Mark LevinsonNo 31usedMark Levinson No 31 Rare Beast, Top Loading and MotorizedRare Mark Levinson No 31 Reference CD Transport, Motorized Top. NY/NJ/CT If your never seen this unit in person prepare to be in awe. Too bad America doesn’t build audio equipment like this any...4999.00

Mark Levinson No 31 Rare Beast, Top Loading and Motorized [Expired]

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Rare Mark Levinson No 31 Reference CD Transport, Motorized Top. NY/NJ/CT
If your never seen this unit in person prepare to be in awe.  Too bad America doesn’t build audio equipment like this any more.  This thing is ridiculous in both size, weight and design. 
in 1996 this reference unit cost a staggering $8495.  To buy a transport nowadays of this quality you’d have to drop close to $20k.  CD’s haven’t changed much since that era, so there would be few benefits to buying a current reference unit, unless your into burning your own MP3 cds. 
On the back you will find a highly regarded ST Glass Fiber interface of the 150MHZ variety.  If you are lucky enough to have a DAC with this sort of input be sure to use it.  
There are also Toslink, Coax and XLR digital connections. 
Flanking the unit you will notice two large power supplies in their own housing.  Its essentially a 3 piece transport with all pieces attached together.  I challenge you to find a similar unit in design and extravagance.  Shipping weight is a staggering 62lbs!  
Here is a great quote from Stereophile.  Google the model number to read the full review.  “As with other aspects of the No.31's performance, the transport's features, user interface, and functionality are unprecedented. The No.31 operates like no other CD transport” “Needless to say, the No.31 is extraordinary visually, functionally, and tactilely. The unit's feel, operation, features—in fact, the user's experience—are far beyond that of any other transport. The No.31 was a joy to use. The top-loading design, motorized lid, and damper make disc changing a little slower than drawer-type transports, but never to the point of inconvenience”.
Functionally the unit is in perfect working condition.  All buttons operate as they should, the mechanism works almost instantly and tracks to perfection.  Switching between tracks is remarkably fast and you can her the speed of the disk change as you go to outer tracks.  This fast switch is due to the fact that they use a low mass CD damper.  All buttons on the remote works they should.  The display is bright and legible. The motorize top opens without hesitation and is super solid feeling and sounding.  
Cosmetically the unit is not perfect by any means, although it looks really good and most people would be pleased.  Its has a few rub marks on the edges and a ding here and there.  The rubber on the bottom of the feet as deteriorated and been replaced with stick on pads.  The power button in the front has a wear mark on it (see pic)
The remote has some damage near the battery cover from corrosion caused by leaking batteries.  Very common with aluminum remotes. 

The unit will be double packed in a Mcintosh box (best in the industry) and cost over $200.  
Available for audition in my private listening room in Ridgewood, NJ or pickup in my office in Union Square NYC.  
Here are some specs.  

Single-play CD transport. Outputs: one AES/EBU on XLR jack (110 ohms), one S/PDIF on RCA jack (75 ohms), one HP ST-Type optical (AT&T–compatible), one EIAJ (Toslink) optical. Additional inputs and outputs: slave in and slave out (for communication with other Mark Levinson digital products). Dimensions: 19.375" W by 5.56" H by 13.726" D (14.426" H with lid open). Shipping weight: 62 lbs. Price: $8495 (1993); Read more at

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