Audio Note UKKageki Balanced amplifierusedAUDIO NOTE UK KAGEKI BALANCED AMPLIFIERSRare set of Audio Note UK (ANUK) Kageki Balanced mono block amplifiers, #013 and #014. These 2A3 based amplifiers were purchased directly from the ANUK factory in October, 2011. They have been inst...34950.00


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Rare set of Audio Note UK (ANUK) Kageki Balanced mono block amplifiers, #013 and #014. These 2A3 based amplifiers were purchased directly from the ANUK factory in October, 2011. They have been installed in an ANUK Level 5 system where they have powered a customized pair of AN-E SOGON speakers.  I had previously owned a set of Kageki unbalanced amplifiers which were traded-in on the balanced model now up for sale. The improvement over the unbalanced versions was stunning as the soundstage improved in all aspects. Of course, any background hum and noise, no matter how small, simply vanished. Please note that the balanced versions of the Kageki and Kegon are considerably more expensive than their older unbalanced counterparts.
I have owned several ANUK amplifiers over the years including 300B variants. I preferred the presentation of the 2A3 based amplifiers for their detailed yet totally musical characteristics. This is purely a matter of personal taste. Potential buyers should consider carefully whether or not the 2A3 amplifier type is what they want as the units for sale, although in the same design series as the 300B Kegon Balanced amps, cannot be fitted with 300B tubes without extensive and cost prohibitive modifications of other parts of the amplifier. That said, my dedicated sound room measures 26' by 13' and I never had to run the preamp volume at much over halfway even on the loudest of classical or popular music. The relative efficiency of the speakers provided an easy load for the Kageki amps to drive. I do not recommend using inefficient speakers of any manufacture with the Kageki amps; however, they will shine with any of ANUK's own or similar speakers at any price level. 
Last year, I began to sell my ANUK system in anticipation of future downsizing to another home. As of today, my TT3 Reference turntable, M9 preamplifier and SOOTO interconnects have all been sold as has my entire collection of vinyl LP's. All that remains are the amplifiers herein being listed for the first time and my prized one of a kind AN-E SOGON speakers which will be listed in the coming months. Although I can still listen to my audio discs played directly through the amplifiers, other interests have kept me busy such that the amplifiers have only been turned on a few times in the last year. Since acquisition, my ANUK system has been kept in a dedicated sound room which is temperature and humidity regulated year round. No kids or pets in the house so all is in mint condition. I have listed the amplifiers as 9/10 simply because they are not brand new. 
The amps have been left set to 240V even though I live in Canada. My sound room was converted to 240V as I have always found this to be superior to the standard 120V configuration used in North America. The amplifiers can easily be converted to 120V locally for any buyer wishing to have this done at a reasonable cost. For North American buyers, I will split the cost of conversion to 120V.
Original factory shipping boxes are on hand. Buyer pays shipping costs, insurance, if desired, and any customs duties and import taxes and fees levied by the buyer's country of residence. Shipping method to be mutually arranged by the parties as part of sale agreement. Payment is in advance by wire transfer or other mutually agreed cash payment method.
In addition to the photos shown in this listing, the serious buyer is referred to Mr. Peter Qvortrup, owner of ANUK, for verification of both the authenticity of the components and the personal identity of the seller. He is fully aware that I am selling my amplifiers and, eventually, my speakers; however, as he is a very busy individual, I request that you only contact him if you are seriously considering a purchase.
ANUK does not usually issue thick and detailed manuals for their products; however, you can download a manual in PDF form from the company website if you wish. Meanwhile, product dimensions for each monoblock are approximately 17 1/2" W x 20" D x 9 1/2" H. Net weight and shipping weight are 20KG and 30KG respectively per monoblock.
I have taken most of the photos of only one of the monoblocks as the other one is totally identical in layout, appearance and condition. 
I will entertain serious offers but note that I have already set a realistic price on these amplifiers given their condition and rarity on the used market.

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