$37,000 Ypsilon ElectronicsPST 100 MKII Preamplifier$37,000 Ypsilon Electronics PST 100 MKII Preamplifier with Warranty and New TubesYpsilon PST 100 MKII with 3 year manufacturer warranty, Ypsilon flight case and all new tubes. "The Ypsilon PST 100 MkII is the Best Preamp I have ever heard, also the Best Component I have...22000.00

$37,000 Ypsilon Electronics PST 100 MKII Preamplifier with Warranty and New Tubes [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ypsilon PST 100 MKII with 3 year manufacturer warranty, Ypsilon flight case and all new tubes.

"The Ypsilon PST 100 MkII is the Best Preamp I have ever heard, also the Best Component I have ever heard" ... Michael Fremer, Stereophile July 2011
Of all the brands we sell or have sold Ypsilon is unique. Their gear is handmade and personally tuned by the founder of the company, Demetris Baklavas. Ypsilon is the brand that I am personally proudest to sell. The PST 100 MK II is my reference preamplifier and what I have in my own system. The only thing I've heard that surpasses it is the Silver version which is the same preamp upgraded with all silver wound transformers, an option that doubles the cost.
The retail on this unit with the copper transformers, which as you can see in the pictures below fill most of the inside of the case, is $37,000. The Silver Edition is $74,000. This used unit is offered at $22,000 so you save over 40% and still enjoy the benefits of buying from a Factory Authorized Dealer with warranty.
This photo shows my own PST 100 with my Ypsilon Aelius II mono block amps and a pair of Revel Ultima2 Salon2 loudspeakers which belong to a client that we sold separately on Audiogon. I owned Salon2's myself for many years and tested them with many amps. No amp has ever come close to driving them the way the Ypsilons do! Until I tried them with the Aelius II's I often told people who like to listen to rock very loud as I do that the Revels take a ton of power and want a Solid State amp with 500 watts per channel into 8 ohms or more.
But the Ypsilons, rated at 220 watts into 8 ohms, can go far beyond any volume I could stand. With the volume turned up about 60% on the PST 100 preamp I cannot tolerate to go any louder, no way. By contrast I have used things like McIntosh MC 501 mono blocks and pinned the meters which I think is 2,000 watts and those speakers still wanted more. And the Ypsilons are a tubed amp, the McIntosh is solid state! It's just absolutely amazing to me what they do, Ypsilon gives you all the best qualities of both tubes and solid state. If you can afford their gear, then I just feel you cannot go wrong with Ypsilon and this PST 100 preamp would make an incredible addition to your system. How many components has Michael Fremer ever said were the single best audio component he had ever heard? I have tremendous respect for Michael and for his opinion. I actually got introduced to Ypsilon because I learned that Michael considered their VPS 100 phono stage to be the finest he'd ever heard at any price. (I later learned what he had said about the PST 100 quoted above). Based on that recommendation, one of our clients asked us to pick up the line and he bought the VPS 100 phono stage. He said that it brought out a level of musicality from his Walker Black Diamond V turntable he had never heard before. He has since bought the Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate amps and right now he is demoing a PST 100 MK II with the thought to order a Silver version with custom volume mapping.
One of the amazing things about Ypsilon is that you can have nearly anything customized. You want it made with extra XLR inputs? No problem. Extra XLR outputs? No problem. Custom volume mapping of your preamp because you have super efficient speakers? Sure. An extra pair of outputs on the power amp? No problem. In fact, they have never turned me down on anything I have requested for my customers! They even let me send them Synergistic Research Black fuses that many of my customers like to use and they make and tune the gear with those instead of the regular fuses- at no extra charge. They are just a fantastic company to work with. Our customers have been so grateful for the gear and the service from Ypsilon.
Here is a Silver Edition of a PST 100 MKII that we just installed which Ypsilon custom made with an extra pair of XLR inputs.
We exhibited Ypsilon gear at T.H.E. Show Newport in June of 2016 and Michael Fremer was our first guest on the press day before the public show started. He told us the Ypsilon phono stage is still the finest phono stage he has ever heard even though it's been a few years since he reviewed it and lots of other products have come out! I obviously don't get to hear nearly as much gear in my system as Mr. Fremer, nor would I ever claim to have a discerning ear anywhere close to his. But with those things stipulated, I will say that Ypsilon is also the finest gear I've heard at any price in 15 years in business and more than 30 years in this hobby. I find it to be absolutely magical, hypnotic in it's power to reproduce the feelings of live music in an audio system. It is the type of gear that one moment you hear it, the next moment you fall in love, and moments later you're having one of those "Look honey, I shrunk the bank account" moments. But it's well worth it because you attain a level of musical satisfaction that you could spend years and years and millions of dollars looking for and never attain with other companies. It is something so rare and so precious the way that Ypsilon gives you the very best of tube sound, the best qualities of solid state sound, and something that is closer to live, more magically musical than I thought was even possible from audio electronics.
Perhaps this is because Demetris is also a recording engineer who records live music, including performances in the grand amphitheaters that survive from ancient Greece. I hope one day to take my family over there to see and hear this in person. Demetris is very much focused on creating the experience of live music. I feel he is a humble genius. They are widely considered one of the top 5 makers of electronics in the world yet many people don't even know about them and Demetris is very humble and down to earth, a very considerate and kind man. And there is a personal touch with this company that we do not see anywhere else, no matter how costly or how fine the products are, and that is one of the main things which has caused us to make Ypsilon our flagship brand and to become one of the top Ypsilon dealers in the US. (Thank you to our customers, none of this is possible without you!)
