Audio ValveBaldur 300Audio Valve Baldur 300 - 300 Watt Class-A Triode Amp - Made in GermanyThe world's most ultra high-end performance class - a triode power amplifier with full automatic biasing. CLICK HERE to watch a video and listen to Audio Valve's Baldur 300.More power, more quality...23900.00

Audio Valve Baldur 300 - 300 Watt Class-A Triode Amp - Made in Germany [Expired]

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The world's most ultra high-end performance class - a triode power amplifier with full automatic biasing.

CLICK HERE to watch a video and listen to Audio Valve's Baldur 300.

More power, more quality, more music enjoyment - the new 2017 version of Audio Valve Baldur 300 superior. Audio Valve has spared no pain and expense to provide you with this amazing delicacy of musical quality whose overwhelming sound and power will definitely impress you. Convince yourself! This highest-class product emphasizes the excellent basic properties of the original Baldur 300 even more.

Provided with a first class high capacitive condenser bank and a premium high accurate output multilayer transformer with access for 4 and 8 ohms this unit is more than first - grade. The multiplicity of accesses offers new possibilities in the use of different speakers and provides an even bigger scope of musical space. The exorbitant high power breaks a new world with an unprecedented sound, quality and pleasure to the listener.

More than 15 years of experience have leaded to this excellent product which trumps even the excellent functions of his predecessor, the Baldur 300. The distinguished technique is even more improved and filed. Only the best, expensive, highest quality components were used.

Sophisticated design and technology form a harmonious symbiosis which is reflected in its outstanding reproduction characteristics coupled with an incredibly high operational reliability for tube  amplifiers.

Auto-Bias regulates, controls and safeguards protective circuits and a further 800 components in the amplifier thus making the BALDUR 300 virtually indestructible.

The exchange of tubes or reconnection of loudspeakers during operation are things which only can be done with BALDUR – or have you ever tried to disconnect a loudspeaker from an amplifier during operation at a High-End trade fair and managed to leave the hall before the booth staff could kill you?

With BALDUR 300 the listener acquires a piece of German High End history written by a man who - as no other – has created his own ideas regarding tube amplifiers with untiring strength for decades in an unorthodox but brilliant, competent and qualified way, who promptly and ingeniously puts his experience gathered over decades into action in all product series made by AutoValve and in the BALDUR 300 of course.

A product which in every respect is totally committed to the principle "Made in Germany" and which you and your grandchildren will enjoy for decades.

An encounter with BALDUR means feeling the difference – no ordinary tube amplifier boasts of being a relic of past times. An encounter with BALDUR is an encounter of a special kind. This encounter eliminates your fear of tubes and gives you the feeling of superior reliability, never ending power and endurance. Very soon you will begin to appreciate, love and enjoy the charismatic features and time after time be enchanted by the charm of BALDUR.

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As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.
Factory lead time is currently 6 weeks.


· power consumption: 500 VA nominal - (max. output - 1500 VA)
· max output: 300 watt RMS
· nominal output: 240 watt sinus - 1% distortion at 8 ohm load
· operation: Class-A
· power tubes: 10 6AS7G per channel
· damping: 25
· bandwidth: 10 hz - 60 khz
· s/n ratio: - 84 dbm
· gain: 30 db
· distortion: 10w - 0,15%; 50w - 0,22%; 100w - 0,3%; 200w - 1%
· XLR and RCA input
· input resistance: 47k
· 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals
· weight: 55 kg
· size (w*d*h): 49*52*43cm (20*21*17 inches) 


Ming Cheng, Liu Spotlight concluded:
"...Baldur 300 is absolutely one of the topmost power amplifiers I have heard in the world. Here, the words "one of" mean that there are some other amplifiers in the world outperforming Baldur 300 in dynamics and control force, so from the point of view of an impartial reviewer, these two words cannot be omitted. However, as far as my preference is concerned, the sound of Baldur 300 makes my heart beat fast and the words "one of" can be safely removed. If you are fortunate to have this amount of budget to purchase an amplifier, since the amplifiers within this price range are in any case not above five, I strongly recommend you to make the decision after listening to Baldur 300..."

Robert Lacrampe (earlier Baldur 300 version):
" first look these mono blocks impress quite by their sizes, their weight, the calories that they release. But the divine surprise is revealed in the sonorous performance which top the work! It is – on my opinion – the best hearing of the year. I know that there is still the December edition but I am ready to put my hand in the fire of their tubes: these power units will not soon be dethroned. Which surprised me the most, was to find under the same cover the fruity of the tubes and the unlimited energy feeling usually provided by more powerful transistorized amplifiers. It is extremely rare to combine both! But it is not all: The Audio Valve know how to restore the pianissimos with grace, fluidity, lightness that the stronger one of 1000 W do not have! Listening to a piano is delightful: the instrument is released in all its width and without the message being strike. An unforgettable listening… with one of some 300B..."

Jean Paul Hiraga (earlier Baldur 300 version):
"...the test of the Baldur 70 monophonic blocks done almost one year ago has pleased us, their price not being over 4000 € the pair, putting them in the leading group of best deals in amplifiers with tubes linking generous available power (80 W RMS) and musical qualities due to the optimal use of the double triodes 6AS7G. On this limited series, the beauty, the sounds refinement, as well as the natural of the stereophonic scene reaches even higher while referring to the same sonorous politic. The few 240 W RMS available bring on the voices, the piano as well as on the most various sounds a sonorous field, an even more valuable support, such as the Baldur 70 but better everywhere. The spectral balance appears very slightly decreasing towards the shrill is not a default. We get used to it so well that going back to common electrical seem to go towards an excessive luminosity. A complete success at a studied price which will charm the melanomists..."

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