2012 new Dared SL-2000Atube liinestage preamp,This is a brand new US Limited Edition Dared SL-2000A Vacuum Tube Line-Stage Preamplifier (stereo) by Dared (2012 model) • SL-2000A adapts one of the best classic circuit designs utilizing a 5Z4...400.00

2012 new Dared SL-2000A tube liinestage preamp, US limit Edition, remote [Expired]

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This is a brand new US Limited Edition Dared SL-2000A Vacuum Tube Line-Stage Preamplifier (stereo) by Dared (2012 model) • SL-2000A adapts one of the best classic circuit designs utilizing a 5Z4P (can use 5Y3 or GZ30 too) rectifier tube (click to see) at power section. • Power transformer is high quality "E-Core" • Volume control is Analog-DC-motor-driven (A precision motorized Alps remote volume pot) Japan made "ALPS" (one of the best volume pot today) • PCB is made of Gold (not silver, not copper, no point-to-point wire) - current model only • Tube sockets are with Gold contacts (not copper) - current model only • Key Resistors are AB- Allen Bradley NOS resistors (US-made) - current model USA version exclusive only • Coupling capacitors are "FARAD" audiophile grade capacitors! • Signal wires are pure silver (shield) (Why need those pure silver wires? If you paid $1000 interconnect cables, you will understand why and will be glad this amp uses pure silver wires to protect your investment on the cables) --- please note using pure silver signal wires is USA version exclusive! • Lead-free solder, no messy/long wire, no thin wire jump connections on this amp. • Two inputs (both are stereo, gold-plated RCA-- the select switch is on side), and Two outputs (both are stereo)! Yes, it has two outputs (gold RCA) so now you can connect this preamp to your subwoofers or bi-amping. • Signal paths are shortest possible (I doubt if there is any other preamp with total length of signal path being shorter than this one), plus silver signal wires and gold coated PCB and gold coated tube sockets. • Wooden radio remote control (current model has upgraded large wooden remote instead of a "Car key like" one) • "This is a pure vacuum tube (high-end) preamplifier. This new US version preamp is specially designed as "reference preamp" for the audiophiles or music lovers, who own a high quality stereo power amplifier and anxious to improve musical dynamics and sound space to experience truly live music. It uses two most popular audiophile types of 12AT7 tubes, a 5Z4P (or 5Y3) rectifier tube. It gives excellent linearity and transient response with a great tube tonality. It reaches over 16-19 dB gain with a Signal-to-noise ratio above 95 dB. It uses one of the best quality coupling and filter capacitors. Along with a top-quality power transformer, its filtering characteristic is very uniform across the frequency range (from 10Hz to 50kHz with +/- 1.5 dB tail drop) and adds to the purity of the sound. Plus, it is made by state-of-art design for optimization circuit board with gold PCB and gold tube sockets. It outperforms most preamps in the market today. It uses simple open class-A circuit with a 12AT7 dual-triode tube operates two stage of Triode-Single-end mode (SET) with little feedback. That gives open and natural sound amplification. Because of that, you will enjoy more tube sonic characteristic from this preamp than any other preamps on the market today. So, rolling into your favor NOS tubes, you will enjoy a great dynamics and high resolution in your audio system from this preamp. Extremely low noise level and high output level and very good musical balance due to a special design The SL-2000A does very good job, as the company claimed, offering very flat spectrum from 10 Hz to 20kHz, with which the THD is limited under 0.05%! Especially in the low end of tone (bass), with the rectifier tube it gives very tighten and extensive lows. To those who seek a truly neutral/natural sound reproduction, the SL-2000A may be a best choice. Yes, replace your Solid State preamp with this Tube preamp, your system shall have a noticeable improvement. Apart from having excellent tube sonic characteristic, it also has very low phase distortion and hence preserves sound stage precision and details very well at any volume level. It is solid-framed and beautifully finished. It has two gold-plated inputs and two outputs gold RCA jacks! All wiring of point-to-point, point-to-board, and path on the board are optimized to be shortest possible. The new SL-2000A model is also designed with a remote control for volume. The beautiful wooden radio remote control smoothly drives the volume pot (embedded with DC rotary motor drive - ALPS). With two outputs you can connect to your self-powered subwoofers or bi-amping. This baby is certainly listed on the top in terms of performance per dollar." Shipping & Handling $29 via FedEx ground service to most Cities of USA two boxes. Ship out next business day upon reception of the payment. It may take 2 – 4 days to arrive depending where you are. The s/h fee to HI, PR, AK will be $55 via usps priority mail if you like to go via priority mail. To Canada, the USPS priority mail cost is around $65. I do not send this item to oversea.
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