Demetris personally tests and tunes every single piece of gear before it leaves their factory. I don't mean every line or model. I mean every single amp, every preamp, phono stage, DAC, each one, personally! If he doesn't like how it sounds then he sends it back to be rebuilt. I don't know of any company that matches this personal attention from the founder and the creator. He knows my customers by name, he knows what they have in their systems. He talks with me about how we can help them to keep making their systems better, not only with Ypsilon gear but also other changes to their systems. It is, perhaps, a bit like you lived when Antonio Stradivarius was alive and you could order your instrument from him, he would make it for your hand and style of playing. Ypsilon electronics are simply the finest instruments that you can buy with which to play recorded music in your home with the greatest possible feeling of live music. We are so proud to be able to sell them and of course we thank our customers who make it possible for us to work in this hobby that we love and to interact daily with such a lively, intelligent and musical group of individuals.
(We shared a picture of the PST 100 MKII Silver Edition above, here is the back of the actual PST 100 MKII that is for sale in this listing.)
We've been selling our clients Ypsilon electronics for a few years now but this is the first time we've ever had a used piece to list on Audiogon for the buyers who follow our listings, so we're very excited about this opportunity. This is the same model of preamp that we showed in our room at T.H.E. Show Newport in June of 2016 where we won Stereo Times favorite room of the show. Our room was a penthouse suite where we played the music of our guest's choosing while using a full loom of Verastarr cables, along with Acoustic Zen Maestro speakers, Ypsilon electronics (including not only a PST 100 but also the world premiere of the Aelius II monoblocks) and the Aurender W20 music server.
We are very grateful for all the visitors and we appreciated the reviews we received of our room, some of which are here:
"This room was my show favorite."- Don Schaulis, Stereo Times, referring to High End Zone's room 1406 at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016
"Many aspects of the Acoustic Zen/Aurender/Ypsilon system from High End Zone of New Mexico were exemplary. On my 24/192 file of Mason Bates' "Alternative Energy," found on the recent SF Symphony SACD Mason Bates: Works for Orchestra, I actually heard greater depth than on my reference system."- Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile
If you did not make it to our room, please enjoy a virtual listen by watching this AV Showrooms video John Stancavage's review of our room forPart-Time Audiophile focuses a lot on our Aurender music server, the top of the line Aurender W20 which we used as our source for the show. John fell in love with the server and wrote about wanting one for himself. We hope he has been able to get one! We love our Aurenders, they have helped us to listen to at least 5 TIMES as much music as we did before we had one. About our Newport room John shares that our "sound was very clean, dynamic and liquid. Even though it was digital, it seemed to have the depth and texture of analog, without the extra warmth or pops and clicks."
As you can tell, we like talking about Ypsilon Electronics- they are working on a new Ypsilon DAC II, their new Hyperion amps are just starting to ship, the new Aelius II amps which we showed at Newport are magical, and the SET 100 Ultimate amps, which some of our customers have, are the finest amplifiers I have ever heard. Please contact us if you are interested in integrating any of their components into your system. What is so exciting about this listing is not that we are selling a Ypsilon PST 100 MKII, we are one of the top Ypsilon dealers in the US now and so we sell their gear all the time. What is so great about this is that we actually get to put one on Audiogon! We've never had any of our Ypsilon customers give up any of their gear. We've had people upgrade within Ypsilon, taking the "normal" pieces (which are anything but normal, they are actually quite extraordinary) to the Silver level which involves replacing all of the transformers, which fill most of the box in the case of this preamp, with pure silver wound transformers. This can be done with most of the Ypsilon models except for the power amps and the CD player. Please talk to us if you would like to entertain the possibility of having either this or some other piece of Ypsilon gear upgraded to Silver.
This next picture is of an audio system we just did for a client who called about our Audiogon listing for another client's Audio Research REF Phono 2 we'd sold on consignment a couple of years ago. The gentleman we sold the AR for had bought the Ypsilon VPS 100 and found it to be vastly more musical in his system, so much so that he went on to invest in the $125K Ypsilon SET amps. I told the caller that if he could afford it he may want to look at the Ypsilon. He said he'd never heard of it but he'd check it out and call back if interested. Well, a few days later he called back and asked me for recommendations on a full system. It has been a pleasure serving him and we just recently returned from installing his new Ypsilon system that you can see here - we wish you could hear it, because even though the room is a bit small and there are no treatments yet, it does sound amazing in there even so and despite the fact the Ypsilon gear takes a long time to break in. Here's what the gear consists of in his music room: Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate amplifiers, Ypsilon PST 100 Silver preamp, Ypsilon VPS 100 phono stage, Ypsilon MC-26L Silver step up transformer; Thales TTT-Compact turntable, Thales Simplicity II Tonearm, Ikeda Kai MC cartridge; all sitting on Finite Elemente racks and amp stands with the new carbon fiber shelves; wired with Stage III throughout. Speakers are the Lansche 5.1 with Corona plasma tweeters in a rare Flame Maple Burl finish. Speakers also on Finite Cerabase footers. He is using his old Naim 2 box CD player in the system until Ypsilon releases their new DAC II, which is planned to come out soon. There will be a Ypsilon DAC II Silver Edition, Ypsilon CDT 100 CD Transport, and and an Aurender W20 music server installed to replace the Naim digital.
