Triangle ArtSignature turntableThe new "SIGNATURE" turntable. Triangle Art Signature Table is our new development Turntable. After years of research into materials, suspension, bearing/platter and motor design, we have come up...9990.00

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The new "SIGNATURE" turntable. Triangle Art Signature Table is our new development Turntable. After years of research into materials, suspension, bearing/platter and motor design, we have come up with the best design and reasonable cost Turntable. This massive table weights an impressive 200 lbs with a hefty 35lbs solid 4” thick of T6 solid aluminum platter that will control all the vibration and better resonance. We also uses non inverted aluminum ball bearing that support heavy platter but still provide smooth and quite. Sonically, what you get is a very musical Turntable yet with an explosive dynamics with the deepest black background you ever heard. With the jet-black background, you will hear all the inner details with subtle micro and macro dynamics. Bass is tight and articulate while it projects a holographic image with a light and airy soundstage. The 35lbs Platter have an embedded with very special aluminum material - which is much bigger than all the regular platters out in the market. Our 4” thick Platter technology is implemented in a new way with great results. The new AC Motor comes inside the 20 lbs aluminum motor housing driving the heavy platter. The inertia of this motor combined with our new designed that very quite but be able to support heavy platter. It delivers 33 and 45 rpm and much more to generate a State of the Art drive. Rewieved by Ken Kuegeman from Long Beach Audio Society. A long time ago, in a country far, far away, Japan in Oct. 1982, I was at the “All Japan Audio Fair” held at the Harumi Auditorium in Tokyo and was expecting to see lots of new turntable goodies. Much to my surprise, this was the world debut of the dreaded Compact Disc!!! Sony & others had conspired to bring about the untimely death of the analog turntable!!! The best sounding CD player at the show was the NEC 801, and it was a P**e of C**p !!! It did not sound anything like the mid priced analog set in the next booth! Now I must admit, that CD has improved somewhat in the almost 30 years since then, but not very much!!! This brings me to the subject of this review, The Triangle Arts Signature turntable. I got the review sample from its maker, Tom Vu of KT Audio Imports in Anaheim, CA. He is also the USA importer/distributor of GaMut & LA Audio. I won’t go in to all of the design and construction details of the ’table, you can read all of that on Tom’s web site. It was very easy to set up and use with separate tone arm towers/mounts and a separate motor drive. On to the performance/sound of this heavy unit. I used the latest version of the Triplaner arm with my Highphonic MC-D15 low output cartridge, a VERY HEAVILY MODIFIED E.A.R. 864 tube preamp, Canary Audio CA-301 mk.2 tube power amp & Isophon Casiano speakers. In a word, Excellent!!! This table digs down half way to China to capture/reproduce bass you never thought your system could deliver My pants were flopping in the breeze!!! This bass is very tight and well controlled and images quite well. It does not interfere with any other part of the sonic spectrum. The upper lows/lower mids are also revealed in all of their glory. This is a GREAT ’table!!! The mids and highs are very smooooth and image front to back & left to right like nobody’s business. If the record will permit, there is also quite good top to bottom image. Trumpets, violins and other “up high” instruments were on top, acoustic guitars and pianos were in the middle and cello and string bass were down low. This ’table ROCKS!!! I listened to many types of music and the ’table never failed to satisfy. I never was plagued with listening fatigue like I always am with CD! I did not have a second ’table on hand to compare the T.A.S. too, so I can’t give any thoughts on that subject. It is a well rounded turntable and I can find no wrong with it! I bought the review sample!!!!! On one of the popular web sites, the reviewer of the ”Reference” ’table, (the other ’table Tom makes) states that you, ”Must use this ‘table with a clamp”. That is the biggest bunch of baloney I have ever heard!!!!! The two ‘tables are no different in sound/performance and I NEVER felt the need to use a clamp. THIS TURNTABLE IS A OK AS IS!!!!! Go to Tom’s web site for price and specs. This is a superb ‘table and very highly recommended!!! Yours in good listening, Ken Kuegeman Long Beach Audio Society Long Beach, CA Come and enjoy with many different high end system that we set up in our location. Please call first for appointment. Kelly High End Audio 839 S. Parkglen Pl Anaheim, CA 92808 714-553-6474
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