSDX transport has also been endowed with the latest generation MDAT™ up-converting DSP.
Connect transport and DAC2X via the single-cable EMM OptiLink interface and your CDs and SACDs are automatically upsampled to 5.6 mHz, double the SACD standard sampling rate.
MDAT™ also dynamically adapts to the transient nature of musical signal instead of addressing it conventionally, as a series of sine waves. This technology enables the TSDX to do something unheard of in the world of digital audio: preserve the phase and frequency integrity of the original signal.
We think you'll find our hardware every bit as impressive as our software. Similiar to the XDS1, the TSDX employs the silky smooth, super responsive Esoteric™ drive mated to our latest generation digital systems.
The TSDX also uses EMM’s latest generation reference high-isolation resonant mode power supply based on XDS1’s power system. Its advanced systems allow it synchronize its operating frequency (or resonant mode) to that of every other system within the TSDX — reducing digital noise to the vanishing point. It also offers ultra-tight regulation and virtually complete isolation from power-line impurities and fluctuations.
Then there’s our crisp new large LCD display offering four brightness levels plus a “display off” setting.
There’s a silky smooth new precision-machined aluminum chassis too. And a remote control machined from a solid block of aluminum.
All told, we can't imagine a more perfect way to transport you to the musical event.
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