At some point in the process he told me he was redoing his home theater too but "probably wouldn't do anything major" as he'd been disappointed with the cost and complexity of the gear his local dealer sold him previously and he'd ended up replacing the projector with one from Costco. Hearing this I really didn't expect that he was going to buy very much, after all Costco is a fantastic place to shop for food but it's not exactly known for high end video. Well, I couldn't have been more shocked when the gentleman eventually had us design him the finest theater we've ever done or even been in! The theater is just absolutely mind blowing. After finishing the theater into a polished 11.5.8 24 channel system driven by the 32K Trinnov Altitude processor, we went to an IMAX where they had the latest IMAX sound and we listened to that and were blown away by how much better both the sound and video in our client's room were. Now, admittedly this is some pricey gear here like the Trinnov Altitude processor and a $60,000 Sony VPL-VW5000ES which is a stunning 4K liquid cooled lampless laser projector. So, it's not accessible to everyone and we understand that. Count yourself as very successful and fortunate if you can afford gear at this level. But even if you cannot, give us a call or an email because we can do great work for you below this cost level too. And so, while we always appreciate being able to sell our clients new, made to order equipment like the PST 100 MKII Silver Edition pictured above, we have never been able to put a Ypsilon up for sale on Audiogon. Of course we cannot list the brand new units here (though we can sell you new units if you don't already have a dealer looking after your needs). So this is our first listing for this majestic brand which we spend so much time listening to ourselves and talking about with our customers. We feel deeply fortunate and appreciative to have this unit. Our distributor asked us if we would handle the sale for one of his previous clients and we jumped at the chance. Not because we'll make much of anything on the unit, we won't, but because this gives us the chance to tell the story of Ypsilon in this setting and to share with those who regularly read our epic length Audiogon listings (thank you so much, we deeply appreciate you!).
The previous ownerof this PST 100 is one of these folks who just has a ton of gear. Very, very nice gear. I envy his system to be sure. He has the wonderful $72,000 a pair Convergent Audio Technology (CAT) Statement tube power amps and the beautiful $50K ESP Concert Grand SI speakers pictured here. He has the Brinkmann Balance Turntable with the Kuzma 4Point tonearm. And boatloads more gear not shown in the interest of space. He has had this PST 100 for several years but barely ever used it! I was just absolutely shocked and at a loss for words when I learned this. I would use this thing every day. If I wasn't going to use it then I would sell it. I cannot even begin to imagine just letting this preamplifier sit there in it's flight case. Obviously this gentleman, like most of our clients, is more successful than I am and I respect that and I respect whatever he chooses to do with his gear. That is his choice and we don't see it as part of our role to editorialize on that.
But we do want to put prospective buyers at ease to feel safe buying the unit so we spoke with Demetris at Ypsilon and he is letting us offer the new buyer 3 years of factory warranty (excluding tubes and any natural dimming of the frontpanel). Actually, they have been known to fix things free even after the warranty- they are that kind of company. So you should feel perfectly safe to buy this. It's been stored in the custom flight case of course and we've carefully tested all inputs, outputs and all modes and features ourselves to make sure that it is working great for you. It sounds almost identical to mine which was just built last year. Mine has the fuses upgraded of course so that does make a little difference. If you want us to do that for you on this unit we would be happy to. And both of them have NOS Mullard rectifier tubes which is what Ypsilon recommends.
This PST 100 MKII performs fabulously with it's new tubes and comes complete with a remote, manual, slip cover and custom flight case. In general, it is in really excellent shape cosmetically, however if you look really close, you will find a couple of nicks on the back panel and a little bit of pitting of the anodization around a screw hole on the top back edge of the unit as we detail in the following pictures. None of these tiny marks are visible at normal viewing distances. You have to get up very close to see these. And the small flaws are mainly on the back of the unit where they would likely be hidden in most installs anyway. But even if you have this right out in the open on a rack or a platform it should look great to most people. Of course if you are one of those people like my best friend who cannot even accept one little tiny mark on the back of an amp without it bugging him, then you should probably contact us about buying new. We respect all preferences. I am the type of person who likes to buy something with little flaws where I save a lot of money. But my best friend is an artist with an eye for detail, and a lot more wealthy than I am, and he just cannot tolerate any flaws whatsoever in things. I have learned through my friendship with him that some people just are that way and that there is no changing it, he just has to have a perfect, brand new item. We serve customers at both ends of this spectrum and in between, our goal is to help you get the best value and best service with your audio dollars whatever your preferences might be.
This extreme close up photo shows a tiny flaw in the screw hole on the center screw holding down the top plate at the back of the unit.

For your virtual inspection of this piece of equipment, we took a close up of the nicks on the back left corner. As you can see in the overview pictures, you don't even notice these nicks at a reasonable distance.
The following information and specifications are from Ypsilon's Website:
"The PST-100 MKII approaches the concept of pre amplification in an outstanding way. Its heart lies in the in house made transformers used for attenuation. In addition its valve state circuit combined with exquisite materials produce the finest and most elegant sound that any pre amp could ever achieve.
"Most manufacturers develop a circuit for their power amplifier and then use the design for their preamplifier. The raison d'etre of a power amplifier is to amplify the signal and drive the loudspeakers. That of a line preamplifier is to draw together the various source components; to attenuate the signal in order to achieve "volume control" to have low enough output impedance in order to drive the cables; and finally, to provide gain if it is required. It performs totally different duties to those of a power amplifier and needs to be designed in a totally different manner.
"Conventional wisdom suggests that the most critical part of a preamplifier is the active circuit design. Ypsilon, however, believe that the means of signal attenuation (the volume control) is the most critical to the overall sound of a preamplifier. Most designers use resistor attenuators for volume control. Ypsilon themselves have used resistor attenuators with high quality resistors (Vishay, Holco, tantalum types etc.) in the past, but that was before they developed a very special transformer as the means of attenuation. It was immediately apparent just how grainy and discontinuous resistors sound, even the best of them. The short explanation of this observation is that the series resistor transforms the constant voltage into current and the parallel resistor the constant current into voltage. The materials used in resistors are far from ideal as conductors- they sound much worse than pure copper or silver- and they do a lot of harm to the signal.
"In a transformer, however, the magnetic circuit can be ultra linear when the very best core materials are used. The sound of such materials is much more musical and detailed compared with the best resistors. So Ypsilon produced, in-house, a special transformer attenuator with 31 taps.
"The active gain stage is a no - feedback s.e., C3m triode, transformer coupled. The power supply uses valve rectification(using the 6CA4) and choke filter. Wiring is point to point with custom made pure silver wire. The transformer attenuator is placed after the valve stage, preserving the purity and micro details of the signal.
"The maximum attenuation is 52db and maximum gain is 16db. Output impedance is 150 Ohm max. PST is the pinnacle in preamplification. It is a must have component for building a "no holds" system."


Bandwidth: 5 Hz - 100K Hz / -3db
Output Resistance: 150 Ohm
Input Resistance: 50K Ohm
Gain: x10 (20db)
Power Consumption: 150 VA max
Dimensions: 15.75 x 16.15 x 7.1 inches (W x D x H)
Weight: 55 lbs
Peter Breuninger reviewed the PST 100 MKII for your viewing enjoyment here.
Feel free to contact us if you need to upgrade any of your cables or other electronics in your system at the same time through email at Sales@HighEndZone.com or by phone at 575.535.2280 and we'll be happy to assist you with a package deal for everything that you need. Thank you.
There are more pictures of the actual PST 100 MKII below a brief discussion of our policies.
We have disabled the "Buy it Now" button on Audiogon because we had a whole run of people 2 years ago who agreed to buy then didn't pay. We prefer to do business the old fashioned way where we exchange emails like gentlemen and conduct a smooth and safe transaction for all parties. Because we don't own this we cannot take much less than the asking price for it. If you make us a low offer there is no way I am going to go to this gentleman and tell him that I have a low offer, that so and so really wants it but his wife won't let him spend more than X amount for it. I'll just ignore the lowball offer and wait til a better one comes in. However, if you want to buy this together with some other items, as part of a package deal, then that would be something we can discuss. Just let me know what items you want.
If you are the one who decides to purchase this item, thank you and enjoy! Our full store policies are included below the pictures, but for now I would like to let you know about a few of them. For payment, we are happy to accept a cashier's check, a bank wire or PayPal. If PayPal is your preferred payment method then please add the following percentage of your purchase and shipping price to your total to cover the PayPal fees: 3% for domestic buyers or 4% for international buyers. Also, since this is a consignment sale where the equipment does not belong to us but to our customer, we need to ask that the buyer promptly inspect and test the item upon receipt and report any problems found so that if there is a problem found we could withhold funds from paying our customer to deal with the problem. We don't think there will be any problem, but once we have paid him we won't have any recourse if any problem is found. So, please take the time to unpack and test as soon after the equipment arrives as possible. Our policy states that we will hear from you within 10 days of receipt if any discrepancy is found. However, what we really want is to receive your email saying how much this enhances your listening experience right away, just as soon as possible so that we know you are satisfied. But if there is any problem at all then we want to hear about that right away as well, so that we can make it right for you and make this a successful transaction for all concerned!
Also, because we're selling this for a client and have to give him the cash for it, we're not going to take trades unless you make us some trade offer that we consider to be so far in our favor that we can't resist putting in our own money to buy your gear. An exception to this that we would be willing to consider would be that if you want to buy this AND some other items that we sell then we'll try and make you a package deal for all of it. Since this is not ours we cannot discount it much, but we can give you an extra discount on other items we sell to make you a package deal. So if you want some Lansche speakers or Ypsilon amps or any of the many other things we sell, which are listed below, then please email us about it.
We would be happy to sell your gear on consignment if that would help you to purchase this or other items from the High End Zone. In some cases we might sell your gear on consignment even if you don't want to buy more gear from us, if the gear is very nice. Our most successful customers are very busy folks and we understand that if they spend hours answering questions from Audiogoners, that is thousands of dollars that they lost in terms of what they could have earned with that time. We do have some restrictions as to what we can sell because of the manufacturer rules about online sales and so on, but we do our best to help. We can arrange to have the gear picked up from your home or office, or in some cases we can even have someone come in and pack it for you. Then we will handle all the testing, photography, sales of the item and follow up after the sale. Since many people prefer to buy from a dealer and because we have 12 years of perfect feedback on Audiogon and Ebay with no neutrals or negatives ever we can usually get more for your items than you could get yourself. Depending on the exact item, you may net as much or even slightly more having us sell it. And once you factor in the value of your time, it's a clear savings to let us sell the gear for you. So let us know if we can be of service to you in that area.
We are truly appreciative of responsible Audiogon members, please make sure you are one of them before you make us an offer. If you have questions concerning the gear, the terms of sale, or if you need to upgrade any of your cables, Tranquility Bases or other items in your system to the current spec, please contact us through email or by phone at 575.535.2280. We will be happy to get back with you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest and may our gear help facilitate your ears meeting high quality sound with ease.
We appreciate Ypsilon's subtle yet striking sense of aesthetics. We also sincerely appreciate the attention they have given to the packing materials for their outstanding electronics! Here is the shipping info for the
$37,000 Ypsilon Electronics PST 100 Mk2

1 box
24 inches long X 24 inches wide X 16 inches high

Total Weight: 78 lbs

Origin: We ship from Gila, NM 88038 / USA

Please email us at Sales@HighEndZone.com if you are sincerely interested in purchasing this and have any questions. We may also be contacted by phone at 575.535.2280.

Thank you for your interest.

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So for example, if a buyer who used PayPal were to apply to PayPal for a refund because he changed his mind about purchasing an item, then IF we did give that refund it would be less the 20% restock fee. So the moral of the story is, if you're not sure you want it, just don't buy, wait until you actually are sure, and then buy. It's the same as if you're going to buy a house, you don't sign the contract til you and your wife are sure you want the house and can afford it. I feel like an idiot for having to say this but we have had a number of people who think "I changed my mind." or "My wife says I can't buy the amp." just magically gets them out of a contract they agreed to with us. With no consideration that we have incurred costs above and beyond the listing fees. By taking it off the market we may have lost potentially perfect buyers and we will have to spend more on listings fees and so on. So, we have to be strict about this and ask that buyers please be conscientious here. We charge low margins, that's only possible if people follow through and pay for items as agreed. So while all sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges unless you receive a defective item and report that within 3 days as specified above, IF for some reason we do agree to accept your return or cancel your order when there is no mistake or defect on High End Zone's part, then you agree to pay us the 20% restocking fee on your order.

In the case of items that are shipped internationally the buyer is responsible to make sure the item clears customs in a timely manner. We've had cases where buyers waited a long time to pay their customs bill, delaying the release of the item. The trouble with that is we need to know promptly if there is any problem with your item so that we can file a shipping claim if needed or withhold payment from a consignor or a supplier on a defective item, etc. So we now require that any item be picked up from Customs within 5 business days or less in order to preserve the buyer's protections for shipping damage and defective merchandise under our selling policies. We discourage the use of Postal Mail as it may be harder to meet this deadline using that shipping method. Generally FedEx will clear items within one business day.

We can sometimes make an exception to some of the above policies if you change your mind in order to buy something else that we can sell you that costs more. For example, if you make a deal to buy a JL f113 from us and then you decide that what you REALLY want is a Gotham g213, then we can probably work it out to make that switch for you without a restocking fee. That said, please don't buy if you're not sure that you want the item you are buying. If you need to check with your wife, your broker, your business partner, your kids, or the Supreme Court before you buy, please do that. The High End Zone cannot be held responsible for any case of wives beating their husbands for spending too much money on good gear!

The High End Zone is a full service home theater dealer located in Southwest New Mexico. While we are well established as the premier dealer in our small town market, we also serve many clients who have multiple homes or live in far-flung places. The world is increasingly a small place and I delight in talking with and serving clients from all continents and many countries of the world. Depending on your needs we are happy to just sell you gear (note some manufacturers may prohibit us from sending gear to certain places) or we can provide a full service experience including system design, acoustic design and construction, installation, programming, and more. We've done work for very high profile clients with multiple homes and we are also proud to serve many hobbyists who enjoy this hobby on a modest budget. No matter your budget, we'll strive to provide the products you want at a price that is fair with top shelf service.

Some of the many lines we sell include, but are not limited to:

AB Amps
Acoustic Sciences Corporation ASC Tube Traps
Audio Desk
Capriccio Continuo (ATD)
Da-Lite screens
Daniel Hertz (ultimate audio creations of Mr. Mark Levinson)
Dragonfly screens
Extreme Media Servers
Finite Elemente
Golden Acoustics
HB Cable Design
JBL Synthesis
Key Digital
Mark Levinson
Middle Atlantic
PHC (Professional Home Cinema)
Polk Audio
Screen Excellence
Screen Innovations
SE2 Labs
Silverline Audio
Stage III
Stewart Film Screens
Transparent Cables

*List includes lines we are factory direct with as well as lines we get through distribution or through our extensive dealer network. Most customers don't care whether we are factory direct if we provide authentic product and great service at a fair price, but if you care about this or any other issue, please ask us.
Unlike most shops that sell a very small number of lines that they are authorized for and will always try and talk customers in to buying just those few lines, we are willing to sell you virtually any line that you want. Obviously we make a lower profit if we have to get it from another dealer, but our goal is to provide you, the customer, with one stop shopping and top notch service. It's more like the business model of Amazon than the old school brick and mortar stores. We want the customer's business and we will try and earn it by providing competitive pricing and top notch service for you on whatever brands you want. Of course if you are not sure what brands are best for your needs and want us to provide expert analysis of what gear represents the best value for your dollar, we are more than happy to provide that too. We spend a great deal of time and money listening to and viewing a wide range of audio and video systems, as well as bringing in gear for long-term testing in our facilities. Most of the salesmen you might deal with in a home theater store do NOT have a high-end audio video system in their homes. I have 4 such systems, including Runcos in every nook and cranny, and I live with this stuff daily. So I truly know what works well and what is worth spending money on and what is not. And even if I used something for years and loved it, when I hear something better, that is a better value, I switch immediately. My main loyalty is to the customer and your satisfaction--I want you to buy not just one thing from us, but all your gear, for life, and to recommend us to your friends and family. To that end, I will strive to give you the best and most honest advice, fair prices and great service. And I'll try to get you any brand you want, ultimately your system needs to satisfy you, not me.

Our clients certainly enjoy their home audio and video rooms. We do as well and hope you'll also take pleasure and be inspired by the variety of these beautiful installations.

Some aspects of making an informed choice in an audiophile grade listening room or a home theater system are worth a little extra effort. We invite you to contact the High End Zone for help in making your choices, we will make the extra effort worthwhile.

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